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This is a HinataxGaara pairing. and well there's also some Naruto and Sakura and Temari and Shikamaru. and well Kankuro and Ino a little. But mainly this is all Hinata and Gaara.

She started walking away from the school. It was Friday afternoon. The glorious weekend had finally arrived. I can't wait she thought.

It's gonna be so relaxing and I need to relax. Her feet involuntarily ran a little faster home. School is over for now. Thank Kami!

Almost home...almost there... just another block... just anoth----


"Ow..." the dark hair girl complained. "I was so close to home, too..."

"Where do you think you're going? " the man she ran into said. "You think I'm gonna allow you to run into me freely?"

"U-uh of course...u-um... l-look I'm s-so-"

"Not gonna help, little lady," he laughed. "Listen I think a kiss will pay back the damages... hehehehe"

The young girl turned over ten different shades of red. I've never kissed anyone..and I'm sure not gonna waste my first one on this bonehead. "Uh, n-no... excuse me..."

"Uh-uh no way, missy," he grabbed her by her hair. "Just one little smooch and you're off.. Maybe..."

"L-let me go!!" she screamed. "Stop!"

"LET HER GO..." a dark mysterious voice echoed.

"Uh?" the guy wondered. "Who's dat?"

Out of nowhere, which is how he always came into any situtation, came a guy around the girl's age. He stood at six feet. His flamming hair was blowing with the wind. Grains of sand were scattered around him. His arms were crossed. He turned his head toward the girl.

"Hinata," he said in his normal deep voice. "What did this guy do to you?"

She found herself struggling to swallow. Whenever he said her name, her nerves went out of whack. Her eyes could only be attached on him. She tried to open her mouth but it felt dry as sand. How ironic.

"Yeah," the alley guy chuckled. "Like a little teenage brat is gonna scare me..."

His emerald eyes turned back to the alley guy. Hinata could tell Gaara was struggling. Back awhile ago, just five years ago, Gaara was a killing menace. Anywhere he went, people died. His siblings were even scared of him. But Hinata noticed, she was never scared. She was really only scared of love. When she saw him kill that ninja in the forest of death, her heart was racing. Not from the massacre he made, but from how he looked. She felt it was love at first sight. But back then, she was into Naruto uzamaki. But ever since Sakura and naruto got married so young, Hinata always felt Gaara might...just might...

" Y-yOu bEtTeR nOt GeT mE aNgRy..." Gaara threatenned and interrupting Hinata's train of thought.

"Or what? You'll kill me?" he laughed.

Gaara had that look in his eyes. It wants blood Hinata thought. "Sir, p-please d-don't anger him..." Hinata warned.

However it was too late. Gaara clutched his head, trying to fight off the demon. He was shaking uncontrollably. Then, sand started to pour out of the gourd that was hanging on his back. The sand started to chase the alley man. It stuck to the man like glue.

"WHAT THE?!?!?!?" the man screamed. "L-let ME GO!!!"

"HAHAHAHA..."Gaara chuckled. "I'd let you go, but you wouldn't learn your lesson..."

Gaara raised his hand toward the sky, lifting the helpless man toward his doom. Hinata just watched in awe. For some reason, watching Gaara work was invigorating. It gave her a rush of adrenaline. She couldn't help but smile. He's protecting me...

"Sand Burial!!!" Gaara shouted.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH..." the man yelled. Blood went everywhere. Hinata thought she was going to get drenched with blood but she noticed an umbrella in the way. She looked up to see Gaara had placed in in front of her at the very last minute. She looked around to notice the black goo everywhere. She knew exactly why it was black. The blood and sand mixed. She remember Gaara's explanation. She remembered everything he said.

"Are you okay, Lady Hinata?" Gaara asked. He looked as if he were trying to smile. It was hard for him to smile. Being as how his life was, Hinata was suprised he'd even try.

"O-oh, I'm fine..." Hinata whispered. "Thanks..."

"It was no problem," Gaara responded. "Sorry you had to see that...Sometimes, it's hard to control it when someone I know is getting hurt..."

"Oh" she continually whispered. "It's okay. I knew you needed to do what you had to do. I don't mind it at all."

"Why are you whispering?"

"OH!" Hinata said in her regular voice. " I didn't realize I was-"

"It's okay, "he laughed. Wait, she noticed. GAARA LAUGHED?!?!??!?! That has to mean something...

"Let me walk you home," Gaara offered. "I don't want any other freaks to scare you, especially since you're in a rush to start the


"Uh? Yeah, it's been a tough week," Hinata sighed. "With all the stuff I've been learning from Lady Tsunade, Shizune and Sakura, I barely have any time to relax during the week."

"Ha, I know what you mean!" Gaara laughed AGAIN. "Temari and Kankuro always insist on making me do so much paper work that

I'm always traveling. Don't get me wrong. I love being Kazekage, but sometimes I wish I could just protect instead of continually signing alliances. Or ending feuds..."

"Oh, sounds rough," Hinata smiled. "Say, what are you doing in Konoha today anyway?"

"Oh! I'm here cause Temari has to do something where she has a rematch with some ninja and how she wants to show how smart she's gotten. Plus Kankuro is busy with Naruto. Apparently they still have a rival thing going on..." Gaara explained. "I've gotta be here to make sure they're responsible..."

"You're the most responsible one?!!?!"Hinata laughed. "Oh, sorry I just didn't even think you'd-"

"No, it's okay! Only people close to me really know. Temari and Kankuro put on the act in front of everyone, but inside, they're really immature... Oh! Here's your house right?"

Hinata jumped. She turned to realize it was her house. She let out a quiet sigh. She was having so much fun talking to Gaara she didn't even realize. She loved talking to him. She felt so close to him that she never wanted to leave his side. Gaara made Hinata show her real personality. Gaara almost made her complete.

"Yes it is," Hinata smiled. "Well, thank you, Gaara..."

"It's alright," Gaara nodded. "I'm glad we could talk."

Hinata noticed something. She looked at Gaara's face and she almost dropped her mouth in astonishment. Never did she think to see that face. The face of someone who had been in pain his whole life... and to her...

Looking at Hinata, Gaara was smiling...

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