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The hestitation of a proposal... Gaara couldn't get it out of his mind. I love Hinata... I've never loved anyone else before...No one has loved me before... So why can't I just asked her?

Hinata started rummaging through her clothes. Tonight was the last date she would have with Gaara before she had to go back home. Back to working all day. Back to being invisible to everyone. Back to her 'lovely'(sarcasm) family. Back to no one caring. She would probably not see Gaara for a long time. I have to make this night memorable for both of us. Hinata coudln't find anything. Out of all of her clothes, there was nothing. She sighed a sigh. I love Gaara...I didn't realize it in the beginning, but I do... He protected me... I can remember that time so well... I want to be with him forever...

A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts. I'm always getting interrupted... Hinata slowly walked to the door. The consistent banging caused her to walk faster. "I'm coming!" Hinata sweetly said. She place her right hand on the doorknob and opened the door. There stood one of her new best friends, Temari, smiling a bright smile that almost blinded Hinata. "H-hello Temari," Hinata greeted. "What brings you here?" Hinata let Temari come into the room, although Temari was already half-way in when she gestured that. Hinata sighed and watched Temari. She was digging through the pile of clothes Hinata had just made three minutes ago.

"Can I help you with something?" Hinata asked like a saleslady. "Is there anything you need?"

"There's nothing here!" Temari shouted. "You don't have anything good to wear tonight!"

Tell me about that... "Um.. well why do you-"

"Well you see..." Temari sighed, not wanting to throw away the surprise. "It's your last night here with my brother and it should be special. Hey you know I think I might have something you could wear!"

And with that she ran out into the hallway. Hinata followed her into Temari's bedroom. It was twice as big as Hinata's guest room, which Hinata already thought was huge enough. A sparkling queen sized bed with a purple silk comforter was on the northend of the room. The desk near the bed had a lamp with monkeys on it. All around the room were posters with major teen hotthrobs. I never suspected she would have those kind of posters!!! A plasma tv was on the wall. Temari was living in a room, no...a world full of extravagance and love. She always seemed happy and kind. What can cause someone such happiness? Is it the way that Temari can just rise up from any trouble? Will I ever feel like that? Will I be able to rise up? Or will I just have to be protected? Can I be able to stand strong? Will I be strong? Or will I need to be protected my whole life? Love is just so messed up... Am I only with Gaara because he is the one and only guy to ever protect me... When can I stand up and

"Hello?" Temari shouted. "Here's the dress I want you to wear tonight for your date!" Temari threw the dress to Hinata. Hinata, after laughing at Temari, straightened the dress out to look at the dress. It was silver. It was also a floor-lengthed, sparking, no strap dazzling dress. It went well with Hinata's hair and went great with her eyes. This dress was made for Hinata. (literally unknown to her). The dress was beautiful... Hinata couldn't stop staring at it. Temari smiled, noticing Hinata's attraction for the dress. "

Here.." Temari smiled. "Let's get you ready." She gave the dress to Hinata, and Hinata smiled. This night should be great. And I'm going to show I can stand strong...

Gaara was staring at himself. It's time... He looked in the mirror and felt like he was going back through time...

Gaara looked at the giant mirror that stood before him. Holding onto his precious teddy was the only thing that mattered to him.

"T-t-temari..." Gaara whispered. "Uncle told me of a ss-trange f-feeling..."

"What's that Gaara?" Temari sighed. She was sort of tired of her little brother. She was so young to know the real story. She was just scared him that's all. "What feeling..."

"H-hhee called it..." Gaara struggled and sighed. "L-l-love...W-w-will I eva l-love s-someone?"

Temari looked at him ,surprised confused and compassion. For the first time in her life, she felt compassion for her younger brother. "Gaara love is like that feeling you get when you'd rather die so that person could live...If you could pick one person on the earth to be with, it would be the persons who love...Anyway, I think um...if you open your if someone makes you doubt whether you should marry them or not.. then yeah you love them...But you can tell if someone loves you by the way the looked at you...If you can see that feeling in their eyes you know...Plus if they are really thats not it... Look Gaara, love is really this. You care about someone so much that you want them happy. You don't want yourself happy unless that other person is happy. That's love...I think..."

Gaara came back to the present. "I feel that way..." Gaara smiled. True, he knew that love was more than what the eight year old Temari told him. But it had been over twelve years since that conversation. He knew he loved Hinata, and he knew that was really all you need. For marriage, sure it takes work, but if you really love someone, it will work. And gaara knew he loved Hinata. More than anything in the world...

Hinata trembled at the thought of this date. Why is it so important for me to wear this beautiful dress? Why am I so important to him? why Am I so important?? "Temari..." she bluntly asked.

"Whaaatt?" Temari sighed, growing tired of Hinata's pestering questions about the date that was going to happen in a few short hours. "What more do you want to know? I'm not telling you any more. Gaara's got plans and I'm not ruining them. "

"What? thats not what I was going to ask..." Hinata sighed, lying about the truth she wanted to know. "It's just... When we first left over a week ago...we all put up walls to were it seemed we hated each other...Now, a time has gone by where you and I are almost like best friends. Kankuro just up and left with some blonde bimbo, not that blondes are bad... And Gaara has been so out of character since well... I don't know. But I remember seeing you three in the Forest of Death..."

"That was years ago..." Temari laughed. "We three have changed since then."

"Yes," Hinata nodded. "But when we first started you seemed to act that exact same way... Why did you change?"

Temari sighed, noticing that Hinata's questions really hit close to the heart. It was true, the three sand siblings had changed dramatically in the last few years. But more in just the last week. They didn't hide their feelings anymore. Why could they have changed? "Hinata... When we first popped into your life, we were cold-blooded killers... we hadn't felt much love...I only had my mother for such a short time...But um however someone came into our lives recently who in a way made us want to act better. Someone we could tell whose personality was better than any one of us could ever hope to achieve..."

"What are you saying?" Hinata asked, confused as day gets out.

"Well Hinata, you have this spirit or personality that could make a lethal dragon turn soft. When we first noticed you in the Chuunin Exams, true we didn't know you...But Gaara always took special notice of you... I don't even know why back then... However, you were all he ever thought about. Once he became Kazekage and was in your village...well he told me, just recently of course, about a time you two met and how he told you a secret. Do you remember?"

"Yes..." Hinata smiling as she remembered that time a couple years back. When Gaara had said that she was the one he could be himself around. "I make him act himself."

"Yes! And well, truth be told, you made all of us feel that way. Because you made Gaara happy. And we have never seen him act like that...You're Gaara's happiness... and that is why we are close to you. Because you made such a cold, broken, powerful, suicidal, crazy, demonic, and hurt person turn into this caring, compassionate, loving guy. That's why we changed...Gaara changed for you. And we changed because of Gaara's change."

Hinata, with tears starting to grow in her eyes, smiled. She hadn't realized the change she made. How one person can change people so great like that.


Hinata ran to her room, as she wiped the tears from her eyes. And standing right in front of her door, was a young red headed, green eyed, man, carrying a desert pink rose. He was wearing a black suit and a black loosened tie. He smiled at the sight of her, smiling with those bright blinding teeth of his. "Hinata..."

"G-ga--gaara..." she gasped, not realizing he would be right there. "What are you doing here?" Hinata took quick notice that she was not wearing the dress Temari picked out for her and she didn't even have her hair or makeup ready for their date. All she was wearing was a ripped up pair of jeans and a regular t-shirt. Not your extravagant date material. It's not time is it???

"Ah... Hinata," he sighed, walking up to her and moving the strand of hair that was covering her face. "Lets go!" he laughed.

"But I am not ready Gaara--"

"You look beautiful already, come now, let's go!" he let out his hand for her to hold it.

Not wanting to dissapoint him, Hinata smiled, and placed her hand on his as they both starting walking toward the back entrance of the palace. Hinata had never use the back entrance before. Along the way, they walked through tons of hallways and almost ran into many people. They had to walk through the kitchen, then the supply rooms, but finally, they reached the back entrance.

"Gaara! Where are we going!" Hinata laughed. Outside, it was a little chilly, and Hinata was freezing. Gaara, taking quick notice, gave her a jacket. She smiled at his kindness. "So where are we going?"

"Ah, my dear, you will see!" Gaara laughed, contining walking ahead. Hinata followed. Hinata's thoughts couldn't stop thinking about how much she had changed Gaara. She knew how Gaara had been with the fight with Naruto and Sasuke. She had seen him kill those men in the Forest of Death. But now, if you only knew how Gaara was now, and if someone told you how he was, you would laugh, thinking they are crazy. Basically, Gaara was a changed man, and all of it for Hinata. I love him...

After walking around for a few minutes, Hinata noticed that they were near the market. There's the exact same spot I passed out at. Hinata, forgetting the embarrassment, just looked foward. Then, she noticed something. Hinata's mouth started forming a smile and her eyes couldn't have been more bright. Right in front of her, was the Suna's fountain. It was so beautiful, with waters gushing out and the reflection of the stars on the water. The last time Hinata had been here, well they had a fight. However, like Gaara said, the fountain always brought peace into people's lives. Hinata smiled at Gaara who turned around and smiled at her.

"I told you something about this you remember?" Gaara asked.

"Yes,"Hinata blushed. "It brings peace to people..."

"well yes it does..." Gaara laughed, then smiled at Hinata, staring into her eyes. "Oh Hinata...ever since the last time we were here, my heart has been going through some tough times...I didn't know what to do..until last night...I realized that I love you with my whole heart. You make me so happy and pleased. I will love you forever..." With that, Gaara took something out of his pocket and started placing one knee on the ground. Hinata, who was in total shock, put her shivering hand over her smiling open mouth.

"How about we start forever right now?" Gaara smiled sweetly.

"What are you saying?" Hinata asked dumbly. (Like she didn't know what he was going to ask!)

"Will you marry me?" Gaara sighed and smiled. "I love you so much and I want to be with you forever. I hope I can make you as happy as you have made me. I know this is sudden but---"

Gaara was interrupted by a sudden kiss on his lips. His eyes sort of bulging, not expecting Hinata to be so strong. Hinata starting giggling and stopped kissing him. "You talk too much...Of course I'll marry you Gaara."

And with that, they started kissing again. Hinata placed her lips on Gaara's and she just started to give herself to him. She pulled his loosened tie so he would be closer to her. However what was unknown to her, she might have pushed herself a little too far as they both fell into the fountain. After realizing what happened, Gaara and Hinata started laughing. They just stared at each other and smiled again. True love.

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