Le Coquin Malchanceux
(The Unlucky Rogue)

By Kielle

NOTES & DISCLAIMER: Obviously the following has no continuity whatsoever -- it was written some time ago so I'm just posting it here for the idle fun of it. At the time I wrote it, my best buddy was a Gambit junkie and I couldn't resist needling her boy.

There once was a mutant, a thief and a cad,
Who took what he wanted and hid what he had,
Who gave up his solo career on a whim
(Though working with others was never for him.)
This light-fingered Cajun, born Remy LeBeau,
Took pleasure in seeing how far he could go
With beautiful types of the opposite sex...
Until he crossed wills with the ladies marked "X."

A child he guarded was Storm in disguise,
And when she returned to her goddessly size
He showed her a way to reward his good turns--
And spent a week nursing electrical burns.

He then turned his charms on the local T.K.,
A redheaded psychic who seemed easy prey.
He cornered her down in the hangar, first try...
Jean tested her theory that Cajuns can fly.

He picked a new target when back on the ground,
And Psylocke, at first, seemed to like him around.
But when he got grabby, she proved to him -- twice --
The knees of a ninja are swift and precise.

Though known to pursue every skirt he can see,
He certainly wouldn't molest Jubilee.
If ever he wavers, he's sobered up quick
By the gentle reminder of: "Watch it, bub--" =SNIKT!=

A Rogue for a rogue may this Gambit disarm
With a will like his own and a sly Southern charm.
She's "yes" and she's "no" and she's truly a test:
His luck with THIS lady is "touchy" at best...!