I stood shivering at the train station waiting for Kamlyn and Jomi to come and fetch me. I had left before Seimei had woken up because I knew he would have wanted to come with me but I couldn't let. I couldn't let him jeopardize my chances of getting Yomi the body we sought but more importantly I wanted to keep Yomi from killing Seimei. I know if the two were given a chance to fight they would not hesitate to take it.

As I stood alone clutching Yomi device to my chest I absentmindedly raised my figure to my lips and bit down on the tender flesh flinching as I drew blood. The falling blood from my bleeding figure fell onto the device. I blinked as the device glowed in my arms but as suddenly as the light appeared it disappeared again and I was pulled against a solid strong chest at least for the moment it was solid. "Are you scared Ritsu?" As much as I wanted to say no I knew I could not lie to Yomi he always seemed to know when I was. "Yah who wouldn't be; Im willing walking into hell, it probably the dumbest thing Ive ever done in my life your lucky I love u Yomi." His soft chuckled filled the air. "I know Ritsu and Im very thankful you care so much about me to do this for me."

Before I could answer a familiar voice cut me off. "Well arnt you a little minx. How many men do you have wrapped around that little figure of yours? How many men have u made fall in love with you? I know of four who love you but my real question is how many men do you love back Ritsuka?" I stiffened in Yomi arms before stepping out of them so I could turn around and face Kamlyn. His piercing green eyes were as stunning as ever. You could see the annoyance in his eyes for having to not only hunt me down again but also come and get me. But as I continue to watch him I noticed the annoyance in his eyes turned into curiosity as he noticed Yomi standing next to me for the first time. "So this is Yomi, the spirit that lives in the device that I help create." Before I could answer Yomi stepped in front of me. Yomi could get very protective of me so before he went and did anything stupid I wanted to give him a heads up at how much longer he would be solid for. Glancing down at the device I noticed the blood was almost gone. I need to tell him but yomi spoke before I could. "You didn't make me Kamlyn. Seimei did it was because of Seimei I was born and it was because of I wasn't destroyed; it was because of Seimei I met Ritsuka, it was because of Seimei I fell in love with this cleaver child and it is with Rtisuka I will rule this world. It not maybe it simple when. So no Kamlyn you have nothing to do with who I am, who I was, or who I will be. You're simply going to be another stepping stone on my way to the top." Stepping forward I new Yomi was making ready to take a swing at Kamlyn. I need to speak now to save Yomi the trouble of Kamlyn finding out the secrete he wasn't solid. "It gone." Yomi stopped walking and turned back around to look at me curiously. "What gone Ritsu?" I glanced down at the device giving him a hint then repeating again "It gone, all gone". This time Yomi understood and took a step back so he was standing just behind me.

"Shall we go? I tier of this cold and it is late I want to sleep. But I trusted no one else to come get u so here I am." Kamlyn said before turning and walking away excepting the rest of us to follow him. Which we did, glancing up at the stars one more time as we approached the car I sent a small prayer to god that Seimei was safe and would forgive me. But my life was expendable but not the life of the one I loved more than anything.

Getting in the car we headed back to spectral moon for the second time this week.