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Note : I haven't been able to focus on one fic, lately, so I'm desperate to find an idea I can stick with. I've started countless fics concerning many things, but this one came out of nowhere and bit me on the behind. I thought Hey, It'd be adorable to see Hunter's softer side, while taking care of a baby. And in the process, you can see diferent sides of them all.

I also couldn't think of a title for this. LOL.

But I also wanted to include all the cute little moments you'd have, having inexperienced Rangers dealing with a baby, to a toddler and so on, until the baby finally reaches maturity.

Windia and Windians are borrowed from the games Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire 2. Same goes for Dragon clan. The idea of she ship she's in, is taken from Smallville.

Summary : A strange baby is found and taken care of by the Rangers. Not much is really known about her, and they have nerve-wracking times with her. There's something, though... A mention of her being linked to a 'Dragon Clan' which is said to reside on earth. What link does she have to Hunter and Blake? (I can't think up a good summary for this one)

Pairing : Hunter/OC, Blake/Tori

Rating : Not sure yet, but possibly 'T'.

Legend :



(Scene/POV changes)

Flashback, Vision, Dream


(Ops, Normal POV)

"Dude, like... What do you think it could be?"

Frowning, an asian man with short, straight hair and glasses sighed as he typed away at a computer. "Dustin, don't you think that if I knew, I'd tell you?" It was obvious he was irritated, and he rolled his eyes as he hit a button and typed some more. "It doesn't seem related to Lothor, and it's a little ways out of town..."

A blonde woman sighed and looked at the curly haired brunette boy with fair skin, before sympathetically patting him on the shoulder. "Still, for all we know, it could be a trap." she pointed out.

"I'm reading a single, humanoid lifesign." he stated in confusion. "It... It's reading as a baby!"

The others in the room exchanged incredulous and non-believing looks at his statement before Sensei Watanabi, currently wearing the body of a guinea pig, jumped onto the table, concern written all over his furry little face.

"Rangers, I do not know what this could mean, but I believe you should check it out." he advised grimly.

Hesitantly agreeing, they shrugged and marched out of the underground Ops reluctantly. One of the last to leave was a blonde man with blue eyes, muttering under his breath about 'babies' in a voice that clearly stated he didn't know what to think of this current situation.

As soon as they made it beyond the waterfall and lagoon that led to their ruined academy and current base of operations, they shared determined looks and ripped off their ninja leathers to reveal street clothing underneath. Then they streaked off in six beams of colored lights, making their way to the source of the signal.

(Hunter's POV)

Didn't take us long to find that signal.

I mean, how anyone could miss a giant ship that obviously wasn't from earth, half stuck out of the ground, with a trail of black smoke coming from the back end of it, is beyond me.

"What in the world is this?" Tori asked in confusion, staying clear of the machine as she pushed her long blonde hair out of her face.

Cam didn't wait, but walked stright up to it and began pressing random buttons. Was it me, or did he seriously have a death wish? I mean, how did he know he wasn't pressing in a self-destruct code or something?!

Still, I remained silent, knowing he wouldn't listen if I questioned him. No, the only response I'd get is a glare and a sarcastic comment.

"Hmm... I've never seen anything like this before." he mused out loud.

"No, duh." I replied under my breath. "Probably 'cause it's obviously not from here."

Turning to me, Cam raised an eyebrow, as if daring me to repeat my comment. "Did you say something, Hunter?"

Biting back a grin was fun as I shook my head. Especially when the machine let out a loud beep that caused him to jump about three feet in the air, and he spun as a sliding door opened.

"Oh..." For once, Cam seemed to be at a loss for words as he reached down carefully and picked up a small, white clothed bundle. With a frown, he also picked up what looked like a book and turned back to us with a clearly uncomfortable look on his face.

He obviously didn't know what to do with a baby.

So he looked to the rest of us for help.

Like I knew anything about kids!

I think the others agreed with me, because we all stepped back, in sync, and shared pretty uncomfortable looks. Especially when the baby began to cry.

With a groan, Tori shook her head and glared at us all. "Oh, for the love of..." Stomping up to Cam, she carefully took the bundle into her arms and her face immediately softened as a smile came over her features. "Hey there." she said softly.

I glanced briefly at my bro and saw this dreamy look on his face, making me grin as I knew what was on his mind. Shaking my head, I looked back just in time to see her smile turn to wide eyes as her jaw dropped.

She had one hand in the blanket and seemed to be pushing it back. Then she seemed to pull on something, but the baby let out a scream of pain and she quickly pulled her hand back.

"Oh... My..." Looking at us with wide eyes, she turned to Cam. "Uh, Cam...? Do me a favor...?" She handed the baby back to him without another word before carefully unbundling it.

Cam's eyes went wide as well as Tori picked up the baby, out of it's bundling, and I think we all mirrored the gesture.

I mean, we were looking at a fairly human looking baby. A little surprising, considering the ship it was in, clearly wasn't from earth. It had two human ams, two human legs, a fairly human, and I reluctantly admitted, adorable little smile on it's human face... A human clump of black hair and sparkling violet eyes, and a white little dress...

There was only one little difference...

On the baby's back were two white, fluffy-looking angel wings that fluttered a bit as Tori held it up for us to see.

I raised an eyebrow as, for a brief moment, I had a flashback of watching the Lion King, and how the baby was held up in front of all the animals. Then I closed my eyes tightly and willed myself not to think about it.

Cam immediately turned to the book and began to read through it. "This is surprising. It seems this baby's from a culture on another planet, called Windia. All their people have wings, but most are colored. From what I can tell, the culture is shockingly similar to ours. The language seems to be the same, and they seem pretty human but not as advanced." He raised an eyebrow and turned to the ship.

I think I could tell what he was thinking and for once, I reluctantly agreed with him. Not as advanced? That ship looked pretty advanced to me!

Shaking his head, he watched as Tori carefully held the baby close to her before turning back to the book. "There seems to have been a war, and as their last resort, they sent this baby to us. That was the only ship they had, and since it was only big enough for a baby... There's also a brief mentioning about some sort of 'Dragon Clan' and them being sent to earth a long time ago. This baby is somehow linked to that."

"That's nice and all..." Tori stated as the baby slowly began to drift off in her arms. "But who is it? And uh, is it a boy or girl?"

Quickly flipping through the book, we had to wait until he made it to the back. "A girl. Her name is Taelin Crenau." Stumbling over the name, he frowned and repeated it a few times quietly, as if trying to figure out what sounded right and didn't. Rolling his eyes, Cam turned back to the book. "It says here that the device around her neck..."

I looked at the baby, which seemed a lot like a newborn, and noticed a purple collar around her throat.

"Will speed up the growth of her DNA and grow with her. That means she'll age once every 24 hours, by a few years. Once she reaches the human age of 18, we should remove the collar to allow her growing to return to normal." he finished with a frown.

"Wait-a-minute!" Shane frowned deeply and looked at Cam suspiciously. "We?!"

Now it was my turn to frown as I spun to face him. "You can't mean to tell me we're gonna have to take care of this..." Shaking my head as I gestured to Taelin, I felt my heart restrict painfully when she gazed at me with such innocent eyes. Even if they were an unusual color, I instantly felt bad for almost calling her a monster, but that didn't mean I was going to back down. "We have more important things to do than babysit!" I insisted, turning back to him.

Shaking his head, Cam folded his arms over his chest and gave me a challenging look. "So... If you think we can't take care of an alien baby with large feathered wings on her back, tell me... Who will?"

I blinked and turned back to Taelin, feeling my face heat up as I noticed the white wings folded neatly against her back. Ok, point to Cam. I thought begrudgingly. "You expect us to babysit?" I repeated, stuck on that subject.

"From what I just read, it'll take about two weeks for her to age to maturity." he reminded me. "And what else do you expect us to do? Just leave her here? Wonderful idea, Hunter." he stated sarcastically. "So why don't you go take her from Tori and place her back in her little home-made crib?" He grinned a little. "Or should I say try to take her from Tori."

Looking to Tori, I saw her glaring at me with a glare that would put all of Cam's, combined, to shame, and quickly switched my gaze to the little baby in her arms. Ok, so I admit, I was being pretty cold-hearted, but how were we supposed to fight Lothor, train, live semi-normal lives and babysit??

Walking over to the baby, I reached out to pick her up, only to have Tori take a step back. "Relax, Tor." I stated in irritation. I reached out and she reluctantly allowed me to pick the baby up.

Immediately, the baby cooed with a toothless smile and I felt myself warming up to her. Reaching out to me, she grabbed my collar tightly and gave a little giggle that made me fight back a smile.

"Come on, bro. She obviously likes you." Blake stated with a grin as he walked up.

I raised an eyebrow and gave him a defiant look. "And just who's she gonna stay with?" I challenged, not quite ready to just give in. I shifted my hold on her so that she was resting against my arm and chest, her little white wings stil folded neatly, but ruffled a little as she settled, and placed my other hand as a wall to keep her from falling.


I spun to Cam, feeling my eyes snap to little Taelin when she let out a loud squeal, but she had this broad grin and totally trusting look in her eyes. Then, Cam's words hit me and I snapped my attention back to him. "Us?!" I demanded. "We have a two bedroom apartment! Where exactly is she gonna stay?!"

"With you, bro. I totally...uhhh..." Blake hesitated when Tori looked at him expectantly. Shrugging, he offered a sheepish look. "Uh, well, you've got a bigger bed. At least until we can get her a crib."

"But that wouldn't work." Shane pointed out. "About the crib, I mean. She'll out grow it in a matter of days."

"It'll be the same with clothes, but we have to do something." Tori pointed out.

"Ok, and why can't she stay with one of you?!" I demanded, totally uncomfortable with the idea of babysitting.

"Because they live with their families." Cam pointed out, his voice faltering over the words.

I blinked and felt my eyes narrow as I realized that he had a point. They live with their families, and we don't have a family to go to. I thought as I recalled the looks on mom and dad's faces at the cavern of souls. "Right." I stated quietly, feeling tears come to my eyes. I guess it makes a lot of sense, then.

Taelin began to cry and I looked down, seeing her staring at me with watery violet eyes that seemed to mimic the pain I felt. It's the same for you, too, isn't it? I thought a moment. I mean, your family's gone now. "Fine. She'll stay with us, but Tori has a point about clothes, and who's gonna bathe her and change her diaper and potty train her...?"

Cam grinned a little. "Well, the collar is enchanted with a spell that'll help with that. It can send small amounts of information into her mind, and she can absorb knowledge fairly simply. It'll take a bit longer for her mind to catch up to her body, but she'll learn all that by herself, more or less. Until then, you're just going to have to teach her."

I felt the blood drain out of my face. "Ok then. Tori can stay with Blake, at our place, to help with that." I stated quickly as my mind went totally blank.

"Nope. I can't. My parents would freak." she stated with a grin. "Relax Hunter, as far as clothing, I think we can manage to buy her a new outfit whenever she needs it, and she's just a baby. How hard can it be to take car of her?"

"And dude, like, we'll be helping during the days." Dustin pointed out. "I mean, you'll have to bring her to Ops when we train and stuff, right?"

"And I'm sure father will be lenient with your training and such while taking care of her." Cam added persuasively.

"I already said it was fine for her to stay." I muttered with a glare to the others, feeling my face heat up. "Fine. Let's just get back to Ops, so Cam can go all nerdy about that book and the ship." I seriously need to spar, too.

Cam shot me a glare but refrained from making a comment when his eyes settled on Taelin. I guess he figured she'd be more than punishment enough, so he shrugged and nodded to the others before we headed back to Ops.


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