I opened my eyes to shut of my stupid alarm clock. "Oh great, just another boring day at school" I yawned.And just another day for a vampire/werewolf. I got up and looked outside. My dad's police cruiser was not in the driveway. I went to my closet and took out my favorite outfit; a black lace-up long sleeved corset for my shirt and dark purple/black street pants with chains. By now you should have probably guessed i am a goth. Anyway, I was walking down the stairs when a heard a horn beep. That must be Jake, Quil, and Embry. OK, here's a little history on my happy pack of friends(insert sarcasm). They act like my bodyguards, I don't know why...they just do. Jacob is a big push over when it comes to me. Quil...we all know he's just a big puppy(HAHAHA, Ironic isn't it?) but he can be tough when he wants to. Embry can act a little gay sometimes but I know he's straight, I know because he has kissed almost every girl in summer camp last year(Gross) We all grew up together. We met when our babysitter was stupid enough to take on four, three year old kids at the same time, let's just say that the house had to have work done that day, when our dad's picked us up to go home we all started crying nonstop until we were dropped off again at our babysitter's. OK skipping ahead a couple of years... when we were all ten we made a special bond for our little group, we even had a pledge, it goes like this: (Jacob)When either of us need each other, we will be there with you

(Quil)If you want to do something extremely stupid, we will be there to get in trouble with you

(Me)If we break apart in later years, we will all find a way back to our little town

(Embry)Even if we have to go to hell and back, we will always find each other

(All of us)Watch out for each other, Best friends for now and eternity