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"Let's go to work."

Angel's sword clashed and clanged as more and more demons ran at him. Spike screamed in hysteria at the violence before him and then jumped at the nearest demon, grabbed his neck and twisted. The demon went down with a snap. Illyria's hands were moving too fast for the demons to see. She was deathly silent as she put her fist through a demon's chest and moved onto the next. Gunn was behind them bent over in pain. They had formed a line to keep as many demons as they could away from him. When a demon managed to break through the line, Gunn would stand up straight and fight. Each fight hurt more and more and he couldn't help but wish that Wesley was there. Unfortunately his wish didn't come true and all that was there were demons.

Angel fought hard and never gave in. When a demon rushed at him, he would fight back until it was dead. Once Angel had lost count of how many demons there were, one ran at him holding an axe.

"They've got weapons!" screeched Spike.

"I noticed!" replied Angel.

Angel killed the demon with the axe and glanced at Spike. Spike was unarmed and trying to hold off a demon holding a sword.

"Spike!" yelled Angel.

Angel kicked the dead demon's axe into the air and at Spike. Spike's hand flew out and grabbed it and sliced the demon in half.

"Thanks, he was getting annoying," said Spike.

Angel and Spike ran at the demons slashing them to bits. Illyria grabbed the demon in front of her, pulled it close and threw it back. The demon went howling into five other demons. Illyria looked up and noticed the dragon aiming for Gunn. She picked up a rubbish bin lid and threw it. The dragon was struck in the chest where the lid embedded itself and the dragon fell to the ground landing on some demons.

"That was my dragon," cried Angel stabbing a demon through the head.

The demon behind Angel's most recent victim pushed passed Angel and ran at Gunn. Angel turned around and watched as it stabbed Gunn through the chest. Gunn's mouth opened in a noiseless scream before he fell to the ground in a pool of blood.

"NO! GUNN! Spike, Gunn is dead!" shouted Angel.

"He lasted longer than I thought he would," replied Illyria.

Spike turned around to look at Gunn and the demon he was fighting took its chance. The demon beheaded Spike and ran through him as he turned to dust.

"SPIKE!" screamed Angel.

"I am sorry for your loss," said Illyria as she smashed a demon against a wall and was splattered in blood.

The two giants at the back of the demon army yelled in triumph and pounded the ground. Angel, Illyria and lots of demon bounced into the air and fell back towards the ground. Illyria landed on her feet and ran towards the giants. She pushed all of the small demons out of her way and jumped at the first giant. While still floating through the air, she punched the giant's nose and it went crashing to the ground. She landed on the giant's chest as the second giant pounded the ground. Illyria went flying off the giant and into a crowd of demons. Angel saw Illyria's back land on one of the demon's axes and puncture her body.

"ILLYRIA! Come back! I need help!" howled Angel.

The demons swarmed around Angel and jumped over him surrounding him. Angel killed as many as he could before the pressure of all of the demons immobilised him. He forced his limbs up and pushed the entire group of demons on top of him away.

"Thanks Hamilton. I couldn't have done it without you."

The ground shook as the last giant pounded the ground. Angel smashed into the ground and was only just able to get back up before a demon swiped at him with a sword. He parried and grabbed hold of the demon's wrist. He twisted and twisted until he heard a crack and the sword fell out of his hand. Angel punched the demon in the head and picked up the second sword. He swung around and threw the sword at the giant. It squealed in pain as the blade burst into one of its eyes and the giant went down with a crash.

Angel turned his attention to the smaller demons and realised he was surrounded.

"May as well go out with a bang," said Angel.

He ran at the demons, sword, fist and feet striking at anything that moved. Most of the demons that got in contact with him ended up dead or with broken limbs. Angel punched one demon with the hilt of his sword and broke the demon's jaw. He was just about to move onto the next demon when a sword was pushed through his back and out his chest.

Angel turned around to look at the demon that had stabbed him; "Ow!" he said pulling out the sword and beheading the demon.

Angel continued to fight. His arms and legs were starting to ache and he could feel the effects of Hamilton's blood starting to fade away. Angel stabbed a demon in the stomach. He span around in a shimmer of swords trying to survive as long as possible.

Out of the corner of his eye, Angel noticed a demon jump at him. He tried to turn but was grabbed from behind by another demon. The jumping demon's axe glimmered in light from a headlamp. Suddenly the demon was knocked from the air and fell sprawling to the ground.

Connor took Gunn's axe off the ground and sliced the demon that was holding Angel in half.

"I thought I told you to go home," Angel said.

Connor gave Angel a disbelieving look, "You really thought that would work. If I remember correctly, I sank you to the bottom of the ocean once."

"I remember," mumbled Angel.

"Shall we?" asked Connor pointing to the army of demons.

"Be my guest."

Together, Angel and Connor were able to kill many demons. They kept fighting until Angel smelled the air.

"What's wrong?" asked Connor kicking a demon to the floor.

"The sun," said Angel as sunlight burst over the rooftops of LA.

Angel watched his hand as it slowly began to turn to dust. He turned to Connor, "I love y…"

Angel's body dusted before he could finish the sentence.

"DAD!" screamed Connor.

He ran to where his dad had stood just moments before and fell to his knees crying.

"Dad!" sobbed Connor.

A demon grabbed Connor's neck from behind and twisted. Connor's body fell onto a pile of dust on the floor.

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