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"You know what, teme? You gained weight," A blond haired teenager dragged his feet in exhaustion as he walked through the evacuated streets of Konoha. A raven-haired teen about the same age as him was unconscious on his back.

He looked up from his feet, to see the hospital straight ahead of him. He smiled slightly as he walked through the doors only to be mobbed by several medics, slipping his unconscious teammate off his back and tending to both their wounds. The blond fell onto the bed he was being pushed onto and soon succumbed to the exhaustion that had been plaguing him.

"Now this is a vacation," Ino mumbled in delight as she slipped into the steaming water of the hot springs resort. "I can't believe Hokage-sama gave us 2 months off."

"Well we have been on non-stop missions for what? 2 months in a row? Besides, we need the distraction," Ten Ten observed from next to Ino.

"But we haven't seen our friends and family for that long either," Hinata said quietly. They all looked down into the depths of the clear water.

"That is probably the other reason," Ino said softly. Ten Ten and Hinata looked at her, slightly confused by her statement. "Sakura has been working non stop since her parent's deaths. Tsunade-shishou probably wants her to relax." They all sighed and nodded. The door slid open and the three kunoichi looked up to see Sakura, a towel held up to her front walking towards them.

Ever since that day 3 months ago, Sakura had been silent. She rarely spoke, or laughed. She had two facial expressions, emotionless and blank. Ino had tried everything to get her out of the emotionless pit she had fallen into but nothing worked. Ino suddenly smiled turning to face Sakura as the pink haired teen slipped into the water, leaving her towel in a pile next to the edge. One thing had been gently forcing Sakura to become her old self.

The knuckle-headed blond who had been the one to tell her, her parents were dead. The one who had staid up all night holding her as she cried. The one who dropped everything to tend to her every need.

That stupid baka. Ino smirked. Naruto would always be there for Sakura. No matter how sad she had been in the last 3 months, Naruto had gotten her out of the pit. He took her out training, out for food, even for a simple stroll around the village. And on the rare occasions when Ino had seen them together, the glimmer was back in Sakura's eyes, her face lit up with a smile or laughter at Naruto's stupidity. The more time Sakura spent with Naruto the more she became her old self.

"Ne, Sakura? Doesn't this water feel nice?" Sakura nodded and suddenly smiled at Ino. They all seemed to jump a little at her smile. It was small and warm.

"Yeah. I haven't felt warmth like this for a long time now," She leaned her head back against the stone ledge and looked up into the midnight purple sky. "It feels so much better than the cold." She smiled and closed her eyes, sinking slightly deeper into the crystalline water. Water was suddenly splashed onto her face. Sakura jolted up and scowled at the giggling Ino and Ten Ten.

"What's with the ever stoic Sakura?" She splashed her again. Sakura smirked and splashed back. Ten Ten soon joined Ino's side. The girls laughed and giggled until they all splashed the timid Hinata who joined Sakura's team. After 30 minutes the girls went into change, their hair and towels sopping wet from the water fight. Hinata and Ten Ten left the room to get a table at the restaurant in the lobby, long lavender bath robes hugging their curves. Sakura was about to leave, when Ino cornered her.

"So, are you going to answer my question? What happened to the cold and emotionless Sakura that has been here for the past 3 months?" Sakura looked away. The past 3 months passing in front of her eyes. An image suddenly appeared in her mind and she closed her eyes savoring the warmth coming from the smile.

"I guess I got tired of the cold and finally found something warm," She looked at Ino, her eyes glimmering as she smiled warmly at her. Ino smiled as the two of them walked away from the changing rooms and headed towards the restaurant. As they neared the table where Ten Ten was waving from, Ino finally spoke, glancing at Sakura.

"You fell in love with him, didn't you?" Sakura stopped as Ino continued on for several steps before stopping and turning around, her hand resting on her hip.


"You fell in love with the warmth he brings you, ne, Sakura?"

"What the hell do you mean you found him in the middle of the training grounds like this?!" Tsunade screamed at Kakashi as a stretcher being wheeled out of the Emergency Room passed behind her. Kakashi cowered away from her slightly, keeping the emotionless expression on his face.

"That's what I said, Hokage-sama," He said softly. She growled and watched the medics wheel the stretcher into a nearby room. She sighed. "How is he, by the way?" She turned and looked at the masked Jounin.

"Stable for now. I... I don't know why he is in this condition. Judging from where you found him, he overdid his training, but…" Kakashi waited for the rest. "That doesn't make much sense considering how low his chakra is."

"Tsunade-sama, doesn't that support the idea of him collapsing from training to hard? Especially since he just got out of the hospital," Kakashi added ruefully.

"No. He has such an unlimited chakra source that no matter what he should have a certain amount of chakra but his chakra levels are below where they are normally," She looked at the slightly stunned Jounin. "He could have collapsed because even trying with a Rasengan which he can do no problem normally, could have drained him of the chakra he needed to stay conscious, and he usually uses Kage Bushins in his training so that adds more strain to his body and chakra levels." Kakashi nodded despite getting very little of what she said.

"So basically, there is something else causing this?" They began to walk to a room as medical nin exited, glancing back over their shoulders. The Hokage and Kakashi stood in the doorway watching the heavy breathing of the blond in the hospital bed. The curtains were drawn and a wet towel was draped across his sweat covered forehead.

"That's what everything seems to point to," Tsunade said crossing her arms. "Besides, have you ever seen Naruto take a break in the last 3 months? I wouldn't be surprised if stress caused him to collapse."

"Ah. He has been working non-stop, as a shinobi and as a friend," Tsunade nodded and closed the door.

"Let's just hope he gets better before she gets back or we might have a min crisis on our hands,"

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