Chapter 99:

Haley held on with everything she had. She was so close, mere seconds away, she could practically taste it. Beth was screaming in agony from the pain in her lower back, inflicted by Haley's Sharpshooter. Haley had locked in and had no intentions of releasing her submission hold. And since they were no where near the ropes, Beth had to find a way to get out of it, or tap out to prevent serious damage to her back.

"What do you say Beth?" Mike Chioda repeated his question, staying crouched down on the blonde's level. He wanted to call for the bell immediately should Beth submit and make sure Haley did nothing illegal during her hold.

Beth just screamed louder. She twisted and turned, thrusting upwards in an attempt to buck Haley off her lower back, but the brunette wouldn't budge. She had years of horse riding experience to attribute to her steady hold.

The Glamazon came to a harsh conclusion. The rookie, of all the Divas backstage, had her beat. She couldn't dislodge her and she couldn't withstand the pain any longer. With a sigh of defeat, Beth raised her palm and slapped the canvas several times, forfeiting the match and her Championship.

Mike Chioda immediately rose to his feet. "It's over! Ring the bell!" He signaled to the time keeper. "It's over, Haley. Let go!"

"She did it, King!" JR shouted wildly. "Haley has beaten Beth Phoenix! The Glamazon tapped to the Sharpshooter! We have a new Women's Champion!"

"New puppies!" King added. "Congratulations, Haley!"

The moment Beth tapped to Haley's Sharpshooter, back in the Gorilla, Hunter shouted in glee and punched a fist to the air. "That's my girl!" He stared at the monitor in wonder. "She did it! I knew she would!"

"Way to go, Haley!" Randy forgot his contempt for Hunter for a brief moment to agree with him. "It's about time!"

"I'll say." John Cena nodded, wishing that he hadn't screwed up so bad. He wanted nothing more than to celebrate such a fantastic moment with her.

There was excited shrieking from behind them, as multiple Divas filed into the Gorilla and towards the curtain. Candice led them out onto the stage, cheering loudly and applauding, as they started down the extended ramp.

Back in the ring, Haley released the hold in shock, even as Gavin DeGraw began to play again. Mike Chioda went to retrieve her prize, while Lilian rose to announce the victor.

"Here's your winner, and the new WWE Women's Champion, Haley Mariano!" Lilian sounded enthusiastic, as she stated a phrase Haley had only dreamed of hearing.

Mike handed Haley her new belt. "Congratulations." He informed her, lifting her free hand up to show the victor.

Haley stared at the gold she held in her hands, WWE Women's Champion was emblazoned with bold red type and it was all hers. The letters became blurred by tears of joy, as she climbed the nearest turnbuckle. They spilled over onto her cheeks, as she held up the belt in one hand and saluted the crowd with the other.

"Yes!" She jumped off and paid the other three turnbuckles the exact same treatment, posing with her new Championship.

She was just stepping off the last one when the other Divas entered the ring. Unable to hold back sobs, Haley flung her arms around Candice, crying into her best friend's shoulder.

"You did it, babe!" Candice rocked her back and forth with her good arm. "You kicked ass. We're all so proud of you!"

Haley pulled back only to be hauled into hurricane Mickie, who was jumping up and down with excitement. "You absolutely rock!" Mickie exclaimed. "You manhandled the Manazon!"

Haley giggled and hugged Michelle McCool next. Although the blonde was on SmackDown, Haley still felt that they were incredibly close and Michelle seemed to feel the same way. "Congratulations, Haley! You earned it!"

"Thanks Michelle." Keeping the belt over her shoulder, since she wasn't ready to put it down yet, she hastily wiped her eyes and accepted hugs from Maria and Ashley.

"That was one hell of a show, Haley." Ashley nodded in approval. "Ding dong, the bitch is dead!"

Haley laughed gain and shared an embrace with Kelly Kelly, who had been a victim of the Glamazon back at the end of October. "Great job, Haley, truly inspirational."

Haley even exchanged a brief squeeze with Cherry, whom she didn't know that well. "Congratulations!" The retro blonde offered.

"Thank you." Haley blinked back another wave of tears. She only wished that Torrie Wilson could have been here tonight. She missed her other blonde friend.

"HALEY! HALEY! HALEY!" Candice began to clap and shout her friend's name, involving the crowd, while the other Divas joined in.

A Haley chant waved through the crowd at Candice's insistence and Haley could only blush in gratitude for their support. She may have had all the fancy training and the heart to get through the match, but it was the support from the fans that made her shine. Without them, Haley would just be another face sitting in the locker room backstage, waiting for a chance.

Rick, the ever faithful Sign Guy, was grinning broadly in the front row. He had been easy to spot thanks to his bright red hat that he was never without. He bent down to grasp the sign he had placed down for him to be able to clap and cheer. Haley Mariano, the Women's Champion in heart! It read.

Haley blew him and the rest of the cheering crowd a kiss. If it was possible, their ovation grew louder, but she was unaware of its source. She was also oblivious to the fact that her friends were discreetly slipping out of the ring. She was so caught up in the moment and the belt she now held in her grasp. Her dreams were finally coming true.

The mat beneath her feet shifted slightly with the addition of new weight. She glanced over to see the other half of her dreams entering the ring. He was positively beaming at her, truly happy for her accomplishment. The mere sight of him brought the flood of tears back to her eyes. How had she gone from being completely miserable to having almost everything she'd ever wanted?

Dave crossed to her, his dark eyes twinkling with emotion. "You were wonderful, Haley, definitely the best match I've ever seen you have."

She swallowed the lump in her throat. "I did it." She murmured, almost in disbelief.

"Yeah baby." He reached up and brushed the stray tears off her cheeks. "You did it. I'm so proud of you."

Suddenly a large bright grin erupted over her features. "I'm proud of me too."

He chuckled and lifted her up into his arms, much to the crowd's delight. "I love you, Haley."

"I love you too." She leaned towards his face and pressed her mouth against his in a sweet, romantic kiss.

She was completely breathless when he pulled away. She hesitated to open her eyes, wanting to savor this entire moment. So Dave caught her completely by surprise by jerking her up so that she sat upon his shoulder. He began to walk around the ring to show her off to the crowd. So she did what came naturally, she held her belt up high over head and laughed in pure delight.

He placed her back down and helped her out of the ring. He kept one arm around her, as they exchanged high fives with the fans going up the ramp. Haley was reveling in her victory and her newfound romance. There was absolutely nothing that could ruin her high right now.

"Let's just hope the rest of the night turns out this good." Batista kissed the crown of her head. "It certainly is one for the ages."

"It won't." She shook her head and smiled at him. "This whole moment, is arguably the best in my entire life. Nothing else can top that, no other matches."

"You deserve it!" Dave squeezed her shoulders, before stepping back once they reached the top of the ramp, allowing Haley to have her moment.

Haley turned around to face the crowd one last time, surveying the faces that surrounded her, cheering for her. She wasn't lying when she told Dave that it was arguably the best moment in her life. She had achieved a lifelong goal and found love with the most incredible man. She couldn't think of anything that could top that.

Gripping her belt in both hands, Haley raised it high above her head. "Ah!" She let out a warrior cry.

A new Era had begun in her life. It was the Era of her Championship reign and her new romance with Batista. Both of which, she was determinedly to make last for a very long time. As she looked over her shoulder at Dave, who was clapping for her, she was determined to make him last indefinitely.

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Satisfied, Haley Mariano hit the save button on her laptop and posted the blog on Rolling her shoulders too loosen up, she raised her arms above her head and stretched, yawning in the process. She was physically spent.

Glancing over at the clock on her night stand, she noticed that it was now one am. She had been working on for two hours now. It was time for bed. She loved every moment of being the champion, but it did get exhausting at times. Her autograph signings and appearances doubled, her amount of matches during the week had increased too and she had very little time to herself, much less time to visit her boyfriend.

But, Dave's schedule was just as jam packed as hers was. It had been almost month ago at the last pay-per-view that she had seen him and though they spent most of their free time on the phone with one another, it wasn't nearly as satisfying.

She didn't have to worry about that tonight; however. Her bed was not empty waiting for her, there was a figure currently passed out in nothing but boxer briefs. He had been so jet lagged when he arrived that he barely managed to shower, before collapsing on the bed in exhaustion. So, Haley decided to post a blog and update her page, while he slept. She was just happy to be physically in the same room with him.

Batista was doing a special guest appearance on RAW tomorrow night. It was kind of an Evolution reunion. Batista would team up with the WWE Champion, Triple H and they would take on the briefly reunited Rated RKO. It promised to be a good match for the main event. And, since Vickie would be accompanying Edge without a doubt, Hunter had already asked Haley to come down with him and her boyfriend. She would always oblige Hunter, for everything he'd done for her, even though she had a mach earlier that night.

Dressed in only short shorts and a Punishment Unleashed shirt, she crossed over to the bed and slipped in beside him. Snuggling up to his chest, she began to trace patterns along his abdomen, taking the time to go over the outline of the sun tattoo around his naval. The Animal began to stir, grunting slightly in his sleep.

Haley pressed her lips in the crook of his shoulder, smiling when he moved. He was slowly but surely coming out of whatever dream he was in. A part of her hated to wake him, but another part of her had missed him like crazy and she had let him sleep for two hours at least. That and she didn't plan to keep him up too long.

He moved quickly. She shouted in laughter, when he jerked her up and on top of him, his eyes open and now awake. His smile was still slightly drowsy, but he was up for the most part. She couldn't help but grin down at him lovingly.

"As far as wake up calls go, you sure as hell beat my clock radio." His voice was thick and rough with sleep. "You look a hell of a sight better too."

"I should hope my beauty surpasses that of a clock." She laughed and ran her fingers through his hair, which was growing in again. It was nice and full so her fingers could get lost in it.

"Your beauty surpasses that and a whole lot more." He let his hands rest on her lower back. "God, I've missed you."

"No more than I've missed you." She shook her head and they brushed noses. "This whole being on different brands thing sucks."

He chuckled deeply. She felt it rumble up through his chest. "That is does. You could always bring the title over to SmackDown!" He teased.

"And fight Victoria, Natalya, Layla, Lena and Eve? No thanks. I've got enough with the bitches here. That new girl, Katie Lea is starting up a fuss about getting a title shot." Haley rolled her eyes. "Mickie kicked her ass last week and she lost to Maria a week before."

"So she's got an ego, you can handle it. You dealt with Randy for months." He joked, rubbing his hands up and down her back. "At least you're not dealing with Edge all the time, talk about ego. Don't you have a non title match against her tomorrow night anyway?"

"Yeah and she's going to bring her oaf of a brother, who loves to interfere. Maria had Brian with her at the time and Cody came out when he put his hands on Mickie." She sighed. "I just shouldn't be facing her if she can't beat them and I don't want to be in a title match with her. I'd rather face Jillian with my belt on the line."

"Are you going out alone?" A frown marred his handsome features.

"No, valet works both ways. I've got Jericho in my corner. Holy crap!" Her eyes widened and she giggled. "I'm going out three times tomorrow night! I've got my match, Chris's match which is against Cena, by the way, how awkward is that? And, I'm coming down with you and Hunter at the end of the night."

"Looks like the crowd's going to be enjoying you tomorrow night." Dave laughed and kissed her forehead. "I know I enjoy you."

She beamed at him. "I love you, Dave."

"I love you too, Haley." He held her tight. "More than anything."

She sighed in contentment when his mouth found hers. Life was good. A lot of things had happened over the past eleven months, but she could truthfully say she was completely over it.