Revisionist Series

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Chapter One-After Prom

Langston Wilde stared out the window of Markko's car. It was a long drive from the high school to her house. She could not believe that he had just kissed her. It made her so happy. She had wanted him to kiss her for weeks. He really was a freak, but so was she. She had finally had her first kiss. It made her so happy. She had to act tough, because that is what everyone expected of her. She really so many times just wanted to be an average girl. That is all she ever wanted. Life could just be so complicated sometimes.

Markko Rivera thought about how different his life was. This night had not ended the way he thought it would. He thought that he would be taking Starr home, but truth be told, he really wanted to go with Langston. He just did not know how to read her most days. Some days, she acted like she hated him, but other days she was human and not such a freak, like tonight. He knew that the silence had to be broken, but was worried about what would happen when it finally was. "Hey freak, you got to tell me where to go. We have been driving around for over an hour now."

"Who you calling a freak? You're the freak. What time do you have to be home, anyway?"

"My mom told me that I could stay out until two. How about you?"

"Well, my parents are out of town. They are Children's Rights Activists. You could come over and watch TV or something, if you want."

Markko was trying desperate to figure out what she wanted him to do. "Yeah, that would be cool."

They turned down Langston's street. Finally, he pulled up in front of her house. They walked in her house hand-in-hand. Langston said, "Hey, I will go get us a couple of sodas and stuff. Why don't you take your jacket off and see what 's on TV?"

"Sure." He took off his jacket, and sat down. Something about her house seemed so empty. He really would not mind getting to know her better. She really was incredible. She came back in the room and handed him a soda. There was some bad old movie on. She sat down next to Markko.

He absently put his arm around her. "So, prom huh? It was a strange night."

"I know. I had a good time towards the end. But, can you believe Mrs. McBain?"

"I kept thinking when I kissed you that she was going to jump out of the bushes and scream, "See, I told you."

"Yeah, she told me that you and I have chemistry."

"What do you think, Freak? Do you think we do?"

Langston had to laugh. 'I don't know. I really don't know what is happening with us. But, maybe we—"Markko silenced her with a kiss.

She pulled him back on the couch. She deepened the kiss in a way that she never even knew that she knew how to. He opened his mouth and she accepted his tongue. She broke the kiss. "Markko, what is going on with us?"

"Let's not think about it, tonight."

She pulled him back into a kiss where they stayed until his cell phone rang. He pulled away. "It's my mom. Hi, mom. Good. I just was dropping off a friend. Ok. I will be home soon. Bye. My mom wants me home in a few minutes. I better go."

She walked him to the door. She stood at the door and looked at him. He gave her one last kiss. "Bye, freak. See you tomorrow."


Langston closed the door so unsure about everything. She wished that she knew what was going to happen with Markko. She was so crazy about him, but knew somehow that she had turned into a pumpkin, and tomorrow would go back to hating him, when she really cared about him and wanted to be with him.

Markko drove down the street confused. He wished that he had the courage to ask him to be his girlfriend. But, something was holding him back. He could not wait to see her tomorrow, but knew that tomorrow, he would mercilessly tease her, and they would remain not a couple for now.

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