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(Or: Fear of death and/or dead things)

"Damn, that was fun!" Spike laughed so hard he doubled over, hands resting on his knees, "Did you see the way two of them knocked themselves out by running head-first into each other?"

"You have SO got to find a new hobby." Angel shook his head in disgust as his companions latest stunt, "We do have a mission, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah; I remember." Spike pulled a fresh cigarette from his pocket and lit it, "It's not my fault the bloody Chigs freak out every time they see us."

"They have a racial pathological fear of their own dead: they seem downright terrified of dead-humans." The older vampire looked at the map, "And as we basically are dead humans, and you hardly go out of your way to remain inconspicuous..."

"I only asked him for directions." Spike smiled as he blow a perfect smoke-ring, "We're never find this missing Slayer if we have to rely on your map-reading." He looked at the map for a moment, then turned it round, "And next time, I get to pilot the bloody ship!"

The End

Sorry: random plot-bunny that needed stamping on.