Home Is Not Always What You Think

A/N: Once again, the show went and upset me leaving Langston and Markko hanging. They went back to the high school today, but do they show Langston and Markko?!?! No. Is it too much to ask that we see them more than once a week. Enough with my rant, this usually helps. Enjoy!

Markko looked at Langston, at a loss for words. "She blew you off?" Langston nodded.

"I know that you said I am not acting like her best friend, but how can I when she's just ignoring me? Langston was more upset about this thing than she let on before. She could not believe that Starr just blew her off. She really wanted to fix things. She was not ready to truly forgive Starr for what she said, but she knew that Markko had a point too. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her.

"I feel responsible. I made you try to talk to her." Langston did not say anything back. She was so tired of dealing with all of this. "We both have a free period now. Do you want to go home for a while?"

"Home? Where is that exactly? Dorian gave our house to our chef. I mean, they have been nice enough to let me stay for now but what's going to happen to me, Markko?"

He looked at her, unsure what to say. He grabbed her hand. "Come with me."

"Markko, where are we going?"

"Just stop asking so many questions." She went with him, unsure where he was taking her.


When they arrived there, she was shocked. "Markko, I don't know about this. We could get in trouble."

"Would you stop over thinking things? It is still for sale and you still have a key, right?" She looked at the front door that she had come in and out of so many times in her life, unable to move.

"Yeah I do." She handed him her keychain, and he unlocked the door. "You wanted to know what was home. This is home, Langston."

She started to tear up. "Not anymore, it is not. There's not even any electricity or anything. Everything that it once was is gone." He wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Look closer. It is full of memories, and I know that someday it will sell, but those will never go away."

She cried on his shoulder. "Why do I keep losing every home I have?"

"Langston, I wish I could explain to you why Dr. Lord did this, but I know for now, I thought this would help you feel like you belong, even a little bit."

She tried to smile. "It did. You are amazing." She went over and sat on the couch. He grabbed a blanket from where he remembered they were, and sat with her. "Will you lay down with me like we did so many times before?"

He smiled at her. "Of course, I will." He lay down and pulled her into his arms.

"Are you okay, Lang?"

"What do I do about Starr?"

"I honestly don't know. I thought you just talking to her would work. She's just going through stuff. She cares."

"Why do you keep taking her side?"

"Langston, she's my friend, but you are the reason. I know that you care about her and I hate seeing how much this is tearing you up."

"Really? You weren't taking her side?"

"No, what she said about your dad was so wrong. Even with her going through a hard time, that was inexcusable. Langston, we've been together a long time and I know how much she means to you. That is why it is important that you talk to her."

She smiled at him. "I love you, you know that?"

"I have a pretty good idea, but you can always tell me again."

She laughed. "Haha, you think you're so funny, aren't you?"

"I know I am." She cuddled close to him.

"So, do you think that it would be silly even if I had good memories of La Boulaie even though I didn't live there long?"

"No, it is normal. It was your home after you lost everything." He wrapped his arms around her tight.

"I remember when you chased me through the kitchen with the water gun, when we made out after Dorian took me for an abortion."

"I remember that. That was really amazing, even if you did make me go home."

"You know why, right?"

"Because of Dorian?"

"She was already so mad that you lied to her that the last thing she needed to see was us all over each other on the couch."

"How do you know we would have been all over each other?"

"Please, we were all over each other as it was and you were trying to lay me down."

"You weren't complaining when I bit your finger, were you?"

She smiled at him. "We've made some great memories there and here, haven't we?"

"We sure have. I told you I loved you the first time right over there, and you freaked."

She smiled at him. "You just pulled it out of nowhere; I was too scared to tell you I was so in love with you. So, instead, I just showed you by kissing you."

"That was a hot kiss too, well several hot kisses."

She smiled. "You are always there for me, even when I think you're being rude and not taking my side. It is still that you are trying to help me."

He kissed her. "I always will too. I love you forever."

"I love you forever, too."

"Lang, I know that right now you feel like you have no home. Do you still have the key I gave you?"

"Of course I do."

"Then, you do have a home. Whenever you feel lost or alone, you will always have a home with me."

"What about your parents?"

"I don't care. You are everything to me and I will never lose you."

She kissed him and they laid there and kissed passionately, like they had so many times on that very couch. Langston knew that things would be okay, as long as she had him.