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Quil's Move

"Claire, come on please stop walking, I'm sorry!"

Quil was following Claire out of the woods trying to calm her down.

"Hey come on, I didn't know you were back there I swear."

Lie. Quil knew that Claire was in the woods behind her house with that guy but he sure as hell was not going to let some random BOY put his hands all over HIS Claire. Lost in his thoughts Quil hadn't noticed that Claire had spun around on him.

"What were you doing, spying on me? You are crazy you know that. I am almost 17 years old and I am the only girl in my entire junior class who has never kissed a boy EVER! And do you know why that is, it's because of you Quil. You always seem to be here to scare away any boy I bring around."

Claire loved Quil, how couldn't she, he'd been around her entire life, but sometimes he was just too much. She was so close to finally kissing Jeremy Scott, the boy every girl in her grade was crushing over. She had been flirting with him for the last two weeks and he finally decided he wanted to come over to her house to "study". Somehow studying led to the woods in her backyard. Just when he was about to come in for the kill (kiss), none other than Quil Atera, the most over protective "friend" in the entire world, comes strolling out from behind a neighboring tree.

"I came to your house to help you study, and when I couldn't find you I came looking. Good thing I did too, you came this close to having to kiss that loser."

Quil held up his fingers indicating how close she really was and Claire's face almost exploded from the rage she was feeling. By now they were back inside Claire's house and Quil was sitting casually on her couch while she paced around in angry figure eights.

"I wanted to kiss him you big dummy, god sometimes I think your all muscle and no brain."

Even though it was blatantly an insult, Quil puffed his chest out a little with pride.

She likes my muscles.

"What do you mean, why would you wanna kiss a loser like that? You could do way better Claire, and you wouldn't want to do something you would regret now would you?"

Quil's game plan was to play dumb in hopes to keep Claire single until he could tell her he loved her. But as she got older, keeping her single got harder and harder. When she got to high school all of the other guys started to notice all of the things about Claire that HE loved. Not to mention she started developing in more ways than one. So yet again here they were, fighting again about how he was too over protective and needed to back off, blah, blah, blah.

"Just get a girlfriend already will ya. That way, you can focus all of your attention on her and let me have a life!"

Quil's head shot up in surprise, Claire had never said that before, she must be really, really angry. She basically just told him that she doesn't want his attention anymore.

How much longer do I have? I want her so bad, but is she finally ready to hear the truth? Sam says I should wait until she is 18, but Jacob and Embry say I should have told her a long time ago. What should I do?

Claire stopped talking, Quil obviously quit listening to her again, he always did that when they fought, like he was having an inner argument with himself.

He has no problem interrupting me when I'm with another guy, but when I am actually trying to talk to him (well yell at him, her conscience scolded, he never wants to listen. He looks so worried. Maybe something is really the matter. He looks so cute when he's off in his own world, his eyebrows are all scrunched up and his chin kinda juts out a little bit, and all of his muscles are tense and flexed and just so…

"Ahh, stop it" Claire yelled at herself to stop her crazy train of thoughts and also snapping Quil back into the real world.

"You're right, I'm sorry Claire, I do butt into your business when I don't belong. Really I'm sorry. Maybe I should try and get a girlfriend like you said. To have something to do or whatever, but can we please stop fighting, lets just go back to normal and pretend that this never happened. Please."

It was hard to stay mad at Quil for too long, and he seemed so sincere. He even said she was right and that he would get a girlfriend, but why didn't that make her happy.

Little did Claire know that the girlfriend he was planning on getting would be her.

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