Dear Readers,

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time. No, my Internet is still strong, and I have a lot of time, I'm just currently in a writer's block. Before this story I was always angry at the author for not updating, now I understand. I was writing the new chapter, and halfway done, I fund myself dumbstruck with no more ideas. So therefore I had to restart. I ran out of ideas. Please help! I need a vote to see what the next chapter should be about.

1)They(Syaoran & Sakura) go to the market.

2)Xiao Li's attempt in seducing Sakura

3)Ann Kwan's evil plan

4)Unfamiliar memories

The Main Choices are:

a) a comb. of 1 & 2

b) a comb. of 1 & 3

c) a comb. of 1& 4

d) a comb. of 2 & 3

e) a comb. of 2 & 4

f) a comb. of 3 & 4

Please Help! Thanks A Bunch