Instant Mac

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Tears of sadness

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Goo sat behind her parents. She was in the middle seat, as they drove behind her best friend in the world and his family. They were on their way to spend a week in the woods as a joint family vacation. Goo was a little disappointed that she was not riding in the car with Mac, or he with her, but Goo's parents only wanted to have her in their car, for safety reasons, and Mac's mom wanted to have a chat with him and his brother alone.

They passed a sign: 15 miles to next truck stop. Miriam, Goo's mom's, phone rang, filling the car with 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T'. She looked at it. "It's Mac, honey." She smiled and handed the phone to Goo.

"Hello?" Goo smiled and looked to the car ahead of her, where, through the grey rain, Mac was looking at her through the back window. He smiled.

"Hey, Goo, tell your parents that we're going to stop at the truck stop in 15 miles." She did as the 10 year old told her. When she had, she continued talking to her friend. "Mom says I can get back in your car then."

Goo smiled. "Finally, she's been holding you hostage for, what, 10 hours? I mean, come on, the least she could do is make it less excruciating for the rest of us, I mean, 10 hours? Come on! "

"An hour and a half, Goo," Mac laughed. Goo could always make him laugh. It seemed to her that all he did when she talked was laugh. "And I'll see you again in like, 5 minutes! But I got to get off the phone, Terrance needs it for something."

"'Kay, see you in 5!"

"See ya!" Mac hung up, and sat down.

"Goo hung up a little slower. She didn't want to stop talking to him. She felt as though that would be the last time she would call him anything, but she didn't know why. She knew that the stop was less than 12 miles away now, and she would be talking to him again in 5 minutes, but she couldn't shake the feeling.

A minute passed in silence, which was a record for Goo, who never sat in silence for anything. She even talked in her sleep. But now, she couldn't think of anything to say. She looked up at the station wagon in front of them, now almost invisible through the downpour. The temperature was dropping too. She knew by the adult's sighs that they would probably end up staying in a hotel, which to Mac and Goo would be just as fun.

She could just barely see the heads of Mac and his blob imaginary friend Bloo. Goo to this day didn't know how Mac had convinced his mom to let him bring Bloo, but Goo was happy that he had come. It wouldn't be nearly as cool without Bloo.

As she looked at her friends, something became very wrong. She saw their very countenances changing as the car started to swerve. Time seemed to slow down for Goo as she watched the mauve Station Wagon's back wheels swinging to the left, as the front of the car was suddenly pointed at her parent's silver Volvo. Goo felt her body thrown forwards as her dad slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision. She saw straight into the eyes of Mac's mom and Terrance, who were sitting in the front seat, fear written all over their faces, before the car's front end was thrown into the other lane.

Goo saw Mac sit up slowly. He seemed relived that the car had stopped moving. The oncoming traffic had been plentiful all day, but now that it was 8 o'clock in the evening, it seemed the road was deserted, save one unfortunate log truck that happened to be right there. The driver, now 10 feet away, slammed on the brakes as to not hit the tiny in comparison Station Wagon. But his efforts were to no avail. Mac's body was the first thing, besides the car door, it plowed through. Screams filled the night air as did the crushing metal, squealing brakes, and the twisting fiber glass. Goo closed her eyes.

Mac didn't die! He's alive! He's okay! Mac is okay! He'll be alright! Better than right! Righter than rain! MAC IS OKAY!

Goo tried and tried to convince herself of this although, she'd seen what'd happened. She opened her eyes. The Volvo was now at the side of the road, and her parents were rushing out of the vehicle and rushing over to the wreck.

Goo got out much slower. She stood in the drizzle, trying to collect her thoughts. It's just one of those fender-benders you never hear about on the news, because everyone got out okay! She desperately wished that was so. She looked over to the wreck. The mauve Station Wagon was no longer on the road, but in the dense forested area downhill a little ways.

Goo, dazed, walked slowly over to the other side of the street, and to the top of the little hill. Looking down on the crash sight felt somewhat disconnected. As though, maybe, she was dreaming, or watching a television report, or dreaming…

She started down the slope. The horrible stench of fuel and burnt rubber filled her nostrils, making her recoil, and feel a part of the scene for the first time. Other smells started mixing with it, like the clean smell of rain, and redwood, along with the musty smell of old seat stuffing. Then a smell, almost unidentifiable. It smelt familiar, yet oddly distant, as though it should never be smelt. A smell few people witness, a smell doctors know: the smell of blood.

Goo wandered over to a little object lying in a puddle. As she looked down at it, the thing took shape. A shoe. A small shoe. Obviously not Terrance's or Mae's, Mac's mom. Bloo didn't wear shoes. She nudged it a little. It had a purple rainbow on it where Mac had let Goo draw.

Goo ran. Not back to the car, but in the opposite direction. She bolted into the woods, away from the wreck, away from reality, away from the crushing knowledge that her life had changed forever. Somewhere she could be alone with her thoughts: somewhere where Mac was still alive.

Goo looked again down upon the wreck. She'd seen them pull 4 people out of the wreckage so far, one of which, the smallest, they pulled a white sheet over. Everything was now wet and soggy, which was good in that the fire had been put out quickly. A ways away her parents stood, comforting an excruciatingly depressed blob that had to be Bloo. She could hear his screams and sobs, and even from this distance she knew his pain.

The only difference between this scene and the scene from across the ravine was that now she wasn't alone in her sorrows. Right after they took Mac's body away in an ambulance, a boy had appeared at Goo's shoulder. With brown, messy hair, black eyes, a red shirt with white under-shirtsleeves, khaki pants, and black and white shoes, he was the exact replica of her recently dead friend. Goo's imagination had brought Mac back to life in a sense. He wasn't a carbon copy, per say, but he had many of the same memories that Mac had had, and he had the same personality, voice, looks, and just about everything else. For now, she'd let him believe that he was Mac.

Goo took him by the hand and lead him back into the woods and away from the carnage. They would hitchhike home. It wasn't that far, and nothing that happened to her next would hurt as much as the burden that she was already carrying: the fact that her best friend was now dead, and worse, that she was desperate and selfish enough to make an imaginary friend out of him…