Title: How To Win A Diva's Heart

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Randy's P.O.V.

There she is, with him. Is every diva here attracted to him? What do they see in the guy? Sure he's good looking, but so are a lot of fella's here. So why him? What does he have that I don't?

"Randy! Hey, what are you looking at?"

Edge's annoying voice cuts in.

"What do you want?" I snap back at him.

"Why are you spying on Maria and Cena?" he asks.

"I'm not, okay?" I lie. What's he care anyway?

"Oh you're not? Well that's what it looks like to me. You're hiding behind a wall for Pete's sake, your eyes so carefully placed on the two of them. If that's not spying then I don't know what is," he replies.

"Yeah well you don't know a lot of things..." I say.

It's not that I like to throw hits at my friend, Adam here, but he does get on my nerves from time to time. I'm beginning to think he's doing a little spying of his own. His taget: me. The man's like my shadow.

"Fine, no need to get crabby! I just came to tell ya our match is up next, okay?" he commented.

"I know," I reply annoyed. I turn back to where my attention had been just a few minutes ago. They're gone. "Great," I mutter.

"That's the spirit!" Edge says, grinning like the clown that he is.

We reach the backstage curtain before we here our cue music go on. "It's showtimeeeee!" he yells.

After our match with DX, I head backstage and into the locker rooms. The first thing I do is shower and then change into some casual clothes. Before leaving for the hotel, I wait outside the diva's locker room, hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

"Randy, what are you doing here?" asks Melina coming out of the locker room.

"Oh hey Melina, I was just... actually... Is Maria still in there?" I ask nervously.

"She sure is. Do you want me to get her for you?" Melina attemps to enter the locker room but I stop her.

"No! It's okay, I'll just wait here. Thanks Mel."

"No problem. Well I gotta go call Johnny now, so have a good night Randy."

"You too," I flash her a smile and watch her walk off.

Melina portrays this big bitch inside the ring, but outside of it she's the complete opposite.

"Okay, bye girls," I hear someone call out. It's her, she walks right in front of me and flashes me one of those cute smiles of hers. "Have a goodnight Randy."

"Umm, yeah, you too Maria!" My mouth betrays me and I end up sounding like a 12 year old school girl. I cough, realizing that was not the tone I would've liked to have greeted her with.

She walks off, not even looking back. Her concern is on her cellphone now. At least she didn't realize how stupid I sounded. Ah well, another one bites the dust. I suddenly think back to when my feelings for her had developed. It had been a little over a month now. I had recently broken up with my girlfriend of 6 months and was in no position to be looking for a replacement. A relationship was the last thing on my mind, especially involving a girl from work. But then I saw her, I mean REALLY looked at her. Why hadn't I a realized how gorgeous she was before? She took my breath away that day, wearing a silky red dress that went way above the knees. Her red hair was in locks that fell below her shoulders. Her eyes were the perfect shade of green that day. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I guess being in a relationship had blinded me from noticing what was around me. As days progressed, I found myself doing crazy things just to be near her. I was like a highschool kid crushing on the most popular girl at school.

...And here I stand now, watching her walk away. Who's gunna take her home tonight? 'Who's gunna drive you home?' the lyrics pop into my head. Damn 'Cars' cd. I had been listening to it on my way to the arena. But I know it's not home she's heading to, it's a lonely hotel room. I should ask her if she wants a ride. My rentals just outside. I should. C'mon Randy, you can do it. I start walking forward. Should I? What the hell, might as well.

"Yo Maria!" I call out. She turns around.

"Yeah Randy?"

"I was just wondering..." my hands become sweaty.

Her look implies for me to continue.


"Mariaaaaaaaa!" someone yells out. I see The Champ, John Cena, approaching.

"John!" Maria's attention suddenly turns to Cena, completely ignoring my existence. He walks towards her and they embrace.

"I thought you'd be gone by now," he says to her.

She nudges him, "Of course not! I said I'd wait for you didn't I?" she smiles.

"Looks to me like you were on your way out," he replies smiling back.

"I was, but only to call you to see where you were. Remember my signal isn't that great in here."

"Right," he remembers. They both laugh.

"Oh! Randy, I'm sorry, you were saying?" Maria finally remembered I was around.

"Forget it," I say walking towards the exit. "Goodnight."