Belongs to Don Johnson and Carlton Cuse. Takes place a little after Jump Start.

Cassidy Bridges aimed her gun. Come on, you freak. Where are you? she thought to herself. From another vantage point, Cassidy's partner, Rachel McCabe was watching the street, also with gun in hand. Just then, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

"CASSIDY! LOOK OUT!" she screamed, aiming her weapon. Cassidy turned around-and was knocked to the ground. She aimed her gun, letting out an awkward shot. She looked around; Joe Dominguez, Harvey Leek, Rachel, and Antwon Babcock were all in front of her, shooting at the suspects. Then, who had-?

"I'll always be with you," a familiar voice whispered. Cassidy gave out a choked gasp and tried to hold back her tears. "I love you. Be happy again. For me," Evan Cortez requested. Then, as everything settled down, the girl carefully stood up and began checking herself for wounds.

"Cassidy, are you okay?" Nash questioned, as the other officers came up.

"Yeah, Daddy. I'm fine," Cassidy answered.

"You went down pretty quick. What happened?" Joe wondered. Cassidy hesitated. What do I say? My dead fiancée saved my life? She wondered.

"I just dropped," she finally replied.

"Are you shot anywhere?" Antwon asked.

"I'm fine, honest. I didn't think I would be able to pull the trigger in time so I just dropped," Cassidy lied. Better to have them think I'm weak than crazy, she thought to herself.

"Well, as long as you're okay, let's go book these bozos," Nash declared.

"I'm up for that," Cassidy replied. The suspects were arrested and led away.

"Cassidy," Nash said.

"Yeah, Dad?" Cassidy queried.

"I saw what happened," Nash told her. "I know that it was Evan who pushed you to the ground," he continued.

"Uh, Dad, I-" Cassidy began to say.

"Sweetheart, we all have guardian angels. Now mine just happens to be a guy in a white angel costume who may or may not be slightly off his rocker, and apparently yours is Evan," Nash interrupted.

"You really think so?" Cassidy asked hopefully.

"I know so, baby," Nash answered. Then, "Come on. Let's go show these idiots what happens when you mess with the S.I.U."

"Sounds good to me," Cassidy agreed with a laugh. Father and daughter walked to their vehicles. Thanks for looking after my little girl, Evan, the police captain thought to himself.

"You're welcome, Captain," Evan said, watching his former unit drive away.