Welcome to my Black Donnelly's Fiction. Of course, I do not own any of the Donnelly's because if I did the show wouldn't be cancelled. Not the point but yea the original story is being tweaked so there are diffrences in the chapter. I just hope you all enjoy this story as much as I do writing it. Reviews are nice so if you like it or hate please say so. Now here's the story. Full story is based on "This Love by Maroon 5 and this chapter is based on "Inside Out" by Emmy Rossum. Enjoy!

The interrogation room was filled to capacity with Joey Ice Cream, his lawyer, and about five cops that wanted his head on a platter.

"Tell me about Bridgette Butler." The tall cop with his hair pulled into a ponytail threw a picture of a woman towards Joey Ice Cream. Joey just glanced down at it and turned his attention to the wall behind the cop's head. He knew who it was. Those eyes gave it away. Those deep blue eyes and that crimson red hair.

"I'd rather not." Joey said silently. The cop looked towards his partner.

"Since, when don't you want to talk?" Another cop inquired. Joey looked at him. He was the same one who always sat on his interrogations. He was short and stubby but very intimidating. He always made Joey uncomfortable and he wasn't exactly helping his fears at the moment. Joey turned his head back to the wall and pretended to not pay attention.

"You have no choice. I want to know why this girl disappeared… Is Bridgette dead?" Joey cringed. Dead, not the word he wanted to hear. His lawyer leaned over.

"Joey, you either talk or no protection." Joey sighed and began to fiddle with his hands ignoring his lawyer's advice.

"Was she your girl or something?" The third officer inquired. He was the tallest of all the other offices. He was a sarcastic bastard that has always threatened him. Jerk. Joey thought. He knew this was one question he had to answer.

"No, she was Kevin's." Joey sighed again, knowing he had no choice but to tell them about her. "Everyone called her Bebe."

"Bridgette Butler" The cop said putting the nickname together. "Oh, that's really intelligent." Joey rolled his eyes as the sarcastic officer came out with a non-original sarcastic comment.

"It was a nickname almost everyone in the neighborhood had one. Bebe Donnelly…" Joey bit his tongue realizing the mistake he made.

"Her name was Donnelly?" One of the cops asked. "We don't have that on file." He said flipping through some papers.

"I'm not there yet." Too late now, he thought. "Anyway, she was just a normal neighborhood girl. Her mother grew up with Mrs. Donnelly, too. They were tight so it wasn't a coincidence that Bebe and the Donnelly's were friends. Well, Bebe didn't have the happiest childhood. Mrs. Butler was an absolute sweetheart and her father was a goddamn prick. He would beat all of them. Not a pretty sight even for our neighborhood. Let's just say Bobby Donnelly stepped in and took care of it."

"Can we get back to the fact that Bridgette is missing?" Joey rolled his eyes again and continued his story. He hated when people would interrupt him.

"Alright, let me get to it. Sheesh. So Bebe is the youngest of all of us. We all loved her right away. You can't help it she's just one of those girls you can't help but feel the need to protect. We all expected her to get the hell out. She was the smartest of us. Even skipping a grade. We were even surprised when she fell hard for Kevin. We though she would be one of those girls who marry a business man type. Didn't happen. And Kevin fell just as hard back. "

"Do I really look like I care about Kevin Donnelly's love life? I want to know if Bridgette is dead." The first cop yelled.

"I'm not going to get anywhere if you keep interrupting me. So we all grow up…and all that other crap. All of a sudden Kevin and Bebe are this strange awkward couple. You can't even classify them as a couple. It's like they were together but they weren't. It was worse than what Tommy and Jenny had. No one would even speak about it. Anyway, when she was eighteen all of sudden she gives up her scholarship to college and moves to Ireland. Needless to say Kevin was heartbroken. Than she comes back for Mama Donnelly's funeral. Than runs away again. We all thought we would never see her again. Than all of a sudden she pops back up again. You would get a headache thinking of how many times she ran away and came back. Anyway, that's when everything started."

Joey stopped talking and looked ahead like he was envisioning something. The first cop threw his head down on the desk as Joey continued.


The dingy bar stood in front of me. The Firecracker Lounge in all its glory. The door was only in an arms distance but it was like a barrier I was afraid to cross. It's not that I'm a chicken. I'm just afraid. Afraid of what I might find lying behind this door. Afraid of the consequences of me opening this door. My hand reached out for the doorknob. I retracted it instantly. I don't think I have the strength to walk in. I want to but I can't. I took a deep breath but turned right back around. Maybe I should see Jenny first. It would be easier. She could force me into doing it. She wouldn't let me wimp out like I'm doing now. But I was too late. The door of the bar swung open and out came a disheveled Jimmy. He looked horrible. Bloodshot eyes to go with his pale, sickly looking face. He took a minute to look me over and the recognition finally came. I knew he was high right at that moment. It would never take him to time to recognize me. I was his little sister and would always be. He broke into a big smile suddenly.

"Hey, sweetheart." He came over to me and threw his arms around me. "You back for good this time or you're going in for round two of breaking my brother's heart." He was being an asshole and he never acted that way with me unless I deserved it. That comment I admit I deserved.

"Oh, I'm fine. Thanks for asking." I said sarcastically. "It's my first day officially back, would you mind being nice to me?" I was begging him with my eyes to not give me a hard time about Kevin. I couldn't deal with it at the moment.

He smirked. "I think I can manage. Come on go inside and get a drink. It's free." I glanced away. He knew I was thinking Kevin was in there. "Kevin's not in there but Tommy and Seannie are." He grabbed my forearm and threw me inside the bar. I was extremely reluctant but he just pushed me in. Something must have happened because he was way to into the idea of me going into the bar. Usually he would just whisk me away so we could hang out. He loved to just sit and talk with me. Probably because I'm the only one who would listen.

"Jimmy, get the hell out." I heard Tommy scream. I threw my hands above my head as I walked towards them. Jimmy let go of my arm and ran out of the bar. Tommy was pissed at him so he would throw me into the crossfire so I get hit and he doesn't. That bastard.

"Bebe?" Tommy said surprised. I smiled as Sean ran towards me and picked me up. He threw me over his shoulder and spun me. I began to feel dizzy so I screamed for him to let me down. He dropped me onto a barstool and I held onto him until I didn't feel dizzy anymore. Tommy pushed him away from me and he hugged me. He squeezed me so tight I could feel as if we both stopped breathing. I missed Tommy so much. It was hard not to be around him and to not ask for his advice went something went wrong. What Tommy and I had was very special. Don't get me wrong, I have a connection with all the boys in some way or another but with Tommy I swear we could be brother and sister. He is my soul mate.

"What are you doing back?" Sean asked pulling Tommy away from me. Tommy laughed and went to grab his drink.

"My life wasn't particularly working out to well in Ireland." Tommy's eyes shot down to my ring finger.

"Clearly." He said sarcastically. I glared at him. He always knew how to make me understand my bad decisions. He was like a parent who always guilts his kids. He and I engaged in a staring contest until I saw Sean grab his phone and begin to dial.

"Who are you calling?" I said nervously.

"Kevin, he has to know your-"

"No!" I yelled. Tommy and Sean threw confused glances my way. I calmed myself before saying anything else."I'm not ready to see him after last ti- and I should stop talking now." I ran around the bar and grabbed a glass. I threw some Jack into it and shot it down

"Hey, you're not 21" Tommy yelled. I just laughed at him.

"Ireland's drinking age is eighteen. So I'm a little ahead of the game." He rolled his eyes at me. Drinking, was never a fight he was going to win. Since Jimmy gave me my first beer at 15.

"Also, is there any particular reason you don't want to see Kevin?" Tommy inquired. I realized he hadn't heard my side of the story from the funeral. If I played my cards right he wasn't ever going to know. No matter how much I tell him that night is off limits.

"I'm just not ready." I said seriously.

"Is it because you're too stubborn to admit you want him?" Tommy said. I glared at him.

"Tommy, no offense but you're not one to give relationship advice. How long did it take you to admit you loved Jenny?" Tommy grimaced. Bulls-eye. I win. I heard Sean crack up. I smiled at Tommy to lighten him up. "I said no offense. Anyway, I need to go see Jenny first. I don't want to hear her bitch about why I saw all of you and not her first." I walked back from around the bar. I hugged Tommy and Sean. Tommy grabbed my hand to stop me from leaving.

"Please promise me that you're not going to break his heart again." He said seriously.

"Can you promise me that he won't break mine?" I said lowly. Tommy's eyes shot to the floor.

"Yeah, I thought so. I'll see you guys later." I walked to the door and slammed it open and I walked to Reilly's diner in the crisp spring air.

Reilly's diner hadn't changed. I don't think it has ever changed since we were kids. Not even from when I worked here as a teenager. Jenny was standing in the entrance of the kitchen. Her father wasn't working anymore so she was juggling everything. She looked tired but beautiful. Her gorgeous black hair was tied up in a ponytail and she looked as if she had flour on her face. I stifled a laugh. Her eyes were locked on the floor. Jenny always looked somewhat dazy. She was a dreamer. Same as Tommy. I walked closer towards her. Her eyes shot up and she stared at me, her eyes growing wide.

"Bebe!?" Jenny half screamed. Her eyes lite up like a kid on Christmas morning. Damn, she really must have missed me. Now, I really feel guilty for leaving. She always could guilt trip me somehow.

"Yeah, I'm back." I smiled at her as she ran around the counter towards me. She grabbed me into a big hug. She pulled away and smiled.

"How long you staying for? Please tell me you're not going to bail out like last time." I looked down in the floor. Told you, she could always make me feel bad.

"Back for good, I think. Mom wanted me to get my life back to normal." She grabbed my hand and pulled me down to sit with her.

"God, you look great. Why didn't you tell me you were coming in your last letter?" I shrugged.

"I actually didn't decide till the last minute. I thought it would be good to come home for a while… I just broke up with Caleb." Jenny leaned over and grabbed my hand. I pulled away not wanting her to feel sympathy for me.

"I'm sorry." She said quietly.

"Don't be. I'm actually relieved." I said jokingly. I didn't mean too but it came out that way. She bit her lip to keep from laughing. "Don't get me wrong I loved him but I didn't want to marry him." I stammered as my eyes shifted to the floor.

"I know you better than that, Bebe. What stopped you was Kevin." Her blues eyes burned into me. I hated that she was right, but she was. I felt my cheeks redden. Redden with thinking of Kevin.

"How is he?" I asked suddenly.

"He's still keeps getting in trouble. He's always following Jimmy. Maybe you could get him to stop some of his shit so I could get Tommy home at a decent hour." I smiled and attempted to turn the conversation in her direction.

"How are you and Tommy doing? We didn't talk for too long." A smile lit her face. She smiled brighter then I have ever seen her when she would talk about Tommy. I had never seen Jenny that happy.

"You saw Tommy?" She said surprised.

"Yeah, I dropped in at the Firecracker. So first tell me about how you guys are doing and then tell me how bad in Jimmy doing."

"I'm worried sick most of the time but other than that we're doing great. And Jimmy is a whole new story." A loose strand of hair fell in her eyes and she pushed it back. Nervous habit of Jenny's. She always played with her hair.

"Still on banged out of his head?"

"Yeah, Tommy is being pulled apart because of him. I really don't want to talk about Jimmy right now. I want to talk about you and Kevin. What the hell happened between you two? You guys were all close about the funeral than all of a sudden you ran back to Ireland without saying goodbye." I knew she was going to ask these questions and I really wanted to avoid them but I couldn't.

"Nothing. We had a fight. I apologized. I sent him letters. I tried to get him to talk to me but he wouldn't. Guess he still hasn't forgiven me" I put my elbow on the counter and rested my chin in my palm. Jenny looked as if she all of sudden remembered something.

"Yeah, and you know what? He still has those letters. Maybe he was just too scared to forgive you."

"What?" I lifted my head up and stared at her.

"He did, Bebe. After you left Tommy was looking through some of Mrs. Donnelly's stuff and he found an old box filled with a bunch of things that were yours. It had sweaters, letters you wrote to him, pictures, anything you two ever shared together was in there. Kevin, had a fit when Tommy found it. Threatened him, too. Said if he told anyone he would cut Tommy to shreds." She smiled at me.

"Wow, I thought-"Jenny cut me off mid-sentence.

"Do you still have feelings for him?" She inquired. Damnit, why did she have to ask the most difficult question of all?

"Maybe, I don't know. I did come back here for him and you and everyone. I just- I don't know anymore. I just ruined a perfectly good relationship with a man who loved me. I don't think we ever recovered after I told h-" I forgot I hadn't told her about my short fling with Kevin.

"What?" Jenny was beyond confused at this moment.

"I came back here to-"The bell on the door chimed and Jenny's eye's grew wide. I didn't need to turn around. I knew who standing behind me.

"Jenny, Tommy wanted me to come here and-" I turned around. Kevin Donnelly stood before me. His hair was longer than I remembered and curlier. The strong cheek bones and the eyes were the same. Those light blue eyes that I always loved. His mouth hung open as he stared at me. His eyes were wide. He looked at me like I was some ghost.

"Hey, Kevin." I said shyly.

He shoved his hands in his pockets and turned around and walked out the door. I ran after him, pushing against Jenny who kept trying to block me. I got out of the diner and followed Kevin down the street.

"Kevin, can we just talk?" I yelled down the street. He stopped and walked back towards me. His face was red with anger and his eyes cold.

"Bridgette, what are you doing here? Do you think you can just screw with my head than go back to your fiancée?" A lump formed in my throat. He walked closer to me until he was hovering over me. Even closer he seemed colder. He didn't look like my Kevin anymore.

"I know I messed up, alright? I came back because I want my life back. I wanted to see if you wanted our friendship back." I said honestly.

"You ran away." He spat causing a shiver to run up my spine.

"I know I did. I freaked out. I had a fiancée waiting for me. I couldn't just drop the life I had started for myself in Ireland. But you know what? I realized it wasn't good enough. I couldn't live my life without you in it." I felt some tears rushing to my cheeks. Kevin grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I held him as hard as I could.

"I missed you so much." He whispered in my ear. As he pulled away from me I wiped away the few tears that lingered on my cheeks. He gave me a goofy smile. That was our relationship. We always fought and the next minute we would be laughing. This time we were far from where we were but we were getting there.

"Now for putting me through that hell you're buying me a drink." He smiled and grabbed my hand. He looked down at my hand and smiled. I turned around smirking and saw Jenny was watching in the window. I waved to her to signify that we were fine and she went back to work. We didn't even make it to the bar when Tommy ran towards us.

"Kevin, did you talk to Jenny?" Tommy didn't even look at me.

"I didn't have time. Bridgette's back." Kevin said looking down at me.

"I know." He replied.

"Why the hell-"

"Not now, Kevin. We have bigger problems. Jimmy just pissed off a few drug dealers now there after him."

"We can take them." Kevin said confidently.

"Kevin, do you understand that there some of Alo's old men? I say we get him into rehab and deal with this ourselves." Tommy said.

"Come on, Tommy." Kevin whined.

"This is not a game anymore, Kevin. Jimmy needs serious help or he is going to die and take us down with him. It's a good plan. Now I need you to get back to the bar. Frankie's on his way."

"We tried this already Tommy. It didn't work last time."

"We'll this time we have Joanie. Now get back to the bar." Tommy turned and smiled at me. I nodded and he ran back to the Firecracker. Kevin squeezed my hand. I turned to him and kissed his cheek.

"Kevin, go get your brother to rehab. I know a few friends in St. Mary's. They'll take good care of him." Kevin let go of my hand. He began to walk up the block but turned around.

"You sure you don't wan to come?" He said.

"I'll let you boys deals with it." I said.

"Can I come by tonight?" He asked.

"Sure." With that Kevin walked up the block. I turned and walked back to Reilly's diner. To tell Jenny everything I knew.

Jenny and I talked for the rest of the day. Than around ten I walked home. The plan was to drink as much coffee as needed to stay awake but I don't think it helped because the next thing I heard was pounding on my door. I ran to the mirror and I attempted to salvage my hair and makeup but it was no use so I just threw open the door. I was surprised to find Kevin, Tommy, and Sean was standing on my stoop. Blood was seeping through their clothes and they looked badly beaten. I sighed. This was not my plan for tonight.

"Come in, get in the kitchen and take off the clothes." They looked at me as if I was crazy. "I didn't mean like that. You guys came for medical help so I'm going to help." My mother was a nurse so I learned a few tricks of the trade so when ever the boys were hurt they would come to me or my mother. My mother wasn't here, though, so I was the best they got.

The boys walked in and made there way towards the kitchen.

"Is Jimmy okay?" I asked, noticing that Jimmy wasn't with them.

"Oh, he's fine in rehab while we got jumped by a couple of his friends." Tommy said.

"Lovely day in the neighborhood." I said sarcastically.

You wonder why I left the neighbored. Look no further than the Donnelly brothers. Anyone who gets involved with them gets hurt. I had that pleasure but it's better to get hurt by them than be loved by anyone else. Even growing up they would come to me when someone fell or if someone was in pain. I never cared. They were my friends. I wasn't like Jenny who was always with them but I had my time. I was the baby so everyone felt the need to protect me. I always was close with the boys. I had a strange connection with all of them. Everyone is the neighborhood assumed I was going to marry one of them or marry some lawyer type. They thought I would fall for Sean. I accidentally fell for Kevin. Big surprise. The only problem was wondering if Kevin wanted me, too.

"A day after I get back to town. I become the Donnelly's personal Doctor again." I grabbed a bag out of my closet. Kevin's injuries were by far the worst. His face was bloodied and his arm looked as if it was out of place. I calmed, noticing that it could have been worse. Tommy just looked bruised and his arm was a bit cut up. Sean just looked as if he was just tired or maybe he was kicked in the stomach. I grabbed Sean first to check him out. He was the youngest of the boys. Tommy would flip out if he was badly hurt, again. I lifted up his shirt. His stomach was blackened. Tommy caught his breath. I gave a calm look to Tommy. His jaw was tense. There was nothing worse than Tommy tense.

"Relax." I said to both Tommy and Sean. I touched Sean's stomach and he didn't wince in pain. "Just some bruising on the skin. Go upstairs to my brother's room and change your clothes. Throw them down here. I need to throw them in the wash and bleach them. Jump in the shower. The water will help a bit. Call me if you're in any pain." I grabbed his hand. "Any pain. Got it?"

"Yes, Ma'am." He smiled. Even if he was in pain he never showed it. Typical Irish boy. He obliged and ran up the stairs. I looked at Kevin and Tommy and they were laughing.

"So when did you develop a criminal mind?" Tommy laughed.

"Since I met you assholes. I don't want anybody's blood showing up on your clothes other than your own. And you guys spent the whole night here watching movies with me. Got it?" Both of the nodded.

"God, how did we survive without you?" Kevin laughed.

"Shut up. I want you both to do that too after I check you out. Tommy, you're next." His shirt was off and he had a few cuts on his chest. I began to blot away some blood.

"Guess you're still working out." I winked at him. He laughed.

"Don't you think you should buy me a drink first?" he said. I laughed. Tommy and I always would joke around. He was always the one who paid attention to my problems. He always made sure I was happy. I always appreciated that.

"Who won the fight?" I said. Tommy smirked. I wasn't surprised. They were always great fighters.

"Did any of you hit your heads?" Tommy glanced over to Kevin. I pulled away from Tommy and went and lightly touched Kevin's head.

"How bad?" I asked nervously. I couldn't deal if Kevin was really hurt.

"He only hit my head on the floor twice." Kevin said stupidly. I hated when he did that.

"You idiot! You only share that with me now. You could have a concussion." I screamed. Tommy just stared at Kevin while Kevin just looked down at the floor.

"I feel fine." He said.

"Tommy, he has to stay here tonight. I have to watch him." Tommy nodded and I pulled away from Kevin to finish up Tommy. As soon as I was done he ran upstairs and Kevin walked towards me.

"Why isn't your shirt off?" I inquired. He smiled the smile I loved and his eyes grew bright. I knew what he was thinking.

"Do you want my shirt off?" He said smugly.

"Would you like me to stitch you up or would you rather I kick your ass?" Kevin backed up and finally took his shirt off. I must admit it took me a minute to recover. He was more muscular than I remembered. Not like Tommy's but nice for Kevin. Thank God he didn't notice so I just went to get a fresh towel out of the bag.

"I'll be good." Kevin sat on the kitchen table as I wiped the blood from his face. I gave him a bag of peas to hold on his face. I touched his chest lightly and began to stitch it up.

"Ow, that hurts." He whined.

"You are such a baby, Kevin." I continued to tease him to distract him from me putting his arm back in place. He yelled out in pain again as I snapped it back in place.

"You could have warned me." He yelled.

"Then it would have hurt more." He observed me for a few minutes.

"What are you staring at?" I said.

"I just feel bad that the first day you come back-" He rubbed the back of his neck.

"We don't have to talk about what happened. It was a mistake." I was still fumbling with stitching his chest. He grimaced at me.

"Then why did you come back?" He said bitterly.

"I came back because I didn't want to give up my best friend. Is that so hard to understand?" Kevin nodded and by the look in his eyes I knew I should have changed the subject. "Let's just talk about something else."

"Like why you broke off your engagement?" He said casually.

"I broke it off because I'm too young to get married to someone I didn't love." I lightly touched his face and he just stared up at me. I froze. He leaned in closer to me. I closed my eyes leaning closer. The moment stopped when Tommy yelled from upstairs Sean's name. Kevin and I ran up the stairs. Sean was lying on the ground. I sat next to him and began to examine him.

"He must have passed out from the pain. We'll let him sleep it off. Can you guys put him on the bed?" Tommy and Kevin picked him up and put him on my bed. Tommy, Kevin, and I went downstairs to my living room. Tommy began to look at his watch. His face was twisted with nerves.

"Tommy, go to Jenny before she kick's my ass." I said. Tommy jumped up and kissed me on the cheek.

"Bebe, don't take advantage." He winked at me and I threw a pillow at him. He ran out and Kevin smiled at me. I grabbed the remote from my table and turned on the television. I laid my head against Kevin's shoulder and fell into a peaceful asleep.