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Running across the grounds at a dead sprint, breathing heavily and labored, his mind knew nothing more than complete focus. He needed to reach Dumbledore, he needed to inform the old man of what was coming; that they needed to prepare or Hogwarts would fall; that they needed to flee or they would all perish. And even as his magic failed him and his body protested it's every movement, he still ran, knowing that the alternative would lead to not only his death, but those of the thousands of witches and wizards taking refuge within the ancient castle.

The Dark Lord had already conquered the rest of the British Isles, overthrowing the Ministry of Magic months before, and systematically crushing any and all opposition. Still, however powerful he might be, he had not yet amassed an army strong enough to lay siege to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and come out on top.

Or at least, that had been the case, until now.

Now, even as he tripped over an unseen rock and had to pick himself up mid tumble, Lord Voldemort was getting ready to strike. And if the information that he had acquired not twenty minutes before was correct, that attack would happen within the next few hours, and that was a broad estimation.

They had little hope of mounting any kind of defense, he knew, and already despair threatened to consume him even as he continued running. There was little hope left within the Wizarding World at large and only Hogwarts had remained standing in the face of Voldemort's wrath. And now that same vicious fury would be unleashed upon it.

So as he staggered through the front doors and made his way toward the Headmaster's office, ignoring everything and anything in his way, blood leaving a crimson trail wherever he stepped, he knew that whatever hope still remained, it would probably be squashed tonight.

When he sighted the Gargoyle that guarded the entrance of the Headmasters office, he didn't know weather to feel relief or simply give in to hopelessness. But still he continued onward, thankful for the reprieve that the staircase offered as it rotated upwards. Throwing open the door to see Dumbledore looking straight at him, his stare grave and focused as he half-stood from his desk, hands splayed upon its surface, Flitwick toppling out of his chair and Minerva McGonagall turning to look in his direction, he finally allowed his legs to give way as the Head of Gryffindor came to his aid.

"Severus, what news do you bring?" the old man immediately asked, even as he sent Fawkes to bring Poppy Pomfrey to assist him, for which he was grateful.

Taking a steadying breath, his whispered words completely froze the two masters of transfiguration before him, their worst fears now realized, "He will attack today."

"Today?" McGonagall asked faintly. Flitwick simple squeaked in surprise, his face paling rapidly.

"Yes," he hissed, pain flaring as his broken ribs were jostled while attempting to sit down, his black robes hanging limply from his frame.

Suddenly, and with a speed that defied his age, Dumbledore was beside him, and he briefly wondered if the old man had just jumped over his desk, "how much time do we have, Severus?"

"An hour, maybe two," he gritted out as he fought against unconsciousness, succeeding only barely as he closed his eyes in an attempt to remain focused.

"Are you completely certain?" he was asked again, and he knew that the question was not a light one.

"I am," was his only answer.

"Thank you, my boy," was whispered in his ear as the Headmaster stood up straight, "Filius, quickly, gather everyone into the Great Hall. Find those that are willing to fight and protect the Gates; we will need to delay Voldemort for as long as possible. Minerva, I will need your assistance in procuring a few things that I require."

"Of course, Headmaster," the small charms master answered, already running out the door when his high-pitched, amplified voice echoed within the school, ordering everyone to gather in the Great Hall at once. Those in charge of security along with the prefects were quickly directed to secure the castle and sweep the corridors by the Head of Ravenclaw; they needed to know that everyone was accounted for.

"What do you need Albus? What do you plan to do?" the cat animagus asked as she stood up to face him.

Looking back sadly and with an air of nervousness that the Head of Slytherin had never seen before in the old wizard, the Headmaster simply shook his head and said, "Something desperate," before he turned to the painting of Phineas Black, his face etched into determined lines when he met the painting's stare, who for once looked at Dumbledore with approval, his voice was grave and almost grief-stricken. "Phineas Nigellus Black," he stated.

"Yes, Headmaster?" came the cool reply.

Dumbledore straightened, and this was the first time that Severus had heard Phineas address Dumbledore by his title with any kind of respect, "I require that which you guard, even now, from those who would misuse it."

"And is your conviction strong enough to use that which I guard?" the painting asked in a strangely formal tone.

"Yes," Dumbledore answered, and he could see that even Minerva was confused at the Headmasters and the portraits answer, even as he noticed many of the other portraits looking nervous or terrified at the current head of the school, as if they could not believe what he was doing.

"And do you understand the consequences, should that conviction be found lacking?" Phineas asked harshly.

"I do," Dumbledore stated unwaveringly.

"Sacrifices will be needed, either of body, magic or soul. Are you prepared to give them?" The former Head of the House of Black inquired; his tone ominous.

"I have no other choice," Dumbledore said, resolute.

"Very well," Phineas said and his canvas swung outwards, revealing an enormous black tomb within the small niche behind the painting, "Take it." Dumbledore, hands trembling slightly, reached in and took the book out even as Phineas' portrait slammed shut, the portrait of the former Black Patriarch going stony in his silence.

"Albus, what is that book?" Minerva asked as Poppy arrived at the door, taking one look around before her eyes settled on him and she bustled over, giving him a pepper-up potion even as she closed the superficial wounds that he had suffered in his hasty escape and quickly fixed his broken bones, which were thankfully few.

"This, Minerva, may well be our only hope," was the Headmasters vague reply as he settled the giant book on his desk and opened it. It looked ancient, and the cover seemed to suck in all light around it, as if annoyed by its very presence.

Feeling better after a dose of pain reliever, he asked a question that he knew would get more than a vague answer, "Why would a sacrifice be required, Headmaster?" he asked, referring to the questions that Phineas had asked. "Only the darkest and vilest of magic's would need them."

Sighing deeply and seeming to fold onto himself, as if his age had doubled with that simple statement and the weight of the world had just settled on his shoulders, the Headmaster of Hogwarts looked back at him and answered, "Yes, my boy, but what else would you have me do? We do not have time to prepare more than a token defense, as you well know; our allies would arrive too late, even if I have already sent for them."

Dread rising within his gut, even as he watched the Headmaster open the enormous book and browsed the aged pages, he asked again, "And just what do you plan to do, Headmaster?"

It was odd, to be sure, that McGonagall had not spoken again, but she was only looking at the book in horror, as if she suspected its contents. "Poppy, how is Severus?" the Headmaster asked instead of answering.

Silence descended upon the office and Poppy gave him a healing potion to finish his treatment before looking towards Dumbledore, "He should be well enough for the moment, even if some rest or sleep would be preferred," she explained, "Now, I can see when I am no longer needed, so I will head down to the Great Hall."

Sharp woman, that.

"Thank you, Poppy," the Headmaster told her and waited a few minutes after she had departed before turning back to him, "I will answer you," he said, as he looked over at the both, "because I will need your help if I am to succeed. However, you should understand a few things before we proceed," he began, closing the book as he sat down behind his desk, "There is a difference between Dark and Evil Magic's, and though both require sacrifices, they require them for completely different reasons. The thing is that over the centuries, wizards have simply labeled them together and refer to them as one."

"And how are they different, Albus?" Minerva asked, her lips pursed and her expression severe, as if she didn't like what she was hearing one bit, "They still need sacrifices. How can anything good come of magic's like those?"

"The difference, Minerva," Dumbledore explained calmly, "is that the sacrifices required to perform Dark Magic are willingly made, while those needed in Evil Magic are not. Over time, this difference was neglected and both types of magic categorized under the same banner; all called Dark. As for what good can come of Magic such as this?" he gestured toward the black book, "if we are successful, we, and everyone else within Hogwarts will survive, and with luck, Voldemort could be destroyed."

That statement stopped them in their tracks, and the steam that seemed to have been gathered behind McGonagall's sails swiftly dissipated, "But how?" she asked faintly.

Nodding, Dumbledore placed a hand atop the gigantic book as he answered, "By summoning something far more powerful than Voldemort and his army and ask it for help."

At this, he leaned forward, interested, "And what, Headmaster, is more powerful than the Dark Lord and his army?" he asked.

Grave blue eyes looked straight at him and the answer chilled him completely, "Death, of course."

Eyes wide, McGonagall spoke up, "And what sacrifice is required to summon Death, Albus?"

"A soul," was the only answer as the Headmaster bent down to read the book once again, tracing his finger down the pages until he found the one he was looking for while ignoring the looks of horror on their faces as he issued orders; truly, it was a desperate plan, "Now, Minerva, I need you to find me this," he pulled a roll of parchment and quickly scribbled a list, handing it to his Deputy, "And Severus, I will need these ingredients," he wrote a similar list for him, eyes never leaving the black book. "I need to re-read the incantations and review the ritual; I will meet you both in the Great Hall in fifteen minutes."

Nodding reluctantly after reading their respective lists, the two Heads of House made for the door, haste in their very steps. They didn't question the Headmaster on what he planned to do; they had seen the look on his eyes and knew that this was truly their only chance to survive.

It was their only hope.


The Great Hall was full and fear permeated the air when Albus Dumbledore strode into it. He wondered briefly how things had deteriorated to such an extent as he made his way around the head table and onto the podium, with a school and its students being the only thing left standing after a long and bloody war.

But then, students and teachers were not the only residents of Hogwarts in these times, as witches and wizards had made their way to its Gates and called for asylum within its Halls. And now, as he looked toward the many faces that he had vowed to protect, he hoped beyond hope that his plan would succeed.

Silence descended immediately at his signal, and he instantly noticed that most of the wizards and witches with fighting experience were not there, and were probably readying themselves to give them time. "Voldemort will attack within the hour," he said without preamble, time was ticking against them, and he didn't even wait for the shouts of fear and panic to begin before plowing on, "Those that are able to fight, fifth years and above, go to the Entrance Hall for further instructions. Those who cannot, you will remain here as the Great Hall is sealed; here, you will remain safe."

Stunned silence greeted this announcement, and he knew that it was probably because of his blunt directions, more than anything else. When he made his way down the hall, a solemn silence followed in his wake even as students, parents and teachers fell into step behind him, determination shining in their expressions.

No more words were needed.

When he reached the doors, he saw Severus and Minerva there and received a nod from each of them. Good, they had everything. Turning back towards the door, even as those willing to defend the castle passed him by and into the Entrance Hall, he spoke to the Head of Hufflepuff, "Pomona, I am leaving the Great Hall in your capable hands," he told her, knowing that Filius would already be outside, "please, keep them safe."

"Yes, Headmaster, you can count on me," the Herbology professor answered him before turning around and gaining the assistance of the remaining teachers in keeping order.

Taking out his wand and confirming that everyone who had volunteered to defend the school was in the Entrance Hall, he waved it, closing the enormous doors of the Great Hall and sealing those inside it before weaving as many protections as he could with the time that he had at his disposal.

After he was somewhat satisfied, he walked down the marble staircase and into the Hall, the Heads of Gryffindor and Slytherin falling into step beside him, "Do you have everything?" he asked, receiving their affirmations, "Thank you, Minerva, Severus. Now, we need to prepare the summoning circle," he explained as he passed his Deputy a new set of instructions, these ones detailing the circle itself; its design, where and how to arrange the candles and the position of every other ingredient in great detail, "please arrange it while I explain our situation to the rest."

"Yes, Headmaster," Severus answered, as he and Minerva headed to the center of the Hall, where they quickly began to work, waving their wands and extracting and placing the materials needed according to his specifications.

It took some ten minutes to explain the current situation to all of his young students and those taking shelter at Hogwarts that had volunteered to protect the school, telling them about his plan as well. "We find ourselves in an impossible situation, and only by resorting to impossible means will we be able to have any hope of surviving this day. With any luck, we will have enough time to perform the summoning ritual before Voldemort attacks; should the opposite occur, then I ask you, defend this castle and those within it until I am able to summon Death itself to defeat the Dark Lord and his army!"

Cheers ran across the Hall and he had to shake his head slightly at the resilience of youth. Indeed, all of them probably thought that the whole summoning was extremely 'brilliant,' which was easily deduced by the awed and eager looks they threw at where the circle was swiftly taking shape. He simply turned a blind eye at the horrified expression of those adults who seemed to know what a summoning like this truly entailed.

"Everything is ready, Headmaster," Minerva told him and he took a great breath before stepping towards it, verifying that everything was in order.

"Thank you, my friends," he nodded at both of his colleagues before raising his voice, "If I may have you attention? Thank you. Please, arrange yourselves along the walls, and stay safely away from the summoning circle, understood?"

Taking out his wand when everyone was arranged; the greatest majority of those within the Hall standing between the circle and the front doors of the castle, he lifted his wand and began the chant, only to stumble on the second verse as the castle was rocked to its foundations.

So it has begun, was his only though, even as he firmed himself and hoped that that small stumble did not damage the summoning too much. As it stood, he had already started and it would be impossible to begin it once again. Already all the candles were igniting and the geometric shapes of the circle were glowing faintly. He dared not fathom what would happen if he were to stop the incantation.

Ignoring everything around him; including the banging of the doors, the shaking of the castle and the sounds of children fighting; of injury and death and the shouts of instructions and direction flying every which way. He completely concentrated in what he was doing; he didn't even notice the way his aura flared or how his beard, hair and robes were whipping around him in a nonexistent wind, such was his focus. He ignored the sounds of battle, ranging from the very gates of the school and into the castle itself. He ignored the sound of those defending him and simply prayed that he had enough time as he chanted, his voice getting louder and louder.

Smoke billowed around him as the smell of the burnt and burning filled his nostrils. He could see Severus dueling on his right, holding off at least three Death Eaters, even as Minerva was off fighting against some vampires. And dear Merlin, the children; he could see his students falling to dark curses and hoped that they would be alright.

And when the summoning circle became blindingly bright, he began to shout his request in Latin; his request to Death itself for help, that their enemies be stopped; that Voldemort be vanquished. He asked Death to take his soul as payment before stepping into the blinding circle to conclude the ritual, to offer himself as a sacrifice.

He did not expect what happened, however.

Instead of dying immediately upon entering the circle as the summoning was complete and his request carried out, when he stepped inside something quite odd happened instead; silence greeted him, and darkness surrounded him. He could see outside of the circle as if a black, swirling glass separated him from reality, even as the glass allowed him to see though it clearly.

Time had stopped. Everything was frozen. And he didn't know what had gone wrong.

"You made a mistake," a soft voice answered his thoughts, startling him as he looked around for its source. "You opened the summoning to more then just Death when you stumbled," the soft voice explained, an undertone of amusement in it, "I admit to being slightly interested by your request, mortal."

"Who or what are you?" he asked, slightly fearful of what he might unleash upon the world, should his mistake be serious enough.

"You have nothing to fear from me, human," was his answer. "As to your questions, I am Darkness itself. I am Eternity and Existence; I was here before Creation; before Life and Death. I was here before there was Light, before there was Time. And so will I remain long after they have been extinguished. I am and always will be; I have no End," came the soft introduction. But Merlin, there was such power in those soft words!

"What have I done?" he whispered to himself, for surely, Darkness would bring nothing but destruction upon them.

"You have summoned me; that is what you have done," the soft voice answered him once more, "But as I have said, you have nothing to fear from me. Indeed, you should be glad that you have summoned me instead of Death, for he would have showed you no regard, and after being summoned, nothing but death would follow in his wake; be them friend or foe," the voice deepened and darkened as this was uttered, surprising him. "You must understand, human, that Death cares nothing of the living; only their souls matter to him," he was told.

"And you, Darkness, what matters to you?" He asked after a few moments, a sliver of hope welling within him, his courage returning.

"I care for nothing," came the soft reply, disappointing him for a slight moment, even as the voice continued, "I am neutral to Creation, Life, Death and Time; I am indifferent to their wants and desires. But that does not mean that I am uncaring. I have heard what you wish, not for Death, but for Justice, and it will be granted."

"What?" he exclaimed, confused. He might be old, but he felt like a child at the moment, standing before Infinity; he felt insignificant.

The voice chuckled softly; amused once again, "Though the summoning you performed would not have called me otherwise, because of your mistake that was not the case. After all, there is no way to call me, for I do not have any wish of anything you might provide; I have no use for souls, lives, blood or magic. As I said, I am Eternal; I neither need nor want for anything. However, I admit to being rather fond of humanity, so when your ritual would have ended in failure, I stepped in."

"Thank you," he whispered earnestly, and that was when something occurred to him, "But, even if you have no need of anything, the ritual itself calls for an exchange, a sacrifice needs to be made by the summoner for it to work, to appease its magic."

"Hmm, indeed," came the soft voice even as the shadows seemed to coalesce in front of him. Dumbledore had seen a great many things, but nothing as breathtaking as the young man that appeared before him. He had long black hair that stopped below the waist, dark, shining green eyes and a body that was perfect in every way; a strange glow surrounded him, though it was not light, but darkness, and though he was nude, the Headmaster knew that any type of clothing would be obscene in his figure, for it would do nothing but mar his perfection.

"Darkness?" he asked, knowing that each of the greater powers had a human-like appearance as well. Seeing the young man nod, for he appeared to be no older than eighteen or twenty, he continued, still eying the defined featured of the young man's face and the agelessness that he carried, "What would you require of me, then? What sacrifice? Without it, the circle would close and the summoning would fail; according to the black book, the greater powers cannot directly interfere with humans unless they are summoned, or we would simply die at the sight of you."

"That is correct," the green eyes turned toward him, and he was struck by their depth, "the summoning magic's allow us to temporarily walk amongst you without repercussions."

"Then ask anything of me, and it is yours, but please, help us," he pleaded, having looked beyond the circle to see the fallen forms of his students.

Darkness followed his sight and his face softened slightly before nodding, "Very well. Your school will be saved; your enemies will be captured. Tom Riddle will be vanquished. The price for this will be one willing companion. I admit that loneliness affects even me sometimes; after some time, he will be able to come and go from my realm as they please, if they wish, but they will be, from this day onward, one of my subjects, and they must bind themselves to me."

Startled, Dumbledore opened his mouth to say that he would be the one, but Darkness threw him a sharp glance, "Your magic is waning, and so is your life, human. You would be of little use to me. I would require one of your young; they will be able to adapt the best to the darkness of my realm, and accept the changes that becoming one of my subjects will entail without strain. If you do not agree, than let this circle be closed."

Sighing, the Headmaster simply nodded, resigned, "Very well, I agree."

"Good," was the only thing he heard, for in the next moment, black overcame his sights as the shadows bent and rushed toward the young man in front of him, combining and unfurling into massive wings of the darkest of black; they were dragon-like in appearance, but smoother and more graceful, with swirling darkness as the membrane and shadows as the bones. "Then let this pact be sealed."

And with that, the circle flashed and darkness and shadow spread throughout Hogwarts and its Grounds, surprising everyone as they disabled and captured each and every Death Eater, Vampire, Werewolf and enemy in their wake. Giants fell unconscious and the Dementors were consumed, as every witch and wizard turned their sights towards the winged being that was heading straight toward Lord Voldemort, shadows following in his wake and taking care of the Dark Army without even a glance.

The last thing that Voldemort saw before darkness engulfed him was startlingly bright green eyes; the sounds of cheers, of hope and of freedom grating in his dying ears.


Pain threatened to consume him, and that meant that he was alive, which was unexpected. He was numb as well and he knew that he should be dead or dying; the thought left a bitter taste in his mouth as regret washed across his mind. The last thing he remembered was his chest being slashed open, the feel of his body collapsing and the knowledge that his lungs were rendered useless as he tried to breathe. Still, he remembered his brother at his side as he fell, before darkness seemed to engulf him and he lost consciousness.

By all rights, he shouldn't be able to breathe, or feel such pain, for death was not supposed to be painful. Yet, as he took one more ragged breath, he could tell that this was not the case. Focus came back to him slowly and he could feel his brothers hand in his own, tight and desperate; uncomfortable in its pressure, but still reassuring. He was alive, they were alive.

That, if nothing else, was a relief.

True, they only had each other now, what with his family being killed during the war, though that had been years ago, but even if he wasn't sure what tomorrow would bring, he was glad that his brother was still beside him, even if he wished that he were not in such a horrid condition. He was the one supposed to protect his brother, not the other way around.

When he blinked his eyes open, he saw no difference; everything was still completely black, and he briefly wondered if he had gone blind, that is, until an ethereal hand appeared in his field of vision and cool fingertips came to rest gently in his temples. Not a moment later, the pain completely vanished and he eased his eyes closed, gripping his brothers hand tightly, wondering, thinking of how this could be.

However, he was startled when a soft voice resonated within his mind, 'You have a choice to make.' It was a simple statement and he knew without a doubt, just because of the quality and power behind the voice, that this was the entity that the Headmaster had summoned. It explained some things at least.

'Death?' he asked; his own thoughts weak within his mind.

'No,' came the soft reply, amusement plainly and gentle in the tone, 'But close. I am Darkness.'

Nodding mentally and in slight awe, he remembered the first statement, knowing that asking too many questions of such a powerful entity would not be wise, 'You said I had a choice to make?' he decided to ask directly, he was a Gryffindor after all.

A low chuckle reverberated within his mind, soothing his slightly frazzled nerves, he had just woken up from a battle after all, 'You do. A sacrifice was needed to summon me into this realm,' said the gentle voice, 'It is a willing sacrifice, and though I did not want it, it was required by the magic of the ritual,' came the explanation, and he remembered this from what Dumbledore had said. Still, he didn't know how this concerned him, 'The old mortal could not be it, though he was willing; he would have died within my realm, and I have no need for his soul, his magic or his blood. What I required as payment for being summoned was a young, willing companion, for though I have a great many subjects, they are raised to worship me since birth and are deferential to an extreme. It is a lonely existence.'

He could understand that, certainly. His people probably treated him like a god, someone to be admired and respected; someone who was to be viewed from afar, still, 'Why are you telling me this?' he asked.

A smooth, somewhat fond chuckle answered him, even as the cool hand started brushing his untidy hair, 'Simple, because your brother requested this of me. He was willing be come with me, to be the sacrifice of my summoning, but on one condition.'

Slightly wary, his hand tightening on his brothers grasp, he couldn't help but think of what would make his brother agree to such a thing, even if it didn't sound all that bad; Darkness seemed like a nice enough bloke, 'what condition?' he asked bluntly, but not rudely.

Amusement coursed through him once more, 'You two are very much alike, did you know that? Though your brother seemed far more eager with the arrangement,' came the teasing comment, 'As for the condition, well, there was actually more than one, really. He asked that you be allowed to go with him,' he was told simply.

'But that's still only one request,' he couldn't help but point out, thought he was extremely happy that his little brother was thinking about him still, and since they didn't really have anything left apart from each other, it was not a hard sacrifice to make. Truly, the notion of going with Darkness didn't seem all that bad, all things considered.

He leaned into the cool touch as Darkness continue to massage his scalp, it was bliss, 'Ah,' came the amused reply, 'but you must understand, you are on the verge of death, so truly, if I were to accept his condition, I would need to heal you as well, to bring you from the edge of Death's domain. Tricky, is it not?' Darkness was outright chuckling as he said this, the sound pleasant within his mind; relaxing, 'So you see now? This made his request slightly more complicated.'

'Then how can I be here if I am at the edge of death?'

'Because your brother is the most willing of those who offered themselves to me and his request was a worthy one. Death cannot stand against me,' and this statement was more that slightly perplexing, though he let it slide, 'so I am keeping you alive until you make your choice, for you have to willingly give yourself to me before I can do anything more. I cannot help you until then; the ritual magic will not allow me. And though only one sacrifice is needed, it is only the minimum that I can place for my summoning, should death not appeal to you; an extra sacrifice is not that big of a problem, the magic's will not oppose it.'

Relaxing more and more into the cool, soothing touch and noticing that his brothers grip seemed to become less desperate, he asked one final question, 'and what would be required of us within your realm?' he had to ask, though he already knew that he would accept.

'Companionship, friendship,' came the soft reply, 'anything that you are willing to share with me I will gladly accept. Your will will be your own and should you ever wish to return to your realm, I will make it possible. After all, the sacrifice is needed only because of the magic's used to summon me; I must conform to them, so I requested for the only thing that I do not have.'

He knew, even as the power of these words washed over him, that should he wish it, he would be returned to the Wizarding World right after the ritual were completed and darkness would not deny him, he could sense the beings honesty. Even in his loneliness, the eternal being would not force them to stay and was only asking for a sacrifice because of the magic of the summoning. Anyone else would probably do just that, go to satisfy the ritual magic's and asked to be returned straight after, but he knew his little brother too well, and he knew that he would stay with Darkness, that he would give him a chance, give him his friendship.

Maybe this was why Darkness had chosen Dennis above everyone else, and maybe that's why he was being told all of this, for he too would have willingly gone; This being, so powerful and so infinite, yet so lonely as well, only wanted a friend, and though they weren't the most powerful of wizards, nor the most popular, it didn't seem to matter that much, because even if they could be a bit hyper and excitable, they were still brave and loyal to a fault. They would do their best and try their greatest to become friends to this eternal being.

And with his mind made up, he gave his brothers hand a firm squeeze before resolutely answering, 'I will go with Dennis then, Darkness.'

Cool fingers caressed his face and a palm came to rest against his cheek even as cool lips pressed a light kiss upon his forehead, it was such a tender gesture, 'Then so be it, Colin Creevey, and call me Harry, it is my preferred name. Now sleep, near-death is not something you will easily recover from.'


He made a rare sight, if no less striking, walking completely nude through the Halls of Hogwarts; his stride leisurely and graceful. Still, his powerful build and bearing, his ethereal good looks and the strength that everyone could feel just oozing out of him held them in check. None of them could look away from him, and it was not because of his state of undress, for they could not really see any form of clothing being worthy of him; on the contrary, clothing would seem lewd and vulgar on his frame, offensive even.

So while there were many red cheeks within the inhabitants of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it was more because of the elation they felt and the celebrations still raging across the whole of the Wizarding World, than to the sight of the eternal being walking amongst them, looking perfectly natural in his state of undress; his long hair draping elegantly down his back.

Still, as he made his way to the Great Hall and the still opened summoning circle, everyone began to take more active notice of him; especially the boy sleeping peacefully in his strong arms, head lightly resting on a muscled shoulder, and the capsule of pure darkness that followed in his wake.

They stepped aside for him and showed only thankfulness and respect toward him and those he carried; they all knew that the Creevey brothers had agreed to fulfill the terms of his summoning, and they were already being lauded as heroes throughout the Wizarding World. Still, the tenderness in which Darkness held the younger of the two, and though Dumbledore had assured everyone that they would be treated well by the eternal being, seeing it with their own eyes was all the more comforting.

A crowd soon gathered in the Entrance Hall, to give their thanks, to see their saviors off, and to show respect to the being that had saved them. They congregated to see their departure, for it was surely a historical event seeing that everyone already knew that the Headmaster had only summoned him by mistake.

Dumbledore waited for him at the edge of the glowing circle, his eyes twinkling and his bearing lighter than anyone could remember seeing in years, "He has agreed then?" the old wizard asked, knowing to keep things brief.

Darkness inclined his head, a small smile on his lips, "They have."

No more words were needed. "Will young Mr. Creevey recover?" Dumbledore asked, knowing that Colin's condition was beyond anything Wizarding medicine was capable of.

"He will," Darkness answered and everyone could see the sleeping form of Colin Creevey within the confines of the capsule, as if he were surrounded by black glass. His breathing was even and his face peaceful, untroubled.

"Very well. Then on behalf of the witches and wizards of the world, I thank you," Dumbledore told him, giving a low bow, which everyone soon followed, whispering amongst themselves and craning their necks to get a better look at him all the while.

Nodding at them, Darkness began to step forward, the circle flaring as he entered it, and as he turned, shadows gathering at his feet, Dennis Creevey securely held in his arms, something stopped his departure and he paused.

It was faint at first but everyone turned silent as the rush of footsteps became audible, along with the desperate voice of a grieving mother, "Wait! Please, by Morgana, wait!"

Without regard for her surroundings, Narcissa Malfoy burst through the crowd, garnering more than a few sneering looks, her cheeks tear-stained and her hair in disarray. She ran toward the circle and skidded to a halt at its edge, kneeling there, at the ageless being's feet, as she regained her breath and pleaded with Darkness itself, "Please – please…take my son with you, I beg you – He will not make it otherwise," she got out before braking out into renewed sobs, having just heard from the rumors how he was able to help the older Creevey, who was in far worse shape than her own son, though no less critical.

Outrage began to show on the faces of those in the Hall and chaos was about to erupt at such a show of disrespect when the Shadows at Darkness' feet rose up and took Dennis in a gentle hold, even as the eternal being stepped out of the circle and kneeled in front of the blond aristocrat. With gentle hands, he tipped her chin so that she could look into his glowing green eyes, as if he were searching for something, before he nodded.

Silence quickly spread across the room once again as she threw her arms around him and sobbed into his shoulder, even as shadows raced across the walls and into the direction that Mrs. Malfoy had come from. It could have been minutes or hours, nobody knew, and yet nobody spoke in those long moments until the crowd quickly parted and the bloodied body of Draco Malfoy; weak, pale and shivering, approached the circle within a capsule of shadows.

He gently pulled the relieved mother up and placed a gentle hand on the blond boy's flushed face, which seemed to calm him immediately. The hand stayed there for a few moments and Draco seemed to fall into an easy sleep only moments afterwards. Not a word was spoken, and as Darkness stepped within the circle once more, only relived sobs and stunned disbelief remained in their wake as the circled flashed once and the four within it disappeared.


He awoke refreshed and warm, and so very happy! Voldemort was gone, his brother would be fine and a whole new adventure loomed ahead of him! His brain went from complete and utter rest to spinning wildly in a matter of moments. He remembered everything that had happened and he couldn't be happier with the result; a whole new future awaited him and his sense of adventure had never been so ignited, though he remembered being equally excited upon going to Hogwarts in his first year.

Even falling into the lake had been a blast!

He snuggled into the coolness beside him and hummed happily as he thought of what he would find when he opened his eyes: just what was the realm of darkness like? What would Darkness himself be like? Would there be exotic animals there? Would he be able to learn some new and strange magic? Would everything be dark and dangerous? Would the people of this realm welcome them warmly? Were there humans in this realm, or were darkness' subjects from another race? Just what kind of future lay ahead of him? He couldn't wait! And he squirmed a bit at his thoughts, especially now that he knew that Colin would be alright.

He loved his brother dearly, after all.

And okay, so he was repeating himself, but he was really excited about what he would see when he opened his eyes! Darkness had told him that they would be in his realm the next time he opened them, after all.

He wasn't even that surprised when the cool body beside him moved and strong arms wrapped around his slim waist, or even as the long legs of Darkness intertwined with his own. His imagination was simply too occupied to completely register these things. "Well hello there," came an amused voice, warm and caring and not at all irritated at being woken up by him, like his dorm mates usually were.

So what if he was an early riser?

Beaming a great big smile as he opened his blue eyes, he hugged Darkness back and chirped a greeting of his own as he looked into the glowing green eyes of his new friend. Determined to get to know the eternal being as much as possible, he opened his mouth to start a barrage of questions when something finally clicked in his mind, making him squeak slightly and his face turn a deep shade of red.

He was in bed. He was in bed with Darkness. And they were both completely naked!

He eeped as this realization hit him like a ton of bricks, and he tried to cover himself up and make himself smaller than he already was, though that was quickly prevented as he was gently pressed against a broad chest.

"Human modesty is certainly exaggerated," came Darkness's amused voice once more, still warm and relaxing in its deep, soothing tones. The hand carding through his flyaway blond hair quickly turned him into a mushy pile of goo, however, so he just calmed down and tried to ignore the feeling of bare skin against his own, of strong arms holding him tenderly, of a warm breath near his ear, of that soothing voice and the resonating beat of another heart close to his chest.

It was too much, though. Not used to all these sensations, all his nerves were tingling, and he was highly aware of every inch of skin in contact with his own. He was a teenage boy after all, and though he really hadn't given any consideration to liking other boys before, his body still responded to all of this stimulation, and it responded in a way not easily ignored.

In fact, he was hard even before he could register it. It was just that quick.

The flush that covered his face quickly spread throughout the rest of his body, and he buried his face in Darkness's glowing chest as he trying to stop himself from humping the thigh where his hard cock was pressed quite comfortably to.

Laughter surrounded him and he could feel the vibrations of it as if they came from his own chest, not to mention the very slight but delightful friction that such movement provoked, even as the hand that was carding through his hair stilled as it cupped one of his still flushing cheeks, pulling his face from where it was hidden so that he was looking once again into those bright eyes and tender, smiling face, "You do not have to worry, so please, do not be embarrassed, for you have nothing to be embarrassed about," he was told.

"But, well…I," he stuttered, turning redder by the moment even as his body involuntarily pressed itself against Darkness' firm thigh, sending a jolt of pleasure through his hardened flesh. Dear Merlin save him, he would die of mortification.

He was almost desperate to get away, thinking that his new friend would be disgusted with him and his lack of control. That any second now that warm laughter would turn mocking; Already different scenarios were running though his head, and seeing that he was usually ridiculed at school, it was not hard to figure out why his mind was thinking such thoughts.

But nothing of the sort happened, and the warm green eyes still watched him until that melodious voice interrupted his frantic thoughts, "I am sorry to embarrass you so. I had not considered that you would be so adverse to something that is looked on as common within my own world. You see, Dennis," he was told, even as the arms around him loosened, even as a hand began to rub his back soothingly, "here, within this realm, there is nothing that would hurt us or our body; no sunlight to burn our skin, no harsh weather that we need to protect ourselves against and no insects or creatures that would harm us, so we see no use for clothing of any type, and we see no shame in being without it. It is not prohibited or taboo because of this, and our culture does not allow us to be ashamed of the way we are, nor give us discomfort or any such thing. Indeed, skin to skin contact is a constant practice; its how we show care and affection, how we show gratefulness and appreciation. It is the way we live, a way that we communicate. Just like handshakes, nods and distant glances are accepted ways of greeting in your realm, so are hugs, kisses or a caress are the most common greetings within ours."

All though this explanation, which was said gently and with care, Dennis slowly met Darkness' eyes to see the truth within their depths, and his abundant curiosity was partly awakened by the prodding of those gentle words, "Then what about, erm…you know," he tried to ask, blushing harder and gesturing slightly with one hand, somewhat embarrassed when his twitching cock gave his thoughts away, never mind that it was pressed so tightly against the other man.

A tender chuckle issued forth from those coral lips, and the eternal being pulled him even closer, whispering the answer in his ear, "It is a precious gift, and a profound show of appreciation, why would you be embarrassed of it? Indeed, I can only feel flattered by such a thing. It is only natural, after all, especially at you age," he shivered slightly at that and the warm breath in his ear and his body betrayed him once again by almost arching against his companion when the other shifted slightly. Still, this did not prepare him for what Darkness said next, "Do you want some help to resolve this, maybe?" and the question was said so innocently too! Even as the hand that rested lightly on his hip hinted at just what kind of help was being offered.

Hallow Hecate in a girdle, what do you say to something like that? "B—but boys shouldn't do that…!" he got out, looking anywhere but at that beautiful face, both sharp and smooth and perfect. Ageless.

"Truly?" Darkness asked him, bewilderment tainting his tone, "And why ever not?"

And as he almost trembled in his companions arms, wanting to just rub himself against his cool skin, needing to find release, wishing and already imagining those chilly fingers against his heated flesh…! Dear Merlin! And why did that idle hand just have to start caressing his hips?

It didn't really take that long to make up his mind, and whatever his conscious was telling him, he firmly shoved it out of it and just went with his instincts as he nodded his ascent; instincts that told him that there was nothing wrong with this, that rutting against the eternal incarnation of all Darkness felt oddly right, that, Oh God, that that cool hand holding his hardness felt even better then he could have ever imagined.

So he forgot everything in those few moments and let himself simply feel, let his body simply react, and it was amazing. The air rushing into his lungs with unusual speed, the pulse of his blood within his veins, the pure heat that seemed to simply radiate from his body that only Darkness himself seemed to ease with his cool body.

When that delightful hand came away from his throbbing dick he almost whined, but then a silky mouth replaced it, licking and sucking gently, patiently, even as he was caressed tenderly and lovingly. He felt special and worshipped and nothing like he usually did. He felt new and extraordinary, not like scrawny little Dennis Creevey, but as if nothing else but him mattered, and as Darkness seemed to consume him, both figuratively and literally, for he could feel the power simply pouring out of his companion and wrapping around him like a silken caresses, he came almost violently and like never before; his whole body shuddered from it, his every blood vessel seemed to burst because of it, and every one of his nerves had come to live in an indescribable moment of pure, unbridled pleasure.

It was a hazy thought at that moment, but he knew that there had to be some magic involved.

A moment later he knew without a doubt that his left hand could never, ever compare. It had been firmly and inconsolably crushed by such wondrous competition, though honestly, there was never any contest; and if Darkness were a drug, then he was now utterly hooked after his first taste of it.

His companion swallowed all of his seed and licked him completely clean, again, gently and leisurely, as if this were a normal affair, before slowly making his way up, soothingly cool hands caressing his heated and flushed sides as he was once again pulled close; boneless and content and so utterly satisfied that he couldn't put words to it.

"Do call me Harry, dear one," came that gentle voice in his ear, and it sent a shiver running down his spine, since he could feel infinity in that soft voice; something that he hadn't even noticed before, "it is my preferred name."

And as he cuddled close to the ancient being, Harry, as he registered shortly, he decided that he might just have to learn more about this realm of darkness and its people, and soon, especially when he heard what Harry told him next, picking up their previous conversation, "Since we do not have any self imposed restrictions with our own bodies, what we just did is completely natural and even expected. It is just as big a part of our culture as the lack of clothing or the constant physical contact."

"I see," he murmured against Harry's graceful neck, having rolled on top of the other and making himself comfortable in the broad chest and silky-smooth skin, still cool to his touch. He could get used to this, if it was truly common.

"I hope it's not overwhelming?" he was asked, the tone of Darkness' words slightly concerned, as if he thought that everything could have been too much for him. But really, as he felt a warm gentle breeze against his bare skin and saw around himself for the first time at the spacious room and the enormous openings without windows, noting that though he could see perfectly there where no obvious light sources anywhere, as if everything was clear or illuminated by starlight, he thought that he could really get used to this.

And as his excitement began to gather once more, with the unknown looking back at him from the oddly lighted darkness, he concluded that it really was a good start to this strange and wonderful adventure, especially with those cool fingertips gently massaging his soft nether-cheeks. It was bliss, and it was comfortable; Natural, even. As if lying so close and so comfortably together, bare skin against skin, was only too right; expected, ordinary.

So when he leaned more into Harry's touch and pressed a feathered kiss on the other's neck, he didn't notice the odd sparkle that entered his companion's gentle eyes or the curve of those wonderful lips. There was hope reflected in those green irises.


It had been a very long time since he had been so entertained, but then, it had been an even longer time since he had truly taken human form. He had almost forgotten the feel of it, the taste of it. It was addicting, to be sure. He couldn't have predicted that he would be feeling as he did at the moment because of answering a botched summons, but he didn't regret it in the least.

And as he glanced at his short companion, who was practically skipping beside him, full of energy and enthusiasm, something that he found all too refreshing, not really bothered anymore by being nude, which had surprised him immensely, he felt more than content, and even slightly happy for the first time in some unknown centuries.

As it was, he was still trying to figure the energetic boy out, and even by interpreting his thoughts and emotions he was getting nowhere close to this goal. He was a cheerful contradiction; he had no real self-esteem, and at the same time, held a quiet confidence in himself. The boy, like his brother, was quite beautiful though, with his small stature and his pixie-like features. It was almost as if he had some fairy blood in his line. The silken blond, flyaway hair, which was a light chestnut in the older brother, the delicate nose, wide clear blue eyes and cupid lips were rather enticing, to be sure.

They were both slim, though not skinny, and had a wiry build that bespoke of speed and contained insurmountable amounts of energy, as he was still discovering. The defined muscles, extremely tempting ass and innocent air about them made them almost addicting to look at, and extremely alluring all at the same time. But then, maybe those kinds of looks weren't all that appealing on Earth, seeing that the boys really didn't think of themselves as any kind of beautiful. He really couldn't figure out why this was so, though, but then, mortals had very fickle minds, he knew.

Still, showing the young, enthusiastic teen around his abode, which was more like a large conglomeration of open pavilions and beautiful gardens, since there was really no need for a lot of closed spaces in his realm, was a treat in and of itself. True, he hadn't lived in it for quite a while, but it seemed that his subjects had kept the place in prime condition. He wasn't even bothered by the endless amounts of questions and chatter that spilled from those pretty lips, seeing that he had infinite amounts of patience; indeed, he found the freedom of expression, movement and feeling of the young man quite refreshing. So when they reached the terrace that had a view of the town below, he didn't even need to be asked or prompted and simply began explaining to Dennis about his people and the settlement itself.

"They are descendants of the first and only humans to summon me, many millennia ago. At that time, I had never taken a human form, and had lived as simple darkness, being everywhere and feeling everything. However, by the time that they called for me, their world was destroyed and their people dying, though I saved those that I could. It was this incident that made the other beings simply wipe out all memory of me and all information on how to summon me from every civilization. I was too powerful and at the same time, too kind; I did not fit into the mechanization and selfish wants of the beings that came after me."

It was a sad story, to be sure, but the slender arms that wrapped around him as the small boy embraced him made him pause and smile, even as his gaze returned to the village of his people and his arms wrapped themselves around the boy in turn, his cool hands caressing the skin beneath his fingertips, "I created this realm for them, and gave them a bit of my power, changing them. Now, they are a small but thriving people, with long fulfilling lives and a marvelously rich culture."

"You sound proud of them." Big blue eyes gazed at him in amazement while these words were uttered, and he didn't resist the urge to caress such a beautiful face, making his heart warm as the boy leaned into his touch, oh how he had forgotten these feelings. He cherished them and enjoyed them now, reveling in every gesture the young wizard showed him, even as he continued his tale.

In a way, he was proud. For these people who he had guarded and nurtured so long ago had never strayed from their path and never fell into the folly that so many other civilizations had fallen into.

He continued to tell the young boy about his realm and its history, though; of their customs and society; he told him about himself and of darkness, about eternity and existence. He showed him the three moons and the bright stars and the magic that he would soon be able to use.

And as they slept in each others arms and exchanged caring gestures, they got to know each other and understand their histories, even if his own was an extremely abridged version. Millennia, after all, couldn't be discussed in a few days.

Still, they didn't visit the village. Dennis still didn't feel completely ready to face this realms culture, though he was eager to learn more about it. Although at the same time, he wanted to wait until his brother was at his side as well, which should be soon enough since the older Creevey was already completely healed. Awaking was the only thing left for him to do.

Harry expected for the older brother to wake up pretty soon, actually, and the Malfoy boy should take no more than a day after that, if at all, which would prove interesting to say the least.

So it was a slight surprise that they found Colin wide awake and seating up in the wide flat bed when they went to pay him a visit. Dennis shot immediately toward his brother, tackling him in a massive hug while Harry walked leisurely behind him, amused at the rapid commentary that the youngest Creevey was giving his brother about everything that he had learned, everything he had experienced and everything that was still to take place, taking care to edge in a question or two about his brothers health and feelings into his barrage.

He was supremely amused when the chestnut haired boy replied with equal enthusiasm as they talked what seemed like another language of overlapping stories and questions and whatever else they felt like sharing. It was like a whole new tongue; he couldn't even help the smile that formed on his face upon witnessing it.

It was extremely cute.

Nevertheless, it seemed that Dennis had adapted much quicker than he had anticipated as well, seeing that he was sitting firmly in his brother lap, lovingly pressed against the other teen, much to the elder's embarrassment, given that he seemed highly aware and self conscious about their state of undress and lack of any available covering, though it didn't seem to deter him from pulling his younger brother close as they chattered about anything and everything, seemingly catching up. Indeed, his attempts at modesty were mostly absentminded, as if he were doing only a token attempt while secretly enjoying the close contact. Open affection was a treasure, and humans rarely indulged in it for some reason.

The two made for an endearing sight, that's for sure, so he decided to let them catch up.

Leaving those two alone, he silently crossed to the other side of the room, if it could be called that, where the platinum blonde was sleeping peacefully, now fully recovered. He was a rather handsome boy whose looks vastly differed from their own. Where Harry was tall, dark and strong, though in no way bulky, Draco Malfoy was light, lithe and graceful. He was tall where the Creevey's were petite, and his face was sharp where theirs were soft.

When he sat down on the bed and cupped a pale cheek, he was surprised to feel just how well the boy was, even as the blond shifted to curl closer to him; an intriguing reaction. Maybe introducing this one to his realm and their customs wouldn't be as difficult as he had thought, though that was yet to be seen. He gave the boy a soft kiss on the forehead and turned when Dennis called for him, mischief shining in his already brighter eyes. A side effect of his magic changing him so that he could live in his realm; already he was sure that the boy could see perfectly in the dark, though he wasn't sure if he had noticed it and was still trying to find a light source.

"Hello there Colin, how are you feeling?" he asked the blushing and stammering boy when he was close enough and wondered what made the outgoing and chatty teen react in such a matter.

"He's feeling more than alright, Harry! See?" Dennis answered cheerfully instead, gesturing to the very hard cock fisted in his hand, even as his brother tried feebly to detach it. Well, maybe the boy had gotten a bit too used to his realm already, he thought, shaking his head slightly in amusement. The fact that his brother's protests were meager at best proved that Colin would have a lot less trouble than his brother. After all, it had taken a great many explanations and demonstrations for Dennis to get over his preconceived notions, not to mention quite a bit of physical affection.

Still smiling, he watched the token protests and stifled groans even as the elder Creevey decided that it was a loosing battle and simply started thrusting into his brother's hand, something that he seemed to have been restraining. A triumphant sound echoed throughout the area as Dennis crowed in victory, "Aha! I knew it! You're completely bent!" he exclaimed, pointing at brother, who had turned around when his cock was released, seemingly embarrassed. A small frown settled on his features at this crude remark, but it quickly eased as the younger boy quickly noticed his brother's discomfort and hugged him from behind, pressing his own erection at his brothers back and gesturing to him, "C'mon Harry, I need your help here. I really botched it up with that comment," he said, more to his brother than him.

It was a very erotic sight, watching the two brothers as they were, Colin being a slightly darker shade of cream, which only came out more with his darker hair. He shook his head and stopped his musings at seeing Dennis' expectant look, so he gently stepped into the bed and sat down before gently wrapping his arms around Colin and humming slightly as the boys throbbing cock was firmly pressed against him.

It was a wonderful feeling.

Quickly reading the mood and both boy's thoughts and emotions, he took a slight risk and pulled the older boy up, almost onto his lap, and captured his lips in a tender kiss. It calmed him down at once, and he was soon relaxing completely as their lips danced against each other and their tongues shared their first contact.

Dennis had settled down as well after a few gentle caresses to his sides, and the boy started stroking his brother's sides, chest and front, while making his way down and extending his hand to help his brother out while he kissed and nipped at Colin's bum, which was firmly exposed while Harry half-carried him, making the older boy buck into Harry's cool skin.

Harry, for his part, continued kissing the boy, enjoying the warmth that radiated from his slim frame, along with the puffs of breath that he could feel close to his neck as he gently sucked in an earlobe. He did not allow himself to grow aroused, however, since his control was rather severe in that respect, especially since Colin had only now awoken. When they were more in control of themselves, and not solely reacting because of all the new sensations that they were experiencing, then he would show them real pleasure.

Besides, they still had choices to make.

For now, he kissed them gently and helped them adapt and grow comfortable in their own skins and desires. And as Colin arched severally into him he cupped Dennis' face, bringing him up from where he was enthusiastically licking the back of his brother's balls, having gone on his back to do this, and gave him a tender kiss, calming him down and maneuvering him so that he was besides Colin, who immediately latched onto his younger brother, rubbing his hardness against Dennis' heated flesh, even as he encompassed the both of them with his arms.

Then again, they made quite a sight as they moved against each other while still sitting on his lap, their limbs in a tangle.

Humming slightly as he watched the lithe figures writhing sensuously against each other, he couldn't help but admire them. They were truly enticing. And as they became slightly distracted, he moved into a better position, pulling his legs from under them by using a bit of his power to hover them off his lap. He placed a cool hand in each of their heated backs and began caressing; soothing their frantic rhythm. They would end too quickly if they continued on as they were, and he didn't want that.

At all.

Calling up the surrounding shadows and becoming a part of them, he began kneading at their tense muscles with the cool darkness, finding their small murmurs of ecstasy quite addicting, even as he placed kisses in their hips when he reached the position that he truly wanted.

Slowly, gently, he untangled their legs a bit, amused at how they complied so readily, whispering into each others ears, eyes closed and bodies wanting, hugging each other fiercely. He already knew that Dennis was telling Colin and it was quite flattering. So as he kissed his way toward their throbbing erection, still pressed tightly together, glistening from frantic efforts, he couldn't help but pause and lick his lips before swallowing them both whole.

And dear darkness, how wonderful did those shudders feel against his cool skin, even as those slim heated bodies arched at his every touch and moaned at his every action; their legs quickly intertwining once again, though this time in a more comfortable position, even as he massaged their pert little bums with each of his roaming hands.

He sucked their joined erections gently, his long hair creating a curtain across their laps as his power and his shadows continued to roam across their wanton bodies. They soon fell into a smooth rhythm and the two boys clutched at each other as they rode the overwhelming sensations that surrounded them; from the feel of their hard heated flesh against each other, to the absolutely sinful way that Harry's cool mouth surrounded and engulfed both of them, as if he were going to devour them, tongue twirling around them.

The shadows glancing at their skin and the nimble fingers in their rears added a whole new level of sensation, and when they came, their orgasms tore from them as if from the very bottom of their beings, leaving them sweating and panting even as Harry languidly lapped up their seed.

When the eternal being made his way upwards, sitting up and pulling them once more into his lap, he kissed the both of them tenderly and settled in between them as they finally lied down, his green eyes glowing more than ever before. They didn't hesitate to take each of his shoulders to rest their heads against as they close their eyes, Colin falling immediately asleep, too tired to remain awake for much longer while thinking that he might enjoy it here very much indeed.

Dennis, on the other hand, began to trace idle patterns on Harry's glowing skin as he recovered from the haze of pleasure in which he was immersed. It wouldn't be long before he would regain enough energy to start speaking once more, and Harry was more than ready for when that happened. For now, he was content in the warmth that surrounded him, well aware of the glazed grey eyes that were watching them even now.




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