Then there was four- opposites do attract and look what gets attracted.

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Laura- Lexis Riley, 28 year old researcher

Jenn- Jazz Wynters 29 year old cook.

Both are hunters minding their own business until they interfere with Sam and Dean's hunt.

"Let me know what needs to be changed besides the grammar."

The sound of gum popping, in the library was enough to make anyone blush. But Lexis was not any body, and the person making the gum snap was her best friend. As much as Lexis hated taking Jazzy into a library ,she had too. If she left her alone at the apartment , something would be cooked ,and it would taste good but the mess factor would be more than Lexis was willing to clean up. Another crack came from the same area that Jazz was standing , looking over her sunglasses at a man. Lexis silently prayed that the man would open his mouth and tell her to knock it off. But he didn't. Rolling her eyes Lexis went back top the book case looking for a very old spell casting book.

Jazz smirked , as she looked over at he friend , whose nose was buried deep in a book. She flicked her tongue and the gum snapped one more time. This time a taller man looked over at her and frowned , mean while a shorter older looking man looked over at her and smiled. Ah a sense of humor

" Jazz… Jazz ,where you even listening ?"

" Sorry my bad , did you find any thing yet because you're killing me here Lexis. Come on its been 4 hours of inhaling dust"

Lexis looked back at her friend "Well, it would of been earlier, but you decided to stand there and snap your gum, which I'm sure that no one else appreciated the noise. And to answer your question , no I have a few more books I need to check out and if you'd just for once help me…."

Jazz looked over to the table ,the truck keys were sitting there as plan as day " You know what , no I'm going to go get dinner since your so afraid of me making a mess I'll go pick up an easy dinner , call me when your finished having a good time"

Lexis rolled her eyes at her friend ,whose , heels clicked away. She noticed the younger man looking at her once more . Lexis went back the aisle she had gotten the book. As she let her eyes browse over the different subjected books. She saw the other man walking over to the opposite side of the aisle.

The Jazzy side of her was taking over, he was tall, about 6'3 , maybe 190 pounds. Dark brown hair , nicely dressed, he looked smarter than most people library they were in. As her mind was wandering around the inside of the guys clothes , she didn't notice his hand going for the same book. She reached up and tried t o pull out the Irish folklore encyclopedia . She looked up the man who grabbed the book first. He flashed her smile, dimples waved at her and she swore her knees buckled just a little bit.

" Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you reaching for this book, it isn't often you see someone reading Irish folklore "

Lexis smiled back at him " I know , but I'm doing a paper for school and it is due tomorrow, so if you don't mind . I'll just copy what I need for my report and then you can have the book back"

Sam looked at the woman , why would a woman need an Irish folklore book. He looked around for his brother , who had seemed to have disappeared. Not that he was worried. He looked back to the woman ."

" Sure , I'm just sitting over there when you're finished with the book " Sam pointed to where he was sitting .

Kay, I'll be right back" Lexis flashed him another smile as she thumbed through the book looking for what she was looking for, except ten seconds was not going to be long enough. Lexis sat back down at her table and tried to thumb to the right page.

Sam looked around the large spacious area for his brother, who most likely got bored and went out for some fresh air. He hoped that Dean would remember to come back and pick him up. Not that the older sibling would purposely leave his younger brother behind. Sam settled down into his chair and started thinking about the years happenings.


Jazz sighed as she looked around the grocery store, nothing was catching her creative mind. Usually she could whip a tasty dinner with only three items in the fridge. But the fact that someone was tailing her around was taking her off of her game. She carefully studied the aisle she was in, hoping to maybe get some idea of what she wanted to pick up for dinner. Then it was time for bed, the last four nights have been none stop for her and her body was starting to protest the lack of sleep.

After an hour of watching the handsome man follow her she wheeled around on her heels and glared at him, hands on her hips for good measure.

" Can, I help you with some thing?" she asked Dean

Not thinking the woman would actually know he was following her, the turning on him and yelling at him, startled the normally agile hunter, he bounced off a stack of jars into a rack of noodles. Product fell to the ground and a smile formed on Jazz's face. Stunned that he had made such a mess , Dean sat o "on the floor, not thinking to maybe getting up, until the woman stretched out her hand.

"Here , let me help you up, since I made you fall"

Jazz, helped Dean to his feet he gave her a grin "Normally I land on my feet. Hi I'm Dean your obvious stalker"

" I noticed" Jazz gathered her cart and started to walk away , she didn't have time for this. In her business there was no time for relationships, but one night stands on the other hand … NO her inner voice yelled at her.

Dean followed behind her a few feet " Um, usually when I tell people my name they tell me theirs , unless you have hideous name Helga?"

"No, I just don't talk to random men who stalk me, that am all, besides I have things to do and you aren't helping my thinking."

Dean once more lit up the store with his smile" You're thinking about me?"

"Don't flatter yourself, Dean I'm just trying to think of a way to get rid of you so I can go pick up my girlfriend at the library." Jazz continued to walk. Dean quickened his pace to catch up.

"Oh, that is right, you're the girl who was snapping the gum in there, good job on annoying my brother" he chuckled at the memory.

" Well Dean I can't say that this was fun, because like I said being stalked in a store not my cup of tea, and I'm starving so I figure the faster I get out of here the faster I can eat. Goodbye" Jazz said to him as she walked out of the store towards her truck.

Dean frowned as he quietly walked to his own car that sat only a few feet away. He was a little annoyed that he didn't find out any thing about her, he wondered if Sam had any more luck with the other woman.


Lexis set the book down in front of the younger man that had asked her for it in the first place " Here you are I'm all set , sorry it took so long" she turned around to go back to her table .

"Hey, thanks" Sam piped out.

She turned and gave him a small smile before gathering her things " Your welcome , see you a round maybe " she added a wink before turning around to see her friend walking back into the library with an annoyed look on her face. Lex stifled a chuckle as the annoyance walked in behind her.

" What's your favorite band? Your favorite song , your favorite position?" Dean quipped with a raised eyebrow.

Jass let out a very loud but very famous sigh. Lexis watched with an cautious expression.

" My favorite position?, hmmm I don't even know you, but I like it semi rough, bent over a desk is nice, a little hair pulling…" she said with a smirk. Jazz turned her attention back to her friend " You ready darling?" she leaned over and kissed her unsuspecting friend before dragging her friend away from the Winchester brothers.

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