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Chapter 2: Sand, Saiyans and Examinations

Part 1

Sabaku no Temari groaned at her brother's antics but despite that she made no move to stop him other than simply commenting on him getting them into trouble, she new, just knew this was going come back and bite them on the ass.

Kankuro on the other hand had no intention of putting the brat down or rather having his Henged puppet Karasu put him down; the brat had knocked him over and with him riding around on his puppets back.

Well let's just say it wasn't pleasant and leave it at that, distracted as they were neither sibling were able to react when the hail of small projectiles cutting into the puppets arm.

Senbon needles, Ice Senbon needles to be exact, crouching on a nearby wall was the former apprentice of the 'Demon' of the Mist a single long Senbon needle held calmly in the figures hand eyes cold, Haku

The former apprentice was dressed in the standard Chuunin uniform, Konoha forehead protector in place of the previous mist one.

That was what Naruto saw when he blurred into the area to the occupants unaware of his arrival, and in the Suna-nin case, completely unaware of how much danger they were in.

Naruto quickly blanketed the area with a fine layer of Ki; it was the beginnings of his version of 'Killing Intent' it was a modified version of his Ki sensing ability, the basic mechanics of the technique was to create a huge sphere of Ki and mentally 'Tag' any energy signatures inside it.

This though was slightly different, while it can and did work like the aforementioned technique, this one could exert pressure on another person's senses.

It created a slight fight or flight reaction while the more Ki used increased the pressure hammering down on the precipitants.

There was however two things that gave him pause, one was the fact that the body holding Konohamaru had no energy signature while the thing wrapped on its back did, obviously some kind of automated or remote weapon.

But the main thing that had his attention was the energy he could sense hidden up in the trees, and not the energy of Uchiha Sasuke.

And it wasn't the very high levels of energy the being was putting of either, it was the duality of the energy, one slightly tainted but clearly human, the other however was most defiantly not human.

It tickled his senses in an eerily familiar way, a way that had his instincts and Saiyan blood boiling, and he knew, just knew what the duel energy was.

It was demonic energy, the energy of a Biju and the energy of a Junchiriki.

What had his instincts so on edge was the instability and bloodlust screaming at him threw the unknowns aura, he was a literal time bomb.

This in mind he started pumping more energy into his 'Jutsu no Kaitei: Dan'atsu' ready to spring it if needed.

---- ----

The Shinobi crouching on the wall calmly drawled "Are you going to release the Hokages grandson or are you attempting to start a war between are Shinobi counties"

The male Suna Shinobi dropped the child as if he was on fire while the blond female growled to herself "I know the baka was going to get us in trouble" any other comments were halted as a wave of killing intent washed over the area.

"Kankuro you're a disgrace to Suna" the speaker was a pale redhead with pale green eyes and an emotionless expression.

In a swirl of sand he disappeared from the tree branches, reappearing in between the two other Suna ninja "Don't make me kill you" the blond Suna-nin visibly paled at the boys words.

Naruto watched as the Suna Junchiriki called Sasuke out of hiding with narrowed eyes but stood back waiting just in case he was needed.

After apologizing to for his teammate's stupidity the redheaded Junchiriki stared at Sasuke for before asking for his name and commenting on having similar dangerous eyes.

The trio of Suna-nin then began walking away all eyes trailing after them until the redhead suddenly froze, his head slowly turning to his right before making eye contact with Naruto.

Time seemed to freeze as for the first time they realized he was there, Gaara actually growled much to the shock of his siblings as a literal torrent of Killing Intent and Bloodlust permitted the area.

Sparse seconds passed before Gaara finally said "Who … are you" the sand particles around his feet began to move restlessly.

Naruto held his gaze for several seconds seemingly immune to the torrent of killing intent before quietly saying "Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto Sabaku-San" his voice was calm quiet but not unfriendly further pushing the image of his immunity to the killing intent of the Junchiriki.

Gaara gazed at him a hint of madness appearing in his eyes "Mother, want to fest on your blood" they were expecting fear, panic or even indifference Naruto's response was certainly not what was expected.

He laughed, he actually laughed, and amid all the killing intent, the harsh glare and blood crazed eyes he was laughing.

Naruto his laughter dying down walked towards the redhead, eyes glancing between the three siblings as he walked in between them, not a care in the world.

He was three feet from Gaara when the Junchiriki growled out "Uzumaki, In the Chuunin exams, Ill feed you to my sand!" What happened next would be stuck on the Suna-nins minds for weeks to come.

Naruto stopped before slowly turning his head dark eyes mostly blank "Gaara … let me give you some advice one former Junchiriki to another" the trio of Suna-nins couldn't have suppressed there shock if they had tried.

"Control yourself and we may become allies, even friends, allow the Biju to control you, fall any further into the darkness" the Saiyans eyes narrowed into chips of coal his body tensing and a sense of impending doom befell the area.

In an explosion of pure, raw energy Naruto activated his Battle Aura, like a silver flame enveloping his body while the ground buckled under his feet.

At the same time he sprung his revised technique, the Dan'atsu.

It was so sudden and intense that Gaara stumbled before struggling to stay standing, Kankuro and Temari had no such luck and collapsed to the floor unable to fight the technique even slightly.

It was hard to breathe, hard to see, hard to think and next to impossible to resist the all encompassing pressure, it seemed to come from all around them after a few seconds it faded and Naruto spoke up.

"If you let it control you, and you hurt someone precious to me … I will kill you" for the first time Gaara felt something he had never felt from Shukaku before.

He could feel fear.

---- ----

---- Part 2 ----

---- ----

The fallout from that incident was surprisingly minimal, Konohamaru seemed to almost 'worship' him now, while Sasuke looked at him with the singly minded interest he had come to expect from him.

As a way to get stronger, and it was fine to him it wasn't like his technique was so radically better that the Uchiha or that he had to hold back the majority of his raw strength and speed … ok that's lying and he knew it.

Sasuke was slow, weak and couldn't take a hit but he was a Chakra user and only a Gennin, but he would admit, Sasuke was improving and at an amazing rate the fact that he was always just that bit stronger, just that bit faster and his techniques just that bit more polished drove him to train harder.

And in the week before the Chuunin exams it wasn't just his techniques and power that had improved, no he had slowly started opening up to him he openly considered him his rival and grudgingly his friend.

Sakura was the most improved though, with her Chakra control he was helping her develop techniques that could imitate his raw strength and speed, and it was slow going as they quickly found that it rapidly broke down muscles and stamina.

The Healing Jutsu she was trying to integrate into it was theoretically going to help that and a surprising side effect of the training and healing was a very rapid increase in baseline muscle strength.

As it was it was a final desperation attack thanks to their only being two settings, full on and off, and as just a single minuet used up almost all of her chakra.

She had simply called it her O-Ba-Doraibu Jutsu, and she tried teaching it to Sasuke but he simply lacked the Chakra control and concentration needed to utilize it, she had a theory her Inner self had something to do with her ability to use it so effectively.

But she was happy, in a week she had almost doubles if not triples her previous admittedly horrible abilities.

Kakashi was both proud and amazed at his Gennin team, at first he thought they were a lot like his old team, but that idea was quickly proven wrong, unlike his façade Sasuke really was a spoiled, stuck up cold bastard.

Sakura was a simple fan girl more into looking pretty and gaining attention from her Sasuke-Kun than training and improving herself.

Naruto 'was' like Obito though, in a lot of way but different in so many more, and then the incident in the land of waves happened and slowly, everything began to change.

He knew, without a shadow of doubt that they were going to be amazing in this year's Chuunin exams

---- ----

The following morning at the usual meeting place the Gennin of team seven where once again waiting for the chronically late Jounin.

Said Jounin was and had in fact been there for over an hour simply taking in the changes in his trio of students.

Haruno Sakura the naturally pink haired Kunoichi had changed her pink dress for dark blue lightly armored ANBU style trousers, Shinobi mesh shirt with some kind of black bindings covering her breasts.

She also had a blood red jacket which reached mid thigh, in the bottom there were the clan symbols for the Haruno, Uchiha and Uzumaki.

Surprisingly she had on Naruto's suggestion and Sasuke's … grunt … cut her hair, her Shuriken and Kunai pouches tied to her waist and thigh.

Naruto still laughed at the look on Sasuke's face when he first saw her, it seemed somebody was finally hitting puberty, and he would admit that she was hot for her age but despite and because of that she was off limits, and while she was technically older than him he had the mind of a seventeen year old so for at least the next three years she was off limits.

Uchiha Sasuke had physically changed little, same hair, same build and the same eyes, however if you looked close, really close you would see that he seemed more relaxed while remaining alert.

Dressed in black version of his standard Uchiha fanned clothes he looked every part the cold genius he was credited to be, the fact he was sporting a slight smile as he watched Sakura practicing her Taijutsu forms belied that cold exterior somewhat.

He like his Kunoichi teammate was sporting a jacket with the trio of clan symbols although his was black.

Uzumaki Naruto was much to the surprise of Kakashi and consternation of his teammates, meditating, a slight white Aura gently flickering around him intermixed with small sparks of electricity.

What frustrated his male teammate was the fact that he was 'Meditating a foot of the damn ground' and he couldn't copy it, although he had agreed not to simply copy everything it was something Naruto somewhat painfully beat into his head.

If he simply went around copying any techniques he wanted he would never gain any of the benefits the actual training would gift him with.

The Tree walking and later Water walking exercises had taught him that, this was yet another thing Naruto had pointed out and for that he was thankful even if he wouldn't admit it.

It would take him a lot longer to learn Jutsu this was but he shuddered to think how much weaker he would be if he just copied everything.

Uzumaki Naruto was as mentioned before floating a foot from the ground black eyes closed and his Aura flickering around him, it was a concentration exercise where he tried to bush as much Ki into his body while keeping it as controlled as possible.

Not an easy thing to do but it helped, he was dressed in a duplicate copy of his father's Gi only it was Black with a red undershirt he was devoid of and visible weapon pouches or equipment of any kind, he was also wearing a red jacket with the trio of symbols.

Other than the forehead protector used as a belt buckle he looked more like a helmless wandering Monk than a deadly Warrior.

His lack of equipment was a rouse as thank to the 'Old man Hokage' he no longer needed to use bulky packs, no he now used storage scrolls and storage seals spread across his body, and projectiles were now mostly redundant thanks to Ki blasts.

After a few more seconds the Cycloptic Jounin made his appearance with a quick "Yo" and an eyes smile, the expected screech was nonexistent however.

Instead the trio simply ignored him and continued with their activities, Kakashi blinked before sweat dropping.

'This is going to be a long day'

---- ---- ----

"Damn that baka holding off until the last minute to tell us he nominated us for the Chuunin exam" Sakura's sentiments were shared by her companions as they walked through the doors to the exam building.

"I know Sakura-Chan but this is Kakashi we are talking about, do you honestly expect anything else" Naruto commented while glancing at the Kunoichi, smirking Sasuke snorted slightly.

"I hate to say this but I agree with the Baka Kakashi 'is' late for almost everything, why would this be any different" her reply was a shake of her head and a muttered "well, No not really"

The Gennin trio walked into their old academy building at a confident gait, they mostly ignored any stares on the way towards the staircase, most of which were directed at Sasuke or Sakura.

Naruto on a spur of the moment thing decided to purposefully stay in the background, he wanted to see if anyone could put two and two together and recognize who he was, he was curious to see what people would think of him.

Walking up the staircase he watched in mild amusement as Sasuke was leading them onto the second floor.

"Yo Sasuke this is only the second floor where you going" a snort was his reply as the Uchiha glanced over his shoulder.

"What I wanted to see what the commotion was, and don't try and say you didn't too" he returned Sasuke's snort before chuckling "It's true I guess, just don't 'you' go adding to that commotion, it's probably a test to weed out the weaker or unready applicants anyway"

The Avenger nodded somewhat reluctantly, he wanted to get stronger and fighting weaklings wouldn't help that.

The room was filled with Chuunin hopefuls most of which were trying to get through the door labeled 301.

Naruto watched as one of the strangest people he had ever seen tried meekly to get through the door, he was dressed in spandex, and to him there was little new about that Vegeta hardly ever wore anything but.

While the Green was a new color it wasn't to unusual, so no it wasn't that, and it wasn't his hair and he knew from experience about that style but not why anybody would voluntarily wear one.

It was however the two huge black monsters macerating as eyebrows that had him transfixed.

'My god they are alive!' Sakura seemed to share his sentiments and cringed at the sight of them.

A soft voice pleading to let them through gained his attention and he watched slightly transfixed as a young woman.

Black hair in a smart double bun she had dark brown eyes cute facial features, dressed in a sleeveless pink Chinese shirt, green Shinobi trousers and black sandals.

Upon closer examination he decided to trust what his instincts were telling him, she along with her Green clad teammate were only 'acting' weak his instincts were something he had learned to listen to.

Shrugging to himself he turned to his teammates "Come on let's get out of here before we get dragged into something"

---- ----

---- Part 3 ----

---- ----

Naruto couldn't help but stare when they reached the examination waiting room, the reason for his stare … well that was because of the spiky silver haired Jounin leaning against the wall face deep in his orange book.

Hatake Kakashi the famous copy Ninja and terminally late Shinobi … was on time for once if anything he was early, Naruto was suddenly very worried and he stated as much.

"K, Kakashi-Sensei your on time … it's the end of the world!" the look of mock fright on his face drew a snigger from his fellow brunette and a giggle from his red clad partner.

Oh and a sweat drop from his teacher.

"Right well … it's good you all decided to come considering you need a team of three to compete but I had a feeling you would rise to the challenge" his small speech was accompanied with the elite Jounin level ninja's patented eye smile.

Frowning at the elder Shinobi Naruto growled out as he walked to the door "Kakashi after this exam, you and me, we are going to have a little talk about information and your Gennin teams need to know said information"

All he got in response was another eyes smile.

---- ----

The door closed with a resounding thud, this was both a good and bad thing, good that it drew attention and bad that it well drew attention.

The room itself was in no means small with tables and stools a plenty and yet it was still packed out, packed out with stressed Gennin from all around the Elemental countries.

Packed with stressed Gennin which the majority was glaring at them, Sasuke being well Sasuke was staring right back while looking disinterested but Sakura he noticed looked a little skittish, while she had taken a large confidence boost thanks to her improved skills she was still the same Sakura.

He could feel a half familiar energy signature creeping up behind them and the scent of flowers indicated who it was, he mentally smiled as he knew how Sakura was going to react to what he was sure the blond was about to do … he almost felt sorry for his teammate really he did … almost.

Almost as if on cue an "I missed you Sasuke-Kun!" resounded through the small room and out of the corner of his eyes he saw Sakura snap out of her stupor and spin around to glair at her rival.

The glair didn't last long before her green eyes widened and her lips began to twitch in thinly suppressed amusement,

It started as a giggle which developed into a chuckle then quickly into a full laughing fit.

Yamanaka Ino quickly turned and planted a fierce glair at the laughing pink haired girl "And just 'What' is so funny Billboard brow" she continued to hang from the back of her 'Glomp victim' like glue her body pressed tightly to him.

Having no luck controlling herself Sakura managed to get out "T, tha, that's n, not" the blond snorted in an unladylike fashion and interrupted "Well spit it out forehead girl we haven't got all day"

The still giggling Kunoichi didn't have to respond as another new arrival did for her "As troublesome as this is, Ino that guy … is not Sasuke" the blond girl all but screeched out.


Sakura once again found herself with a bout of uncontrollable laughter.

---- ----


---- ----

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