Trust and Betrayal

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Chapter 1: Suspicion

Raven's alarm clock rang. She woke up lazily and glanced at the time.

"6:15am…" she muttered to herself before yawning and getting up. She went into the bathroom and did whatever was necessary to start a morning. Before going into the main room, she changed into her normal attire and walked out of her room.

On her way, she bumped into Robin, who happened to awake at the same time as Raven. "Morning." Raven said to Robin. "Yeah… Morning." He replied.

What Raven didn't know was that Robin had a crush on her.

"What's Cyborg cooking up today?" Raven asked Robin. He shrugged. "Waffles again?"

Raven laughed a little and sighed. "What's wrong, Rae?"

"Nothing much… Just a little tired. And 'tired' is probably an understatement."

Robin smiled at her as the both of them walked out into the main room.

"Raven! Robin! You have awakened!" the cheerful alien princess greeted her two friends as they sat down. "Did you have a good night's sleep?"

Raven shook her head. "Couldn't fall asleep for some unknown reason."

"Me too." Robin answered back. "So where's Cyborg and BB?"

"Cyborg is in the kitchen preparing the meal of the mornings. I need Beast Boy's help but I could not find him. I am thinking of finding him after I have eaten the meal of the mornings."

"Star, that should be called 'breakfast'…" Raven corrected her. "Forgive me. Your language is new to me so I am not been able to adapt to it so quickly."

"It's okay. At least what you said is understandable." Raven comforted Starfire. She smiled at Raven and gave her one of her infamous bone-crushing hugs.

"Thank you for comforting me, friend Raven. I must now go and look for Beast Boy."

Raven nodded and watched as the alien princess flew off in search for the green changeling.

"Uh, dude?" came a voice from not far away. "Psst! Over here!"

Raven and Robin looked behind the counter situated outside the kitchen. There, they found Beast Boy crouching in a corner.

"Beast Boy? What are you doing in there?" Robin asked him. "It's nothing really…" Beast Boy replied. The weird thing is, he was trying not to look at Raven.

"What's wrong?"

"Er, Robin, you can't tell Star where I am. She's created a new gooey kind of soup and wants me to taste it for her! I mean, the soup is purple in colour, and I suspect it might be the Zork… Zirk… Zorka-whatever it is berry. (1)" Beast Boy said while checking if Starfire was around.

Raven thought awhile and said, "Oh. That. Well, just tell Starfire that… you are very full and can't…"

"DUDE! I haven't had my lunch and…" Beast Boy shouted. Unfortunately, Starfire heard him shout and immediately found Beast Boy.

"There you are!" she said jubilantly. "Please, just one small scoop of Zorka-Soup?"

Raven and Robin left Beast Boy to handle his situation on his own. Robin sat down and switched on the television while Raven headed for the kitchen.

"Some more eggs…" Cyborg mumbled to himself, not knowing Raven was standing right beside him.

"What are you cooking up now?" she said suddenly. Cyborg was startled and jumped. "Yo, you nearly scared me outta my skin!" he remarked. "Anyway, we're having pancakes."

"What a miracle. For once I woke up peacefully without having to hear the war between tofu and meat…" Raven said. "BB's ok with pancakes, yeah?" Cyborg nodded. "I guess so."


Raven walked towards Beast Boy's door and knocked on it.

"Wait a sec…" he said. The changeling opened the door. "Yeah?"

"Beast Boy. There's something I need to tell you…" Raven called for Beast Boy.

"Uh, Rae, I'm kinda busy now… Tell me anything later." Beast Boy said quickly, which made Raven's suspicions rise.

"BB, it's really important. It's a piece of good news. I'm…"


Beast Boy shut the door right infront of Raven's face.

Raven wasn't angry. She just felt suspicious of Beast Boy's behaviour.

"Beast Boy is starting to act very weird." She said to herself.

(1) It's actually Zorka-berries. Starfire fed it to Silkie in the episode, "Can I Keep Him?" It made Silkie mutate a lot…
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