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The Hidden Seal


To many Namikaze Minato was many things, a hero of unparalleled quality, a Shinobi of godly power or even a Hyper prank pulling blond Raman addicted, but for me he is, at least in part the reason for my suffering.

But at the same time I am just unable to really bring myself to hate him I can understand his reasoning and that makes things difficult, for the past twelve or so years I have gone by the name 'Uzumaki Naruto' and I am burdened with a horrifying Burden, the Burden and destiny of a Junchiriki.

My burden is a Biju, a 'Tailed Beast' the strongest of the Nine, the Kyuubi No Kitsune a being of near limitless Chakra and an unbridled unquenchable bloodlust and fury.

When the Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato sealed the Nine tailed Biju into my stomach he wanted me to be seen as a Hero, the one constantly protecting the people of his beloved Village and the entire Shinobi continents by being its Jailer, that however didn't happen.

It was mostly split, some believed in the Yondaime and in his mastery of Fuin Jutsu most however either didn't care one way or the other or believed I was the beast incarnate, host of the people who had faith in Minato were the Higher Ranked Shinobi or had some rudimentary knowledge in Fuin Jutsu.

Most however had no knowledge of Sealing Techniques nor did they have much faith in the one they hailed as a hero, that and they needed someone to strike out on, and there was only me.

Unwelcome, and a little maltreated but not abused I mostly grew up on my own, slowly falling into the cursed madness that is the fate of most Junchiriki.

Its funny how just a handful of words can change a person's entire perspective on life, Konoha will likely never know how close I became to becoming what they believed me to be, and they can all thank four people.

Umino Iruka, Sarutobi Sasuke, Teuchi and Ayame Ichiraku and for that they will always be precious to me.

A lot happened over the last few years, including failing the Gennin examination not once, not twice but 'Three' times thanks to astronomically bad Chakra control, although I have multiple excuses the most prominent of which being my stubborn pride not letting me ask for help and equally if not more astronomically high Chakra reserves.

All thanks to me being the Junchiriki of the Biju; known for having near unlimited Chakra, and the design of the Fuin Jutsu sealing him away.

How I finally managed to pass is something I will always remember and reinforces my trust in someone I consider an elder brother Umino Iruka, it was also the day I learned about by Burden, and so I became what is considered the Number One Loudest, Unpredictable, Hyperactive Knuckleheaded Ninja.

Most of which I now blame on the second Seal hidden among the Shiki Fujin used and the Shisho Fuin combination used to seal the Kyuubi and keep it sealed I only found out recently that the Shisho Fuin also filters and purifies the Foxes Chakra before dumping it into my core.

Oh and it also allowed the Kitsune to push its Chakra directly into my Chakra coils gifting me with Extremely Enhanced abilities but as of yet little control.

But the Seal hidden underneath was a Mixture of a seal mostly used to repress or destroy Bloodline limits in some clans or repressing harmful genetic anomalies a Jutsu which use is highly frowned upon if not forbidden, an extremely powerful and modified Heitei-Ippai-Fuin, or Full Repression Seal.

And a 'Highly' modified Inheritance seal the used to bring adopted children into the larger Clans, limited to the use on Children no older than five as anything after that and the process had a fifty percent mortality rate it rewrites a person's DNA allowing the child to truly become a part of that Clan known as the Keishou-Ippai-Fuin, Full Inheritance Seal.

The affects coincided with how I was chosen to be used as the Kyuubi Junchiriki, Namikaze Minato his child Dyeing along with his wife didn't have the most important piece of his plan to seal the Fox away, he needed a child, someone who had yet to develop and real Chakra coils, that left a window from a newborn baby up to a five month old child.

So adapting a the contract with the Shinigami for it to find a new born jailer most able to both contain and control the Kyuubi while having the heart and will to keep it in control.

And so it chose me, I having only died minutes before in what I have come to consider at parallel dimension a triple hammer blow to me as I could have been revived in my world, had a huge demon sealed into my naval and not to forget was turned into an infant.

The Heitei-Ippai Fuin repressed my otherworldly heritage completely unknowingly cutting out one of the main reason the Shinigami chose me in the first place while the Keishou-Ippai-Fuin and a small vial of blood made me a literal clone of his own son.

He however didn't factored in the fact that the chosen might not be fully human, he simply didn't know and that created an imbalance in my very genetics leaving my slightly among other things 'Overemotional' boy was I glad the Keishou-Ippai-Fuin finally broke during the battle against Haku and Zabuza.

The result was a chain reaction that over the space of a month entirely destroyed the seal, over the space of the next month my genetics slowly returned to what it originally was, the most painful month of both of my lives.

The only down side however, we had no idea what happened to the Kyuubi but I do know it didn't die and that it was pushed they the seal over that agonising month.

And if it was free … just how long before it returned.

Before it came seeking its revenge and attack, the place I had come to all home, this place I chose to defend.

How long before we would fight.

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