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(Randy's P.O.V.)

The night had settled in, and it was now RAW time! Everyone backstage were in their typical mood. Everyone was so used to doing this, same routine every Monday night. But don't get me wrong, this could never get old! I live for wrestling, I live to entertain and I had gotten pretty damn good at it. Sure I was one of the biggest heels in the WWE, not to mention one of the most hated superstars (onscreen and off) but it was fun. I honestly couldn't see myself doing anything else. The thought alone scares me, I was meant to do this.

"Orton," I hear a certain someone say.

"Cena," I turn and face him. What could he possibly want?

"I know what you're up to," he says so sure of himself.

"Oh yeah? And what's that?" I ask.

"Stay away from Maria!" he warns me. I almost half expected him to hit me, by the bewildered look on his face and the way his hands were curling up into fists.

"What are you her father?" I ask sarcastically, flashing him my infamous smirk.

"Ohohoho, you really are a jackass."

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Maria doesn't seem to think so though," I place my hands on my hips. This son of a bitch was definitely not going to intimidate me.

"How about I beat your ass right this instance, huh? Punk."

His face slightly grazing mine.

"Whoa, chill Cena. Maria's a big girl, why don't you let her decide who she talks to ey?" I take a few steps back.

Cena refrains himself, "You think you're so clever don't you? I swear to God, if you touch as even a hair on her precious head, I will come after you. You're just lucky she hasn't seen through your little act yet."

"What act Cena?"

"You've been warned Orton," he glares at me for half a second then backs away slowly before leaving my sight completely.

"Believe this guy? The nerve..." I ask myself.



"Maria's match is next," Edge mentions in a hurried manner.

"Right," I follow him to the closest tv screen I can get my hands on and wait for the match to start. I couldn't miss this.

...the match starts out with Maria putting up a fight. She attempts to hit the bigger girl, throwing punches here and there, along with some hair pulling. Nothing is doing the trick. Then Maria resorts to getting the crowd's support, waving her hands and pointing in their direction. "C'mon you guys," she mouths. But before she knows it, she is close-lined by Beth's muscular arm, causing her to fall hard to the ground. I can almost feel her pain with each hit she takes after that. The match concludes with Beth doing her typical 'hold your opponent up in the air' move and then slams Maria hard onto the mat.




Finally the match is over and the women's champion gets up and looks at her opponent. She has a devilish grin spread across her face. Maria was defeated. It was almost too easy.

My poor Maria, I hope to God she's okay.

"Your girl sucks," Edge mouths off.

I roll my eyes at him and stay silent as I continue to watch the women's champion celebrate. My eyes were focused on the minimal close-ups they'd have of Maria's body knocked-out on the mat. I guess I'll have to wait and ask how she's doing when I see her, if I see her. I'd wait all night by the diva's locker room if I had to.


After my match tonight, I made my way towards the diva's locker room. Not even bothering to go back to the men's locker room to shower or change. I wanted to make sure everything was alright.

"Is Maria in there?" I yell, hoping one of the diva's had heard.

"No, I think she left," I hear Candice's voice call out.

"Oh," the disappointment in my voice is evident. "Alright thanks Candice."

"No problem Randy"

I walk forward and pace around, my hand placed on my neck. I'm not sure what I was doing, and if anyone saw me I bet I looked pretty stupid. I was just worried, and there was no way to know if she was okay. I didn't even know if she was staying the night at the hotel again. She could be at the airport by now, waiting to go home. And that means I wouldn't see her until next Monday. The thought devistated me.

"Randy," I hear a sweet voice call out.

I turn and see Maria standing with a huge grin on her face. "Hi," she peeps.

"Maria," I run to her and just grab her without thinking. We embrace in the oddest of ways. She is taken back by my forwardness, heck I was taken back. It was unlike me to show THAT much emotion, but I couldn't help it. "Are you okay?" I ask worried.

"A bit sore but okay, thank you," her voice is so soft and comforting.

We are still in each other's arms at this point. Her hands were gently placed on my bare, sweaty back.

"I'm sorry," I part from her realizing how disgusting it must've been for her to have me dripping sweat all over her clean clothes.

"It's fine," she giggles knowing I was embarrassed. I notice a slight blush on her cheeks as well. It was the cutest thing ever.

(Maria's P.O.V)

When Randy wrapped his arms around me, I was shocked. I never expected him out of all people to do such a thing. I know it's just a hug, except maybe to me. I wasn't used to seeing him like this, the way he expressed his concern, it was... dare I say? Cute! But weird all in the same. I liked the closeness, even if he was sweating bullets. He was just so damn good looking! I still remember the first day I saw him, when I had barely gotten into the business. He was one of the few guys I had been attracted to instantly. So I was definitely not complaining.

Finally he lets me go and apologizes. He didn't need to, I understood that the hug was out of character for him. But I accept and smile, then feel my cheeks turn hot. I had no clue why I was blushing. It's just how the situation made me feel. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I enjoyed running my hands over his slick back. Odd.

(Randy's P.O.V.)

"I thought you'd left."

"No, I was waiting for you," she says cheerfully.

"For me?" I ask in disbelief.

"Yes. I wanted to thank you for the flower," she grasps my hand and pulls me closer. "It was really sweet, and I'd definitely love to do it again." I gulp realizing how nervous I'd become. I felt 15 again.

"Umm, no problem at all," I say softly as I stare back into those breath-taking, green eyes.

"And I also wanted to ask you if you could give me a ride to the hotel. That is, if you're still staying the night there?"

"Oh of course, yeah, I'll give you a lift. I'm staying there again," I reply, growing excited she'd consider even riding with me.

"Okay great, I am too. See John dropped me off at the arena today, so that's why I'm asking," she says.


John, that asshole.

"Okay, that's fine," I wonder if I should tell her about earlier. I couldn't let that loser get away with it, but I decided I'd tell her on our way back to the hotel. First things first, I needed to shower and change.

"You don't mind waiting, do you? I have to change real quick, I won't be long."

"Of course not, take your time Randy," she smiles so sweetly. I melt a little inside.

"Okay, be back in a few," I smile back.

"I'll be here... waiting on you," she gives me a flirtatious wink and then waves goodbye.