After he lost Rosette, he wandered the world. Every year, though, he still came back. He was anchored to that grave, that place where he had lost his new life. He had to go back.

But for eight years he never let himself grow close to anyone, moving on every few weeks. He saw the whole world, but only glimpses of the lives on it. The memories of the last two people he was close to haunted him as much as he treasured them.

Then, he gave up. Everything he saw was meaningless. He had wanted to explore the world beside Rosette and Joshua; Rosette was gone, and he didn't want to see any of the others, ever again. Better he distanced himself and they forgot about him completely.

So then, something no-one would ever expect him to do. He bought a house. A small, dark one, built for the cemetery's gravedigger. It was as if he was back in the past again, locking himself inside Magdalene's tomb. Except this time, no-one would pull him out.

He might have lost half of one arm and an eye, but the rest of the injuries from his fight with Aion had healed with the gradual flow of time. He managed well, letting his hair grow out again to hide his lost eye and adjusting his clothing to hide his lost arm. He even held up a job cleaning graves to pay for the groceries that were delivered every fortnight.

He had no energy; no horns, and definitely no contractor. He lived on willpower alone. He still does.


I know that so far my submissions have been very short and posted very quickly. I'm now going to start on telling this REAL story. Chapter 2 will be longer, but it might take longer before I can put it up. Updates should be on my profile.