Dear my lovely readers,

Due to my extreme Emo-ness as of late, I will not be writing new chapters of this story or any of my others until this stage passes. If it is any indication, I have taken to wearing a black choker almost 24/7, and am contemplating painting my nails black. To all new readers, I hope you enjoy this story and my others, and am extremely sorry that this is not the next chapter as you had perceived it to be. That goes to old readers, also, although the total amount of old readers (according to my reviews) is about 3. Please, please, review. When I stop being so emo, here are a few this you can expect from me:

A fluffy Neville/Luna oneshot (ok, now do you see why I must not be emo for the writing process? Fluffy onesies don't work when they're emo.)

The eighth chapter of Back From the Past

The fourth chapter of When You're Dead

The second chapter of Operation Find…

And probably another kind of oneshot, because my main wish is to have a fluffy oneshot for each of my favorite pairings before going on to actual stories.

So, I once again apologize, and hope you can somehow find it in your (collective) hearts to forgive me for this terrible wrong I have done you all.