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Rei sighed in impatience and flipped her long raven black hair over her shoulder. "Ugh! What is taking them so long?" The Mars princess complained, "This is an all-time record for Serena….and to think that maybe Darien could hurry her up a bit?!"

The blonde general sitting next to her chuckled and wrapped his arm around her, "Maybe they got a bit preoccupied on the temple's stairs?"

Rei rolled her violet eyes and looked at him dazzlingly, "Jade, I swear…if they don't come in here in two minutes, I will go out there and drag Serena in by her odangos."

Jadeite looked at her in amusement, "Violent much?"

"No…just irritated and impatient beyond words."

Jade leaned over, brushing his lips against Rei's neck, causing a pleasant shiver to run down her spine. Rei forced herself to remain calm.

"What are you doing?" She demanded in a cold tone.

"Just showing you a way that we could pass the time," He replied coolly.

Rei's eyes widened, "JADE!!"

The general smirked and bent over more causing Rei to slide down against the leather couch and under him. Ignoring her protests he put his both hands on either side of her head and looked down at her seductively.

"Jade…no…wait," Rei mumbled, growing more nervous every passing second.

"Shh," He whispered playfully and bent down to lightly kiss her jaw. With this move, Jade knew that he would have her to himself. For once, he would show this fiery girl who was in charge.

Just then the door opened and a blonde haired girl bounded into the room, followed by a tall dark man who instantly stopped at the door and stared.

"WE'RE HER….." The girl's sentence trailed off in surprise. The couple on the couch froze. Serena smirked and put her hands on her hips, analyzing the couple's position, "So…what have you guys been up to?"

Rei returned to her senses and blushed crimson. Oh crap, she thought to herself and roughly pushed Jade off of her, making him fall hard to the floor.

"Yes, what have you guys been doing while we weren't here?" Darien stepped into the room and raised his eyebrows at the two.

"Nothing!" The fire senshi replied quickly.

"Liar!" Serena pointed a perfectly manicured finger at her accusingly, "Now…. SPILL!!!"

"Serena…please," Rei stared at her trying to look as innocent as possible, "there's nothing to spill."

"Really now?" Darien asked not believing a word Rei had said, "'Cause it looked like we were walking in on something."

"So it would seem," Jade mumbled under his breath and picked him self off of the floor, rubbing the forming bruise on his behind.

"Ooooh…Jade will tell me," Serena clapped her hands together in excitement at the juicy news she was about to get.

"Jade!" Rei shook her head "no" as she moved towards him and whispered quietly, "She's such a little gossip queen!"

Serena heard her and narrowed her brilliant blue eyes at them, "I am not a gossip queen, Rei! That's Mina."

"Uh huh. Sure….Meatball head."

"Rei, be nice," Jade pressed his hand to his mouth to try to hide a chuckle at their antics.

"Thank you, Jade," Serena smiled in triumph.

"That's not fair!" Rei cried in anger, "Why are you picking her side over me?!"

'I'm not picking sides." Jade replied throwing his hands up in surrender. Great, this would take a while. Once these girls started, there was no end to their bickering. The general caught the eye of his Prince and gave him a pleading look which was replied by a slight nod of the head. If Jade ever tried to stop them…Rei would bite his head off.

"Ugh, he's picking sides!"

"Well I am his Prince's destined lover."

"Oh please, Serena, don't make me barf." Rei retorted looking disgusted. Serena childishly stuck her tongue out at her, which was quickly followed by Rei doing the same. Darien cleared his throat loudly, making the girls stop.

"I'm pretty starved, is there any food around here?"

Rei instantly straightened up and went into her "good hostess" mode. "Oh right. I'll bring in the tea and snacks right now!"

"SNACKS!" Serena exclaimed happily.

Rei smiled in spite of herself. No matter how annoyed she was with her Princess, she always found a way to bring a smile to her face and lift her spirits. Sometimes she didn't know what she would do without her. Probably just try to annoy Ami and Zoi.

"Be right back," Rei winked and sauntered out of the room.

The minute the door closed behind Rei's back, Serena turned her attention to Jade and looked at him seriously.

"Jade you better tell me what's going on between you two…and I mean NOW!"

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