Ch 1

Coreen waited at the airport for her friend to arrive. After what seemed like an eternity 4 girls came walking towards her.

'Spaz!' Coreen said hugging her.

'Hey Coreen.'

'Hi girls.' The other three girls smiled. The short brunette was Spaz's younger sister, Kayte, the other brunette was Aimee and the blonde was Nadia. Kerrie, Spaz as her friends called her, had meet Coreen nearly 2 years before. Coreen was visiting Salem, MA with some friends and stopped in a New Age store to get palm readings. Spaz was training with one of the full time palm readers and she sat in on Coreen's reading. After the reading Coreen asked about a book and the two girls began talking.

Spaz was 2 years older then Coreen and had been a practicing witch since she was in middle school. Spaz gave Coreen her e-mail address and they began exchanging information online. Coreen feel in love with Salem and visited at least twice a year. This was the first time Spaz was visiting her in Toronto. Coreen came to Salem for Halloween and spent nearly a week hanging around with Spaz and Kayte.

'I'm really interested to see if Mike is the guy you had the dream about.'

'Coreen, I don't know why you couldn't have just taken a picture of the guy and I could have told you online.'

'You told me yourself the dream wasn't clear. Maybe after you see him in person it will be easier to figure out.' Coreen dropped the girls off at the hotel they were going to stay at. Kayte, Aimee, and Nadia opted to stay at the hotel while Coreen took Spaz to meet her boss Vicki. When the girls arrived at Vicki's office Coreen gave Spaz a nudge and mouthed 'That's Mike.' Spaz nodded as Coreen walked into the room.

'Coreen, what are you doing here? I thought you had today off.' Vicki said looking up from her paperwork.

'I wanted you to meet someone. This is my friend that's visiting from Boston, Kerrie.'

'So this is your favorite resource?' Vicki asked as Spaz just smirked.

'I've heard a lot about your cases.'

'I think you've helped out with most of them.'

'I'm glad I could help. I only wish things in Boston were more entertaining.' Mike nudged Vicki.

'This is Cellucci.'

'Mike, Kerrie has been-'

'Coreen, let's not right now.'

'Ok.' Coreen mumbled.

'How did you two meet?' Mike asked trying to be cool and leaned against table but slipped and almost fell.

'I went to Salem and Kerrie was working at a store where I got my palm read. She was a palm reader in training.'

'So you're into the whole witch thing?'

'Yup, I have been for the past 10 years. I used to be a devote Catholic but I decided it really wasn't for me so I started looking into other religions and Wicca was right for me.'

'Kerrie's a better witch then me. She's more focused. I don't know how she does it because she works full time, goes to college, does palm reading parties, and manages to have a social life.'

'Coreen, it's not that glamorous. I have to bust my ass to keep up with it all.' Kerrie glanced at her watch. 'We should go pick up some food for the party animals.'

'Yea, we need our energy to go out. See you two tomorrow.'

'No calling out sick for a hangover.' Vicki said as the girls left the office. 'You like her don't you?' Vicki asked smirking.

'Like who?' Mike said crossing his arms.



'Yea right. Let's get back to this case.'