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Episode I


Harry James Potter,

Hi Harry mate, it's me, your godfather, Sirius. Well you know me I'm not really Serious but I am Sirius. If you're reading this… oops, my bad I've kicked the bucket. I've died. Dead. No more handsome me.

I was probably killed doing something stupid and wasn't paying attention. It was probably that loon cousin of mine. I wonder why she never used a more dangerous curse. Well never mind, as I was saying, she probably killed me while I was gloating. I was probably hit by a crappy spell a knocked through some sort arch of death where know one could possibly save me, and now I am know longer alive.

I'm not hiding out in Amsterdam after faking my own death or anything. I assure you I am quite dead, and nowhere near Holland at all. If you were going looking for me there, you would never find me because dead people do not live on in Holland.

Well that isn't what this letter is supposed to be about because I know for a fact that you know I'm dead. I'll tell you how I didn't fake my death when I see you. Christmas is a good time to visit the dead.

Anyway, this letter is to give you some advice. First piece of advice. Dumbledore's a moron, and he's probably told you about that stupid prophesy by now? I told him to tell you about it ages ago, but he kept saying things like. "Harry's just a boy," and. "He's just a child that needs to be protected," or. "He needs a childhood." Well, as I said before Dumbledore's a moron.

What does he know; he's just a silly old man with a small knob. I should know I saw it once, biggest mistake of my life. though I learnt a valuable lesson. Always knock before entering someone's bathroom.

Anyway, back to the prophecy. I say it is a load of crap. Who can take a prophecy seriously when it is made by that old fraud Trelawney? Anyway, who gives a crap about some stupid fortune telling? Prophesies only come true when you make them come true. You saw how many prophesies there are in the department of mysteries. How many of them do you think came true? I would say none, because they were never heard by the right people.

Don't let that stupid old man ruin your life. You don't have to make that stupid prophecy come true.

Here's what you should do instead of following the old bastard around like all the other sheep in the Order. I say you go out, have fun, learn some new interesting things. Prank some Slytherins, and make Snape's life at Hogwarts hell. Go out and meet some girls, get laid, see how many Hogwarts girls you can get into bed. You're famous Harry. Use that to you're advantage. Use your fame to get in the sack with the good-looking girls at school. Only the good-looking ones though. I don't want to find out you've been with any minggers in the land of the dead that's not Amsterdam. It'll gross me out. Do that and you will make me the proudest godfather in history? And you'll be the first student in history to sleep with most of the female population of Hogwarts?

And maybe sometime soon you could grab a portkey to Amsterdam where I am not alive and I can prove to you that I really am dead, and you can tell my spirit of all the mayhem and mischief you've caused while at school.

I'm sure you'll do me and your father proud.

Until we meet again, in the afterlife and not in Holland!

Yours truly,

Sirius, (Padfoot) Black.

P.S almost forgot you'll find enclosed with this letter your new passport (it's not a fake?) Your new name is Harry Black; no one will suspect a thing when you decide to take a vacation.

Oh, by the way, read the back of this letter, where there aren't any spells and wand movements to remove tracing spells and too allow you to perform magic outside of school illegally without getting expelled.

Bye-bye pup, until the Spirit World (that isn't in Amsterdam, Holland),


P.S.S forgot to say, do what ever you want at school like becoming an illegal animagus. While Dumbles believes in the prophecy (Idiot), you have free reign at Hogwarts. When you get detention, don't show up unless it's to bug Snivilus. Dumbles won't ever expel you or even suspend you. So begin your reign of terror. Nearly all of the Marauders are dead now, so you have a legacy to live up to as the Marauders Ghost! Cool name huh?

I just had a thought. Difficult for me, I know, but maybe you should pop down to Diagon Ally and get a few advanced, powerful and interesting spell books. (I know books, you're wondering who really wrote this letter? Well I'm quite sure I'm me. Books can be useful and have great spells for pranking) Anyway see if you can find a book on Occlumency too. I'm sure you could learn it better from a book than you can from that greasy useless tosser, Snape.

Try to get rid of him if you can as he ruins futures from what I heard McGonagall say. She said he's an incompetent pillock, who can't even teach the smarter kids because he intimidates and threatens them.

Well player this is bye for real this time. (Maybe you could pop over to the afterlife during the Christmas holiday and we could hang out, (get pissed and stoned?) The afterlife not being Amsterdam in Holland, remember I'm dead and there's no way I could still be alive)

Yours truly,

Your godfather,

-Sirius Black.

P.S.S.S one last food for thought. Stop with the brooding and enjoy your self. Fuck what Dumbledore wants and get out of the house for awhile during this summer. You know a few hot girl, go and see if they'll have some fun with you. Though I doubt Hermione would. Ginny most likely will since she is madly in love with you. But try not to break her heart or anything. It would make both of us feel guilty.



To Be Continued…

AN: I know its short but it is just a prologue. During this redo/clean-up, I'll be adding in extra scenes here and threre such as lemons and limes that a lot of reviewers complained about me skipping. Thanks for reading.