(A/N: Set near the Epliogue. Yes, I have done the math. These are the real numbers if Harry and Ginny had gotten married when Harry was twenty; Ginny, nineteen. So, please R&R.)

Harry Potter, 36, was a happy, happy man. He had a beautiful wife of 16 years, three wonderful children, and the job had had dreamed of since his first year at Hogwarts. Head of the Auror department at the Ministry, his best friend Ron at his side; his partner in crime for the last 26 years. There was only one thing missing from his life; only one last missing link. Where the bloody hell where the Dursleys?

The day after he sent both of his sons off to Hogwarts, Harry got to thinking about the horrid people who had brought him up. He knew they had been sent somewhere for protection, but where? The same passion which had driven him to learn about Voldemort and such through his years of Hogwarts now drove him to a slightly different goal: Operation Find Ugly Cretans, aka Kin. Ron, of course, had come with the name after he realized what the acronym spelled. Hermione and Ginny supported Harry in his quest, and giggled whenever the name was mentioned, in Ginny's case.

As the heroic Trio and everybody's favorite new addiction to the Potter clan (pop: 1) prepared to find the Dursleys, they tried to think about logical answers for their questions. Hermione did the asking. Ron, unfortunately, answered.

Q: Who would know where people are hidden?

A: The Marauder's Map. What?!? Stop glaring at me like that!

Q: Ron, are you serious? We're not at Hog-

A: Hermione, you know perfectly well that I'm not Sirius! You didn't MARRY Sirius! Gosh, Hermione, this isn't fanfiction! (All look at the readers and smile briefly before going back to their lives)

Ron and Hermione got into one of their fights, and Harry thought about breaking up, but decided against it. He and Ginny were nowhere to be found for about an hour. (Nowhere is the same nowhere in chapter seven of Back From the Past :P)

It wasn't until several hours later that they got back on task, got sidetracked again, had to pick up Lily and Hugo from muggle school, and went home to make dinner, and eventually, fall asleep.

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