I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing: Epilogue

By Ginta and Hakakku Fangirl

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A/N: Okay, so a couple of you asked me for a second chapter, and I guess that I just wanted one too…So enjoy!!! But you guys had better love me for this, I hated writing this chapter. So, I'm skipping most of the birth, and most of this chapter will just be the whole fluffy romance crap.

And yes, I know that Kurosaki Isshin is a general practicioner, and that he runs a clinic, not a hospital…But this just seemed so much more…I don't know, sweeter(?), I guess, than to have then in Uryu's father's hospital…


"MOVE IT!!!" Renji yelled, running into Kurosaki Isshin's clinic with Rukia panting in his arms.

"What the hell--" Isshin started, before Renji had spotted him.

"Rukia is in labor!" Renji yelled; Isshin just stared at him for a moment before laughing hysterically.

Rukia scowled up at Renji in his gigai.

"You know, there is such a thing as 'taking a cab'," she growled, making Isshin laugh even harder. Finally, he calmed down and called for Karin to bring out a wheelchair.

"So," he said, as soon as Rukia had settled into the chair, "how far apart are your contractions this time? Just the one? Or do you just have to use the bathroom again?"

Rukia laughed as well. This was the fourth time this week that her brother, Renji, or Ichigo had rushed her into the clinic for making the slightest little gasp.

"Actually, this time I really am having contractions," she said, smiling; Isshin immediately became serious.

"Really? How many?"

"I waited until twenty to tell Renji," Rukia said; behind her, Renji was yelling into a cell phone. They could hear Ichigo yelling back that he was only ten minutes away (to which Renji responded that he didn't have ten minutes, the baby was coming now).

Isshin rolled his eyes. "How far apart?"

"Um, now they're about seven minutes apart, but they're constant."

"Mm-mh." Isshin pulled out his stethoscope. "Are they getting any closer together?"

"Yeah, a little," Rukia said, before suddenly clutching her father-in-law's hand and arching into herself.

"Just breathe," Isshin said, counting seconds on his watch. "Breathe, Rukia…In…Out…In, and hold it…Out. Good. Over now?"

Rukia nodded. She sighed.

"Any idea how long ago the last contraction was?"

"About six minutes?" Rukia guessed.

"Okay…" Isshin wrote what Rukia had said on her chart. "Okay, let's get you in a room, and see how far dilated you are!"

Rukia groaned. She hated what was about to happen. Isshin had checked to see if she had dilated at all last week, and determined that she should go into labor sometime within the next ten days, as she had already dilated just a little over three centimeters. It was really uncomfortable.


"Okay, you are just over seven centimeters," Isshin said forty minutes later. "Three more, and you can start pushing. Ichigo, you can come in now!" he added, as her stripped off his gloves.

"Thank God!" Ichigo muttered bitterly. Why the hell should he have to wait outside the room every time Isshin check up on Rukia.

Rukia ignored his anger; she was used to it, except to say, "Idiot. You're such a hot-head."


"Have you been able to contact Brother yet?" Rukia asked.

"Yeah, he's on his way, according to Renji. He just has to secure a Hell Butterfly to get through the gate."

"Ah. Good."

"Why are you so worried about him getting here, he's a captain. He'll make it."

"I know, I just want my brother to be with me."

"What's the big deal with him being here?"

"Ichigo, he's the whole reason I'm even a part of the Kuchiki (sp) family. He was my sister's husband, he means a lot to me."

"I know, I know. But he still pisses me off, with his arrogant attitude."

"Whatever you say, Ichigo."

"Am I too late?"

"Brother!" Rukia gasped, sitting up further, as Byakuya walked through the door. "Ahh!"

Byakuya was immediately by Rukia's side as she clutched her husband's hand while another contraction washed over her.

"I'm here now, you can relax," Byakuya said as Rukia's contraction ended.

"And soon you'll be able to see your nephew," Rukia smiled as, behind Byakuya, Ichigo rolled his eyes.

Not twenty minutes later, Isshin was telling Rukia to push.


Hours later, Ichigo stood surrounded by Karin, Yuzu, Isshin, Renji, and even Byakuya, as he held a tiny bungle in a soft blue blanket.

"Oh, he's so cute!" Yuzu squealed.

"So have you chosen a name yet?" Karin asked.

"Well…we were thinking about Ajo," Ichigo said. "But we're not sure." He looked over at his dad. "Now…we want to name him Isshin."

For once, his dad wasn't overly dramatic. Instead, tears simply filled his eyes and he nodded.

"As soon as Rukia wakes up…Tell her that I would love my first grandchild to have my name."

"Thanks dad," Ichigo smiled. "Our next one…I want a girl…We're going to give her Mom's name.

"I think she'd like that," Isshin said, tears finally spilling over.

"I'm going to go check on Rukia now," Ichigo said. "Byakuya?"


"Would you do the honors?" Ichigo said, holding out baby Isshin.

"Hai." Byakuya took the baby, actually smiling.

"I'll see you guys later," Ichigo said, "after I make sure that Rukia is sleeping alright."


"Hey," Ichigo whispered. It was now two hours later, and Rukia had finally woken up.

"Hey. Where's the baby?"

"Right here," Ichigo said, pulling the wheeled cradled towards the bed. Rukia smiled.

"Isshin really is a good name for him," Rukia said softly. "He looks like your dad."

"Yeah…" Ichigo kissed Rukia's hair as she cuddled up to him, placing a hand on the baby's head; he stirred, not waking, and Ichigo grinned.

His family of two hadn't just turned into a family of three. It was more like a family of seven…And he didn't mind at all that it had turned out that way.