days in the park

sun dappled gravel walk

and the homeless you saw children

I filmed reels and reels so

let that camera tell

it was true so true

know forever we walked

guitar slung with frail shoulders

back ground laughter

white noise yellow noise red noise

you play I sing I request on the bench

that happened you snorted

when I asked "anything you can't play Rog?"

as if it mattered

well everything did at the time

I was twenty-nine

you eight

and we grabbed greedy at that mirage

like we knew it wouldn't no couldn't last forever

but it lasted now or then I guess

filming for life but you played for now

so arpeggios acoustic lazily drift out

as string plucked with eloquence

wasn't that you Rog?

who carried away with leaves

to the sky

since you had no weight none at all

we'll fly you'll carry me

but I weighed you to the ground

oh that was me

but at the time

oh at that time it was just

guitar chords August forever it almost lasted

in a second it was gone like maple and Halloween candy

and swimming pools back in Scarsdale

where nothing was real not like home

in that gritty permanence that marked

your cell counts but couldn't we grip on to

me giggling and the private school girl feeding birds

paper bag crumpling and Rog you smirking

as if all was perfect as perfect as that final August

don't cry now for no mistake

we were perfect you know it had to have been

my Kodak book reminds me always

days in the park like screenshot beauty

love it blink and it fades away