Unlikely Sacrifice

Unlikely Sacrifice

Author's Notes: TA-DA! (Bows) Yes, the amazing Invader Aqua has returned from the abyss she seems to have fallen into around 4 months ago… or longer. Please forgive me for the lack of updating, but between graduation and moving cross-country, I've found it very hard to manage my fic and my personal life at the same time… on a higher note, I graduated with a 4.0 GPA! On a lower note, I've completely lost my notes for this fic… BUT WHEN HAVE I LET THAT STOP ME BEFORE?! Miss ya'll and thanks for sticking with me.

Disclaimer: The Grand Jaba is the sole property of Abby Elventhing. Praise her for the AMAZINGNESS! I STILL do not own Queen Zxhongia (zuh-hong-ee-uh) or Mari. Maharentina is kindly letting me borrow them for my fic.

"Gross chicken plus nasty bread plus fork equals a nasty sandwich that you don't have to touch."

-my philosophical friend

Chapter 6: A New Leader Emerges

Zim landed his ship in the Resisty's docking bay, more pleased with himself than he had been in a long time. The other ships followed, and it wasn't long before the bay was overcrowded. Praise for rebel Irken echoed off of the walls.

Zim smiled. "Glad to see my amazingness hasn't gone unnoticed."

"Just as cocky as ever," a voice scoffed.

Zim turned to see Gaz making her way over to him, a broad smile across her face. She wrapped her arms around the former Invader and leaned into a rather passionate kiss, with Zim gratefully returned.

He smirked as their lips parted. "Hmm, and all this time I thought you were mad at me."

"Just so you know, if you ever scare me like that again, I'll rip that smirk right off of your face and make it so you'll never smile again," she explained coolly.

Zim smiled. "Where would I be without your dark threats?"

"ZIM!" Lard Nar called. "I wish to have a word with you."

Zim sighed and gave Gaz a longing look. 'Why are we always torn apart right as things are starting to improve?' "Is this a private matter?"

"By no means," Lard Nar dismissed with a wave of his hand.

Zim looked surprised. "Then what is it you need?"

The little alien cleared his throat. "Well, after consulting with the rest of the Resisty, we feel that it is in the best interest of our organization to have someone with your tactical brilliance and leadership qualities as assistant in command."

"Yes," Zim replied. "You do."



"… Soooooooooooooo?"

"… So what?"

Gaz rolled her eyes. "You idiot, they want you to be the assistant leader."

Zim snorted. "I have far to much brilliance to be assistant-"

Gaz popped Zim in the head and clasped her hand over his mouth. "What my idiot mate is trying to say is that he is deeply honored by your consideration, and he will gladly take this position." She turned to look Zim in the eyes. "WON'T you?"

Zim nodded vigorously.

Gaz smiled and released his mouth.

Lard Nar nodded. "Congratulations to you, Zim. Now, your first order of business is to-"

"Will you leave?" Gaz groaned. "It seems like every time things start to get fixed between Zim and I, you or someone who works for you interrupts us! Can't you just leave us alone for once? Or at least let us have our moment together."

Lard Nar vanished before Gaz could pop him in the head.

Zim smirked, but hid it when Gaz returned her eyes to him.

She sighed. "Have you noticed how often they interrupt us?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Well," she huffed, "I'm tired of it! I just want to be with you… right now… I just want you to hold me." She kissed him on the lips. "Even though you're a narcissistic alien, you're MY narcissistic alien, and I love you."

"You love me?" Zim asked, his voice small from the shock of the news.

"I love you," Gaz confirmed, and kissed the alien again.

"After everything I've done to you?"

Gaz grabbed Zim's hand and rested it on her belly. "I forgive you."

"Even for Earth, your brother, kidnapping you, ruining your life-"

"Stop talking. I said I forgave you, and I love you. Just go with it!"

Zim pulled Gaz up against him and kissed her deeply. "I love you too, Gaz."

The girl smiled, and rested her head on Zim's shoulder.

"… Uh, Gaz?"


"Can we take this to my room?" Zim asked timidly.

Gaz glared at him. "I never said I was giving you sex!"

"No, no. I meant, the Resisty is watching us make out."

Gaz looked over at the rest of the Resisty crew as they gaped at the Slorgakian couple. "IDIOTS! DON'T YOU ALL HAVE LIVES?!"

Zim adjusted his grip so Gaz would be facing him and said, "You know, I think I like the name Rev."

Gaz calmed down immediately. "You do?"


Gaz beamed up at him. She planted another kiss directly on the Irken's open mouth. "Okay, let's go to your room."


"Yes! Hurry up before I change my mind!"

"… Can we have…" Zim gestured awkwardly.

"Not if you don't hurry up," Gaz warned as she left the docking bay.

Zim pumped his fist up in the air before turning to run after her.

(End Chapter)

Author's Notes: Yes this is the shortest chapter in the history of ffn, but the point of it was more to prove to everyone that Invader Aqua still lives, and is planning to update her fic again. BE HAPPY! The next chappy will be longer and more detailed, but this was just a little Zim and Gaz fluf that I felt the story was lacking.