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She was sprawled out on his couch, wrapped in the blanket she had always covered him with after a long day of training. She'd fallen asleep looking at magazines, pages opened to pictures of mother's holding children and families bundled together. Books lay scattered around her as she lay in his apartment. She hadn't been allowed to work in weeks, due to his death, her grief and her quickly developing condition. It was a miracle she was still standing. It was a miracle she hadn't left the village.

Tsunade had talked to her the day of the funeral, the edginess brought on by the final Uchiha's vengeful path that had helped lead to the events the prior week. Kakashi and Shizune had been nearby, engaging Sakura's friends in conversation to give her complete privacy. Sakura had looked up when asked if she had ever considered revenge. Tsunade's brown eyes had been glistening with fear and rage, tears barely kept within their barriers.

It was odd to see her smile at such a dismal occasion. "He made me promise him. I'm not allowed to abandon myself, the person he loved, for something as spiteful as revenge. I can't break that final promise."

Somehow, the ghostly smile of a broken woman had allowed all suspicion to pass. The topic was never brought up again. However, her grief stricken body gave way to the appeal that she not live alone. She didn't object to their comforting presences.

The house was always filled with people, some spending the night, other coming their after missions. It was the unofficial meeting place for the group of friends. They had plenty to talk about, plenty to celebrate and plenty to remember.

Sakura had found a camera hidden in a closet, where the giant leather bound book fit perfectly and spent every moment snapping pictures and adding to the book. The leather bound book, that looked warn around the edges was a photo album. It held every memory from the time he was 12 to the day he died. No one knew how he could have kept the whole thing a secret form everyone, especially Sakura as they had spent several months alone together on the road. It remained a little mystery that had slipped away into the cracks of the leather.

This leather bound book that contained everything about him; his emotions and thoughts, was sitting on the table, just out of her reach as she slept. The golden words etched into the cover flashed as late afternoon sunrays splashed through the curtains, casting shadows of people long since gone around her. It was this album of memories that allowed for him to never be lost. His warmth was imprinted into the pictures.

The majority of the pictures were of Team 7. The last Uchiha had only left a bookmark to be remembered by. Sasuke had disappeared just as he had done before. The bookmark was an oddly sentimental picture that Kakashi had obviously taken and Naruto had stolen to add to his collection. The three of them were sprawled out on the ground after a mission in a three pointed star, their heads almost touching one another's as they had a random moment of peace in their hectic genin days. It was a rare moment of happiness that lit up her face upon seeing their serene expressions.

Sakura smiled as the sun hit her face, her green flickering open. She stretched slowly and sat up, her baggy clothes hiding her growing figure. They caught site of the glittering and read the words allowed, a smile gracing her lips.

The warmth of my smile,

Shall reach through my memories

And illuminate my future to all.

She rubbed her stomach through her clothes and smiled. "To think his poetic side was so prominent. Maybe you'll have that side of him."

Sakura kissed her finger tips and ran them over the name at the bottom of the cover before standing and answering the door as a knock echoed through. The sound of someone tripping and the teasing and laughter afterwards engulfed the room and the name upon the album glittered all the brighter at the happiness.

Uzumaki Naruto, The future lies in my past.

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