Wow… I've never done a sequel before… well, here goes…

Thirteen years later…

Selena rolled over as Murtagh shook her gently.

"Murtagh… leave me in peace. It is but the early hours of the morn and I shall wish to rest a bit longer."

"Don't give me that, Selena. I know that you have woken up much earlier before now." Murtagh smirked as Selena covered her head with the blanket and muttered a few swear words.

"Come now! Awaken! I cannot sleep and I wish that you would possibly go on a walk with me?" Murtagh said hopefully. Selena sat up and faced him. "You've had the dream again?"

"Aye. I know not why it still haunts me. I…" Selena put a finger on his lips before he could finish.

"I understand… give me a moment to get my pants and boots on."

"Thank you." Murtagh said.

Murtagh had been having nightmares for months on end. Some were about his past; others were of Selena and Liduen getting taken away by strange men in dark cloaks that rode black horses. These dreams had troubled him deeply.

A few minutes later, Selena appeared with her black leather pants and knee-high boots.

"Have I told you how beautiful you look in black?" Murtagh said, tilting Selena's chin back and she leaned in to kiss him softly on the lips. Her lips brushed his like butterfly wings. Murtagh let out a low sigh.

"Have I told you how wonderful you are to me?" Selena said. Murtagh nodded.

"Come, let us go." Murtagh said, taking Selena's hand and leading her towards the Dragon keep.

"I thought you said that we were going on a walk." Selena laughed.

"Yes, I did, but Thorn told me we should fly." Murtagh grinned.

Glaemr still didn't have a mate; Saphira and Thorn had mated and produced two eggs; one lavender and the other black.

Murtagh mounted Thorn and then gave Selena a hand. She grabbed his gloved hand and he pulled her up with quick strength.

Selena held on tightly around Murtagh's waist as Thorn took off. Murtagh laughed. Selena did that every time she flew with Murtagh.

High above the ground, the air was much cooler and frigid. Selena buried her face in Murtagh's hair. Her hair flew freely around her, as it was grown down to her lower back.

They soon were both soaking wet from the evaporated water in the air.

Murtagh decided to land as the sun was half way to the centre of the sky. As they landed, Selena quickly slid off of Thorn.

"Murtagh! Today is Liduen's birthday!"

"Of course I know that. Why would I forget it?"

Selena smiled. "You still remember what we're doing, don't you?"

"Aye. She is now of good age to be tested with the eggs."

"Oh, Murtagh do you really think one will hatch for her?"

"I believe that it is plausible and very likely. After all, we are both Riders."

"Yes. Yes, she would make a great Rider. I have great faith in our daughter." Selena replied.

After breakfast…

Selena lightly knocked on Liduen's door.

"Yes?" she replied.

"Liduen, it's your mother."

"Oh, come in mother." Selena did so and sat down on Liduen's bed and watched her as she brushed out her long, brown hair.

"Happy birthday!" Selena said and came up behind Liduen and helped her tie her hair back.

"Thank you mother, but the celebration isn't until later today."

"Oh, well yes, of course I know that. Your father and I want you to see the egg first, though. I t hasn't hatched for anyone in Alagaesia, yet."

Liduen's face brightened. "Really mother?" Selena nodded. "Yes, my dear. Your father sent me up here to get you. He is waiting with the egg in the vault chamber."


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