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True Love Surpasses Everything


"And that's it for today, everyone. Have a nice weekend." The teacher of class 1A concluded. A certain black haired boy stood up, grabbed his bag, and started to go out of class when his teacher stopped him.

"Shibuya-kun, may I have a moment with you, please?" His teacher asked.

"Sure, Weller-sensei. What did you want to talk about?"

"Well, I've been told by your history teacher that you haven't been doing well in his class lately. Is something the matter?"

"Well, no. I just find history very hard." Or rather, I find Yozak-sensei very weird. Yuuri thought.

"If you want, I can arrange him to tutor you every Thursday and Friday."


"Well, if you don't want to study with him, then maybe I can make the time. Even though I teach Science, I know History as well."

"Well, yeah, I'd prefer it if you taught me."

"It's settled then? I'll see you on Thursday, Shibuya-kun."

"Yes, thank you, Weller-sensei."

"Shibuya!!! Don't you want to play baseball?" Some of Yuuri's friends shouted to him.

"Not now, guys, sorry! I have to run an errand for my mom." Yuuri shouted back. Sigh. I miss baseball so much, but I don't want to go back on the team. Hey, I think I remember saying this to myself before, but when? He was brought out of his trance when he bumped into a blond haired guy who was carrying groceries.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Yuuri said in Japanese while helping pick up the boy's things, not noticing the boy's blond hair immediately. When he did, he said in English, "Oh, I'm sorry; I didn't realize you're a foreigner."

"No, it's okay. I can understand Japanese." The blond haired boy answered in perfect Japanese.

"Really? That's cool. Well, I have to go now." Yuuri started to walk away, but the blond haired boy stopped him.

"Wait, what's your name? I think I've seen you somewhere before."

"Me? Oh, I'm Shibuya Yuuri. Come to think of it, you look familiar too. Where are you from?"

"I'm from Germany. My name's Wolfram von Bielefeld."

"Oh, you have a beautiful name. Well, I don't know anyone across the continent, but for some reason I think we've met. I clearly recognize seeing you somewhere, but I don't really remember."

"Yeah, me too, but maybe we've seen each other at the market or something."

"Oh, that's right, I have to buy salt! Hey, I'd love to stay and talk, but I really have to go now. My mom sent me to the market to buy salt, and if I don't get back immediately she'll kill me. Bye! I hope we meet again!"

"Yes, I hope so too." Shibuya Yuuri, eh? That name rings a bell, though I can't quite put my finger on it. Where have I heard it before? Oh, well. I have to stop fussing about this. I hope we meet again.

"Oh man. I hate Mondays." Yuuri grumbled to himself. After eating breakfast and kissing his mother goodbye, he rode his bicycle and went to school.

As usual, he was five minutes early. As he waited in class for the morning bell to ring, his classmates suddenly crowded around the entrance. Curious, he stood up and went over. He smiled when he saw a familiar blond haired boy standing right there.

"Oh! Hey, Bielefeld-san!" Yuuri waved. Wolfram, seeing him, went over to him.

"Oh, hello, Shibuya-san. I didn't know we go to the same school!" Before Yuuri could reply, the morning bell rang, signifying classes. Conrad Weller, their first teacher, then entered the room.

"Good morning class. As you probably have noticed, you have a new classmate. Would you mind writing your name in Japanese on the board, Bielefeld-kun?"

"No, I don't mind at all, Weller-sensei." Wolfram then went to the front and wrote his name in Japanese gracefully. The class watched in awe.

"Amazing, Bielefeld-kun. How long did you study Japanese?"

"For about a year, back in Germany. My tutor in Math was Japanese, and on his free time or if we finish early he taught me the language."

"Oh, so you never really planned to study Japanese?"

"No. It just happened that my mom and dad decided to move here, but it wasn't really in my plans to study Japanese."

"That's really amazing, Bielefeld-kun, thank you. Please go back to your seat now so we can continue the lessons." He looks awfully familiar… Where have I seen him before? Conrad thought. Oh well. Probably in the market or something.

At lunch, Yuuri sat at his usual spot with his friends. Seeing Wolfram walk into the cafeteria, he waved to him. Seeing Yuuri, he went over to their table.

"Hey, Shibuya-san. Are you sure it's okay for me to sit here?"

"Yeah, I'm sure." Turning to his friends, he asked, "You don't mind, do you?"

"No, not at all. Welcome to the group, err…" One of his friends cheerfully replied.

"Wolfram von Bielefeld. I'm from Germany."

"Germany? Wow! But how come you speak Japanese so well?" One of Yuuri's friends asked.

"I learned from my Japanese Math tutor. He taught me Japanese on his free time."

Wolfram and the others casually conversed until lunch was over. When the bell rang, Yuuri and Wolfram went to their classes together.

After school, Wolfram went to Yuuri's desk. He was planning on asking him to hang out with him, but before he could speak, Yuuri spoke up.

"Hey, Bielefeld-san, do you want to hang out after school?"

"Why, yes! I was just going to ask you that."

"Okay then! I know a great ice cream parlor downtown. You don't mind sweets, do you?"

"No, not at all."

Throughout the year, Wolfram and Yuuri continuously hung out together. When the school year was over, Wolfram constantly went to Yuuri's house to hang out. On one particular normal day when they were sitting on the couch while watching T.V., Yuuri randomly said, "Hey, Bielefeld-san, we're friends, aren't we?"

"Yeah, we are. Why do you ask?"

"Since we're so close now, can I just call you Wolfram? You can call me Yuuri."

"Of course! I don't really mind even if you had called me Wolfram on the first day we met. I was actually surprised that you called me Bielefeld-san. I figured it was part of your culture, so I didn't say anything."

"Oh, and one more thing. How come you never invite me to your house? I want to meet your parents."

"Huh? Umm… Well, I didn't think you'd want to come."

"Of course I do! We're friends, aren't we?"

"Yeah. Best friends, even."

"…Best friends?"

"We're not?"

"We are! I just didn't think you'd think of me as your best friend."

"I tell you everything and we always hang out. Isn't that enough?"

"Yeah… Well, aren't we going to your house?" Yuuri stood up from the couch and turned off the T.V.

"Huh? Oh, umm, sure. But I have to call my mom to ask if I could invite you for dinner."

"Okay. The phone's in the kitchen."

Wolfram then called his mom. When the receiver on the other line was picked up they conversed in German. "Mom, can I invite a friend over for dinner? He's the one I've been telling you about. Oh, you won't? Then can I invite him? How about dad, is he eating there? Okay. Okay. Thanks mom. Bye."

After putting down the receiver, Wolfram turned to Yuuri. "Mom and dad won't be home tonight coz they have a business meeting, and she said I can invite you over. Well, shall we go?"


After they got there, Yuuri marveled at the sight before him. Wolfram's 'house' turned out to be a mansion. They stood before a huge iron gate as Wolfram pressed the buzzer. After a few minutes, the gate opened by itself, and they went in. The mansion itself was surrounded with lush gardens, and as they got to the front of his house several servants greeted them. The inside of the house was huge: A huge, red-carpeted staircase was directly in front of the door, and the upstairs led to two different hallways. In the middle was a beautifully painted portrait of Wolfram's family. By the far sides of the staircase on the first floor were about ten beautifully decorated wooden doors, and sparkling white chandeliers adorned the beautifully carved ceiling. Yuuri stood there, gaping.

"So, do you like my house?" Wolfram asked timidly.

"Yes! It's so… ummm…. Hmm, what's the right word…? Oh, I know! Majestic!"

"Thank you. Shall we go to my room, then?"

"Huh? Oh, umm, sure."

"… And we had dinner afterwards." Yuuri finished relating to his mom what happened.

"Oh, Yuu-chan! I'm sooo glad you finally found a special friend!" His mother slyly said.

"Huh? What do you mean, mother?"

"Oh, nothing… Anyway, you should go to bed now."

End of chapter

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