Ch 40

It was the end of May. Danny was driving Kerrie's things to Toronto with Kasey, Kerrie's dog while Kerrie flew in. Kerrie told her parents the news when Mike flew in for a long weekend in April. Her mother was slightly shocked but that soon changed to excitement. Mike had let Kathy know shortly after and she was excited for her brother who seemed like a different person.

Vicki had left the office to Coreen who was now working on cases, mostly cheating husbands. Danny was also planning on moving to Toronto but it would be another month or so before his lease was up. He was going to work in the office with Coreen.

Mike picked up Kerrie at the airport. Since she was now a few weeks past the first trimester Mike had let his co-workers know. Dave had attempted to give him advice. Kathy had bought some baby items and left them in a basket in the apartment so when Kerrie opened the door she was surprised. Mike had moved into the apartment a few days before since he had gotten rid of his own place while they looked for a house. Mike made an appointment with a real estate agent for later in the week. Mike made sure Kerrie was settled before heading back to work. Kerrie called Coreen who was more than happy for Kerrie to come to the office and help out.

It took two weeks of looking but Kerrie and Mike found a townhouse to move into. The following day they went to an ultrasound appointment. Corrine was tagging along since she was going to be the godmother. Kerrie had secretly asked her sister, Kayte, but she had declined knowing that she couldn't even watch a baby for a few hours on her own. Danny was chosen to be the godfather. Corrine squealed excitedly as the baby's picture came onto the screen.

'I'll be able to tell the sex at the next appointment.' The doctor said with a smile. Kerrie squeezed Mike's hand as he blinked away some tears.

'I'll go wait in the lobby.' Corrine said sensing a moment. The doctor printed out the ultrasound pictures and handed them to Kerrie as she exited the room.

'In 5 months, he or she is going to be here.' Mike said with a smile as Kerrie wiped the jelly off her stomach.

'I know. We'll be moving into the house when we find out if the baby is a boy or a girl.' Kerrie said looking at the pictures.

'I'm happy no matter what.' Mike paused. 'I know this is going to sound old fashioned but I'd really like us to get married.' Kerrie bit her lip and nodded.

'Not a big wedding or anything. Maybe just us and my parents, Kathy, and Corrine.' Mike nodded.

'Whatever you want.'

A month and a half later Mike and Kerrie were moved into the townhouse. Kasey, Kerrie's dog, was happily checking out her new home and looked questionable at all of the new baby things. Kerrie's parents were flying in for the small wedding at the church Father Cascioli wasn't their first choice but he offered the church for the date they wanted. Kayte had flown in a week before to help Kerrie find a dress and get everything settled. Kathy's husband was going to be Mike's best man.

The day before the wedding was the day they would find out the sex of the baby. Kerrie still felt strongly it was a girl. Mike met Kerrie and her mother at the appointment. Kayte and Kerrie's dad were waiting in the lobby so the room wouldn't be too crowded and Corrine wanted to be texted right away with the news. Ellen watched the screen and started crying when the doctor said it was a girl.

'Finally a little girl in the family. We have three little boys from my sister's kids.' Ellen went out to tell Kayte and John the news as Kerrie and Mike were left in the room.

'A little girl. I think Margaret, Maggie for short, will be perfect.'