Chapter 9 : Return

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"There. Tofu pancakes. You happy now, grass stain?"

Beast Boy had been pestering Cyborg to whip up tofu pancakes for just one morning. And he succeeded, though Cyborg seemed pretty annoyed.

Beast Boy grinned. "Finally. I thought I'd never see this day!"

Starfire flew into the main room with her eyes lit up with joy and a huge smile on her face. "Friends! You will not believe this! This is a happy occasion; we must celebrate-" "Wait, what're you talking about?" Beast Boy cut in.

Starfire grinned. "Our friend Raven has awoken!"

Beast Boy and Cyborg swapped incredulous glances. "Really?" the latter asked. Starfire nodded vigorously. "Yes! Raven has already been awake since yesterday!"

The pair broke into grins as they caught sight of Raven and Robin entering the main room. "Dude, you're alive!" Beast Boy yelled out and went over to hug Raven. "Yeah, I am alive, and I've already got enough hugs today from Starfire."

Beast Boy let go of her, his grin still on his face. "Whoa, you've never looked better, Rae." Cyborg said as he put a hand on Raven's shoulder. Raven smiled. "Yeah. I'm still Raven."

"We should celebrate this joyous event!" Starfire exclaimed excitedly. "How about pizza?" Robin suggested. Everyone agreed to head over to the pizza place when the doorbell rang abruptly.

"I shall get the doorbell!" Starfire announced and flew over to the door. Her face fell as she opened the door.

"Hey, Starfire! Good to see you!"

"It is not good to see you, Terra."

The four remaining titans immediately swivelled their heads around to see the blonde standing at the doorway. Terra corked an eyebrow. "What? What do you mean?" Starfire's eyes threatened to glow green already.

"You should not have returned. You have hurt Beast Boy and Raven with your wrong-doings!"

Terra seemed taken aback, much to the Titans' surprise. "No, I haven't been back here in two years!" Starfire was still furious. Beast Boy piped up.

"Actually... There's something I didn't tell you guys..."

The Titans turned to the changeling. "What do you mean?" Robin demanded. Beast Boy sighed. "We went to France, 'Terra' and I. She was actually Madame Rouge in disguise. I don't know how she got out of that ice thing, though."

"Why didn't you tell us something that important earlier?" Robin yelled, exasperated. Beast Boy took to staring at the floor. "I'm sorry. I knew all of you would worry, so I didn't say it out."

"Then? What happened?" Cyborg put in.

"Madame Rouge, who was pretending to be Terra, attacked me. But I was pretty okay. Madame Rouge got away."

He turned to Raven. "The part about my dream was true. I swear." Raven nodded silently. He then turned to the blonde. "I'm sorry, too, for making you look like the bad guy." Terra shook her head. "You don't have to be."

"I am sorry for raising the voice at you then, Terra."

"It's okay, really."

Silence fell. "So... I'm still welcomed here, right?"

"Welcome back, Terra." Robin answered.

"We were about to get some pizza, wanna come with?"

"Sure!" Terra replied, beaming. "Which pizza parlour is it? The one down the street is really great, I've been to that one..."

It was near midnight. Raven was sitting on Robin's bed. Robin was standing nearby.

The boy wonder observed the dark girl. "You okay?" Raven smiled. "I'm good."

Robin sat down beside her. "I know this has been tough on you. Things will get better." Raven leant her head on Robin's shoulder and thought about it. She had great friends around her to support her and a wonderful guy to protect her. What more could she ask for? She sighed contentedly.

"Things are already as great as it seems."

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