Liduen followed her mother and watched as spoke a few words in the ancient language and opened the heavy metal door. Liduen knew much of the ancient language, for her parents had spoken it all her life and her mother had often read her poems of the elvin origin. Now, of course, she read the books and poems by her own from her father's library.

As they entered the chamber, Liduen noticed her father standing in a corner of the dark room. She also saw three pedestals with what looked like Dragon eggs mounted on them. One was black, one lavender, and one was green.

Liduen felt her mother nudge her forward and she walked over to Murtagh.

There was a long silence and then, "Liduen, we have waited for years to give you this opportunity." Murtagh said and spread out his arms, directing at the eggs. Selena nodded.

Liduen slowly approached the black egg and touched it with the tips of her fingers. Then, she went to the lavender egg, and then the green.

"It will take a night for us to see if one hatches." Selena said. Liduen nodded and with that, they left the chamber.


The next morning…

Liduen awoke as her mother shook her excitedly.

"Liduen wake up child! Oh, you're just like your father! Wake up!"

"What?!" Liduen said as she rolled over.

"One of the eggs has hatched! You are a Rider!"

"Oh, that's good, but can't I sleep just a bit longer?"

"Well, you have yet to touch it and then, you will gain a Gedway Ignasia.

"Isn't that painful?"

"Oh, stop making excuses. Hurry up and get dressed! Your father is waiting in the dining hall. After we eat, we'll go get your dragon."

"Fine." Liduen said and sat up.


At the breakfast table…

"Selena, I really think that we should…"

"Oh, Liduen, that was fast!" Selena said. Liduen knew that her parents were talking of matters that included politics and other things that she didn't really care much for.

Liduen was wearing all black, like her father. She wore a black tunic with black leggings and knee-length boots that covered her calves and small feet. She had a black and red cloak over it all. She did have somewhat of and Elvin appearance, considering her mother had been transformed at the Agaeti Blodhren and both of her parents were Dragon Riders.

Liduen took a seat at the left hand of her father, who sat at the head of the table. One of the servants brought in their food. It was Liduen's favourite. Fruit and a wide variety of pastries and cakes. She had a hunch that her parents had had the cooks prepare her favourite breakfast meal in honour of her having a dragon hatch for her.

After they ate, Murtagh brought Liduen back down to the chamber. After Liduen's eyes adjusted to the dim light, she saw a baby dragon curled up in a corner. She felt somewhat sorry for it. It looked lonely.

Liduen slowly approached the baby dragon. It was the black dragon. It looked up at her with beautiful silver eyes.

"Go on. Touch it." Said Selena as she came in behind Murtagh. Liduen slowly put her hand on the dragon's head.

A rush of pain shot up her arm and ran throughout her entire body. She gasped. It felt like liquid fire was running through her veins. She fell on her knees and waited for the pain to recede before she stood back up and looked down at her hand. She now had the Gedwei Ignasia. The Shining Palm.

Murtagh grinned when Liduen looked at him and Selena had a small smile upon her lips. Selena was more like an elf than anything. She kept her emotions hidden and rarely showed any particular facial expressions.

Liduen bent back over and picked up the tiny dragon. She immediately felt its consciousness brush up against hers.

"She's a girl." Liduen smiled broadly.

"You have yet to name her." Murtagh said.

"Yes. I think I'll call her…Onyx." Onyx's black scales shimmered in the dim light.

"That is a fitting name." Selena said from behind Murtagh.

"Yes, for she has beautiful scales, but their beauty far passes the beauty of any stone." Liduen said.

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