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'Shukaku talking'


The Devil in the Pale Moonlight

Chapter 1: Enter Katsura

The sun rose high over the bleak desert landscape, the radiation from the sun alone could boil ones blood and heat up the skin to unbearable temperatures. A warm breeze blew across the vast and desolate grounds gently pushing the hair of the two strangers out of their faces. Two figures walked across the desert with one goal in mind, one was a male dressed in a typical ninja attire with black pants and a black shirt, he wore a chunin vest from Konoha and had his hair tied up in a pointy tail with the end sticking out everywhere. He sighed out of boredom and turned to his partner.

"Troublesome" Shikamaru whispered, then he spoke louder "Why must we deliver a scroll to Suna? its a simple mission a genin team could do it." He sighed as they continued walking across the desert.

"Come on" The other spoke cheerfully "The Hokage chose us to deliver this very important treaty to Suna so we must continue no matter what" She smiled way to brightly for Shikamaru's taste. But that was Katsura for you always way to cheerful for anyone to be around. Perhaps she was even more cheerful the Rock Lee but at least she wouldn't ramble of about youth and such. Maybe that was why she didn't have very many friends the only people she was ever sen around was Shikamaru, Naruto and Lee but that is another story.

Right now the Lazy Genius was trying to ignore his companion's bright attitude that completely contradicted her attire. She wore her usual black short skirt with shorts that reached her knees, on her chest was a black fishnet top that reached her elbows and a black tank top she also had black fingerless gloves that were given to her by her senpei. Her ninja shoes were also black as well as her Konoha forehead protecter that adorned her forehead. She had a holster on her right thigh for weapons and a black sword strapped her to her back. Needless to say she liked black for some reason.

She had light brown hair that reached her shoulders and was a bit spiky at the end, her bags were held down by her forehead protector. They were also spiky but they were long enough to be pushed to the left so they covered the side of her face and sometimes her eye, but she didn't really care.

She turned from Shikamaru and his bored expression while they walked, yes WALKED to Suna. She was still angry that Tsuande told her she was not to run in the desert. The trip would take way to long and the needed to arrive within two hours, so she got an idea and turned to her friend.

"Shikamaru…" She started sweetly, he turned knowing what was to come " you know we only have a few miles left until we reach Suna why don't we run the rest of the way?" She smiled hoping and placed her hand together under her chin and looked up at him.

"That would not be a good idea, I mean with your illness acting up and all, it would be too troublesome" He responded not even looking at her.

She knew her friend was right, he was one of the few people her knew about her condition and she wanted to keep it that way, she didn't others to know how weak she really was. She could still remember the day when she met him only a few years back.


Katsura and her team had just arrived at the waiting room for the chunin exams. Jubei stood at her left, he was a mediocre fighter but thought he was the greatest thing that has ever graced the earth he was well built and wore black pants and a tight black shirt with a white skull on it. On her right was Gemma he was quiet and reserved he barely fought offensively unless provoked he was on the lean side as a contrast to Jubei but was still very strong, he wore white pants a long black trench coat that reached it knees and covered his neck. In the group Katsura stuck out the most because she wore blue pants and a red shirt. It was their first time entering the chunin exams even though they graduated the year before, Jubei was still amazed that Katsura graduated with them because she was two years younger then the other two.

The room was filled with an array of Genin from all the hidden villages in the world, they were all here, Leaf, Stone, Sand, Mist, Rain, Clouds, Grass, Waterfall and Sound. Katsura's eyes shifted around the room looking for him, that boy she met yesterday. Unfortunately he could not be found anywhere in the crowd. Sighing she and her teammates sat down in the nearest seats available, Katsura's mind was racing about the exams wondering what would happen during them and if she was good enough to be a chunin at such a young age.

"Look" Jubei spoke bringing Katsura out of her trans. He was pointing to the door where a group of students stood talking with each other, all were Konoha ninjas.

"So…" Gemma spoke in a voice barley over a whisper "All the rookies are entering this year"

"Ha I bet none of them will even make it past the first round" Jubei laughed arrogantly

When the group dispersed a young boy came and sat down next to Katsura and reclined his head slightly while he closed his eyes. "Troublesome" was all he said.

Katsura laughed quietly at the strange boy next to her. He glanced at her slightly annoyed.

"Tell me about it, with this jerk" she pointed her thumb at Jubei then crossed her arms over her chest. "It will be more then troublesome, by the way I'm Katsura" she said not making an effort for a handshake.

"Shikamaru" the boy simply said.

End Flashback

Ever since that day she had become friends with the lazy genius and had gone on quite a few missions with him. He also introduced her to his friends but she become the closest with Rock Lee and Uzumaki Naruto not that she didn't like that others but she had more of a connection with these two then anyone else. She pushed all her thoughts aside, the only way they were going to make it to Suna on time was running and Katsura had a plan.

"Shikamaru" He turned to face his companion "Race you to the gates"

With that she sped off toward their goal. Shikamaru rolled his eyes and chased after her muttering something about a troublesome woman.


About an hour and a half later the arrived at the gates in front of Suna, the Country of the Wind. Katsura smiled at Shikamaru who arrived shortly after her.

"Now who said it wouldn't be a good idea to run?" She said jokingly but stopped abruptly by a few coughs that escaped her throat. Shikamaru looked slightly worried but she smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry I'm fine"

They walked over to the gate to alert the guards who stood there ever alert anticipating their arrival.

"We are here from Konoha to deliver a scroll to the Kazekage" Katsura spoke calmly with a smile on her face.

"Ah! yes" One of the guards spoke up looking through some papers "We were not expecting you for quite some time, the Kazekage may not be in yet"

"That's fine" Katsura smiled and pulled Shikamaru though the gates into Suna.


Thats chapter one! sorry no Gaara yet but i promise he will be in the next chapter but i need to set up the story first and the other chapters will be longer also but for now I wanted to introduce my OC Katsura. Also anyone who can name the movie the title comes from will win something!!! *note: no prize actually won, i am broke and cannot afford anything*