Standing in the Shadows

Book 2

Standing in the Shadows no longer


Three Years Later…….

Chapter 1


It been three years since Seimei has come back to life. And things have been going great. I am a senior in high school, top of my class, and popular. Seimei is the president and owner of a multey million dollar computer software company. Soubi is a world famous artist and my closest friend and fighter when needed. Nisei is the head of security at Seimei business and also his fighter.

After they discovered that myself and Seimei had left the Heartless team dispended the fight and disappeared. Most likely back to Spectral Moon to tell them the bad news. For three years Spectral Moon has not bothered us but according to some of Seimei sources they are still trying to find us, they just have not gotten lucky yet. He says we are safe here and I believe him.

My school life has been going well and I have a great group of friends, we hang out after school everyday in the library until it closes down. Then we all go our serpent ways. Since Seimei and I live the farthest from the school he comes and picks me up every day. I still can remember my friend's reactions when they first meet him. It was the end of 11th grade.


The eight of us had just left the library, and my phone went off, it was Seimei calling to tell me he would be a little late. "That cool, I will see you when you get here. I love you too, bye." My friends looked at me and asked if that was my ride home. I said "Yes, he is going to be running late he got stuck in a meeting. You guys go home and I will ketch you tomorrow." But they instead they wanted to weight saying it was no good or fun to weight alone so I gave into them. We were talking about a stupid English paper that no one passed but me and I kept telling them it was not hard at all, you just had to use the right English grammar. A black convertible had pulled up at the curve behind me and I had not even noticed until one of the girls said. "Hey, Ritsuka who's that?" I turned around to see Seimei approaching towards us smiling sweetly. I did not tell them out right, I wanted to let them guess fist. "What do you think, he is to me." At first many of them said my father, until they saw that Seimei still had his ears. Then they went after the second most obvious thing. That he was my brother. I laughed, because in reality he was. But I was not going to tell them that. Seimei was standing right behind me now. "Are you ready to go Ritsuka?" He asked me. "Almost, I said smiling up at him. They are trying to guess what our relationship is. They have all ready guessed brother and father." Seimei chuckled. "Well than let's give them a little hint." Seimei raped his arms around my waist and kissed my lips, and I returned in with loving passion. Almost all my friends dropped their jaws. And the fist words out of their mouths were "Ritsuka your gay?" And I smiled and said "Yes I am, and proud of it." Then one of the girls started to stutter "So this….this drop de…. de….. de….. dead gorgeous man is your boy…..boy…boyfriend." "Yes" I said. And all the girls cried "Why?" "Because," I said and waved good bye to them to go home with Seimei. All the way home that night Seimei laughed his head off and I did too.

……………………………………End of Flashback…………………………………

It took them a while after that to get use to the idea that I was actually gay, and had a boyfriend. Especially the girls, apparently a lot of them had a crush on me. For what reason, I have no clue. I have never taken any special interest in them. I treat all my friends the same. Well as you may figure the news leaked out though it took longer than I thought and it only reached the ears of the school by my senior year, and know I had more girls than I could count coming down in droves on me demanding the reason why none of them were good enough for me. Why this man had stolen my heart away from so they would never have a chance with me. I shrugged my shoulders and walked right past them heading towards the library to meet with my friends.

It was Saturday and tonight for the fist time my friends were going to sleepover my house. I had cleared the ok with Seimei early this week and he said he be more than glad to have them over. In fact he would love to get to know them better. But little did we know, that a night a fun would turn to a night of pure chaos.


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