Then there was 4-this one is for my best friend as she laughed and choked when she read the rest .

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Dean smiled as he cut into the steak; juices of the steak dribbled out and ran into the potatoes. He opened his mouth to take a bite and the flavor he tasted was amazing, it had to be the best steak he had ever tasted. He looked up at Jazz; he noticed her looking at the exit door.

"Are we keeping you from something?" he asked wondering if maybe she was waiting for the cook to get out of work. To go hook up. He took a good look at her. She wasn't half bad at all. She was a little shorter than her friend , not model skinny , she had a little curvy body ,gold-ish brown eyes the kind of eyes that you just stare at.

" Um , yea kind of " Jazz's voice broke into Dean's head " I told Jack since he let me cook this wonderful diner in his kitchen the least I could do for him was ….."

"Jazz!" Lexis yelped , hoping to stop her friends mouth before it did anymore damage . Besides, she knew Jazz, was just trying to feel out Dean. But there had to be a better way.

"Anyway, Lex I'll see you in the morning. " Jazz stood up and grabbed her plate to go back in to the kitchen to see what dean would do.

Lexis decided to play along with her " Sure but its your turn to get breakfast , I'm tired of having to cater to your ass all the time "

"Um… I'm sorry but whose car do we use bitch "Jazz chuckled.

"Okay , okay last one in first one up" Lexis backed down, Jazz always helped her out. She watched her friend go into the kitchen then watched her and Jack out the door , she then turned her attention to the two men sitting at the table with her . Sam was still enjoying the steak but now Dean had slowed down. Finally he just put down his fork and muttered.

"Damn it "

Lexis made sure she kept her laugh to herself , she looked back over at the other brother , and wished at that moment he was more like his brother . Sam put down the fork and looked at Lexis "So, who are you really?"

"What? I told you who I was" she replied shakily. Sam smiled " No I meant , who are you and why are you paling around with Jazz. Clearly you two are complete opposites. Your smart and down to earth and seem like a nice girl , who would love the picket fence and 2.5 kids . Jazz, is worse than my own brother, just off the deep end, jumps in with both feet…" Lexis had to act quick, she leaned across the table and kissed the younger brother so he' d stop talking , she could feel him giving in under her lips .

She pulled back and winked at him "Want to get out of here?" Sam could only nod. They both stood up and Lexis led the younger Winchester out the door.


Jazz , knew she only had a limited time to distract Dean ,so bluffing about sleeping with Jack, while not unappealing at all, she had to lure Dena out so Lexis could get to Sam. Jazz heard Dean follow her out the door , she pretended like she didn't know he was behind her , not until he grabbed her arm, turned her around and press her against her own car , crushing his full lush lips to hers . She could have sworn she heard herself moan a little while he kissed her.

Dean stepped back and looked at her "Now where were you going with Jack?"

Jazz, smiled as she placed her arms around Dean's neck and leaned in, her lips millimeters away from his " I guess nowhere , but why should I go with you ?" she teased . Smiling Dean kissed her again, pressing her into her car with more need this time. Jazz opened her left eye and saw Lexis, leaving the diner on Sam's arm. She embraced Dean a little more, pulling his perfect body closer to her. She pulled back long enough to tell him they were getting out of there.

She could only imagine what Bobby would say if he knew how they were keeping an eye on The Winchesters , but then again he didn't say how to watch them…