I figured everybody already knew why Quil loves Claire, so that is why I didn't go into detail in the last chapter. Thanks for reading. –C

Knock, knock.

"Aunt Emily it's so great to see you again." Claire said falsely and tried to smile.

Emily took one look at her then at Quil, "Oh god, alright come in, I'll go get your uncle, he is not going to be happy about this."

Claire started to panic after hearing her Aunts words. "Quil I don't want to do this anymore, let's just go back and pretend you didn't tell me, please."

"Claire you know that wouldn't work, even though he stopped changing a few years ago, everyone still sees him as a leader, so I know for a fact that the rest of the pack wouldn't hesitate to tell him. This is our best bet. How mad can he get?"

Quil wanted to eat those words as soon as he saw Sam. Apparently Emily had given him a heads up on what was coming and Quil could feel the heat radiating from his body.


"I'll be 17 in like a month Uncle Sam, and then after that I'll be 18, that makes me a legal adult. I'm not that young." Claire tried to reason with the fuming man who was nothing like her sweet uncle. "All the girls my age have boyfriends Uncle Sam, why are you getting so angry, in fact if it hadn't been for Quil I would have had a boyfriend a long time ago, and who knows what I would have done then." That was obviously the wrong thing to say.

"Emily call the doctor I am going to have a heart attack, my sweet little niece just tried to tell me she… no I can't even say it. Quil what on earth made you think it was a good idea to tell her all of this." The veins on Sam's neck were bulging and his face was the color of tomato.

"I couldn't wait any longer, Sam you have to understand. She is getting older and all of the other guys are starting to notice, and it just hurt so much to watch her with them, I just had to let her know, can't you sympathize at all?" Quil pleaded, and thankfully Emily decided to step in.

"Sam, are you telling me that you didn't have a girlfriend when you were their age?"

"That was different, that was just a girlfriend, HE is talking about a soul mate. And if you know you are going to be together forever, why wait to do anything like have sex, get pregnant, drop out of high school, and end up having to live with us because they can't support themselves!"

Claire's face was on fire and so were her emotions. "Uncle Sam, how dare you? I am a woman, and I have a choice, just because I can do something doesn't mean I will want to do it. We never said anything about sex, you did. Besides, even if I were to have sex I wouldn't be dumb about it and risk getting pregnant, AND even if I did Quil has his own house so we wouldn't have to come here!"

Sam's face turned a darker shade of red; it suddenly became very uncomfortable in the room after hearing your teenage niece yell things like that in your face. Claire on the other hand was too angry to be embarrassed, and while Emily took Claire to the kitchen to cool down, Quil tried to talk to Sam one more time.

"You know if you tell her she can't do it, she will do it just to prove that she can and that's not what I want. I want her to be with me because she wants to be, not because she is trying to spite you. Nothing is even official yet, so whatever you think is going to happen wouldn't be happening for a long, long time, IF it ever does happen. I told her she has a choice."

"I know you are right, and you would never take advantage of her, but she's like a daughter to me, and aren't the fathers supposed to be totally against boyfriends?" Sam had to sit down, wow he was really feeling old all of the sudden. It was all true, Claire was a woman and he couldn't control her. But what was he supposed to say?

Luckily Claire came in and said it for him. "Uncle Sam, you know we love you, and even though you may disagree, I am going to do what I think is best. You don't have to worry. I would appreciate it if you would try to see me more of the woman I am and not the kid I used to be. Quil and I will be leaving now; I will call you in a few days. I love you both very much." At that Claire grabbed Quil's hand and practically ran out the door, leaving a very speechless uncle behind them.

Back in the truck, Claire was hyperventilating, "Oh man, oh man, oh man. I can't believe I just said all of that. Oh man that was so mortifying, why does everyone think I am going to jump in the sack with whatever boy I am with? I can't breath, I can't breath."

When Claire finally paused to take a breath, Quil jumped in. "Claire, its ok, calm down. Just take a breath. Everything is fine now; we are going back to your house. The situation is over and done with."

Claire just nodded her head and closed her eyes. It was a fairly short ride to her house. When they arrived they headed straight for Claire's room. Her mom and sister were no where to be seen. Dad was off again on another business trip. Claire laid in the bed thinking while Quil fiddled with her CDs trying to find one so there wouldn't be so much awkward silence.

"Quil, this is all so much, what do I do?"

Quil then sat on the bottom corner of her bed lying back on his elbows, while Claire lifted up her feet to put them across his stomach. A position they had always been comfortable in.

"Claire you know that's up to you. But nothing has to change, things can be just as they always were, and we could pretend that none of it ever happened, except now you know the packs secret."

Without really thinking about who she was talking to, Claire continued. "But I want something to happen, I just don't know how it all would feel. What if it feels awkward, I can't just go being best friends with someone one day, and then his girlfriend the next right?" Quil just watched her silently as she rambled.

"I wasn't lying that night of the party about wanting to be your girlfriend, and then when you took care of me everything seemed to fall into place, but this all seems so strange." It was then that Claire realized who she was pouring her heart out too, and she blushed when she sat up.

What would it be like to kiss him? How would I even start? Would it just happen? Would Uncle Sam even allow it? I bet his lips are as hot as the rest of his body. Would he even want to kiss me knowing the pack would be able to see?

Quil let Claire continue to think in silence, he watched her blush and he had some idea of what she was thinking.

I have to do it. Just so that she knows what I have to offer.

Claire didn't even notice when Quil started to move towards her. First he moved her legs from on his stomach, then leaning over her, half sitting half standing, his hands on either side of her on the bed, he licked his lips and then pressed them against Claire's.

Claire was taken by surprise; it was like he could read her mind. His lips were hot, just like she thought. She closed her eyes and used her hand to pull him closer to her. They leaned back so that she was now laying back down, his chest on top of hers. On instinct, Claire parted her mouth and Quil's tongue made his way into her mouth. His hands were running up either of her sides, her hands in his hair and around his neck. This was it, Claire's first real kiss, and it was definitely way better than she ever thought it could be.

Quil couldn't have been happier; he never expected Claire to respond as well as she did. He had to stop this or he might end up taking her right there. So reluctantly he pulled his lips away and opened his eyes. Claire still had her eyes closed and now it was her turn to lick her lips.

"Claire, I have to go." Quil managed. His breathing was coming hard, and he was becoming very aroused in this position.

"I liked that Quil, I'm glad I waited." Claire was still a little dazed by what just took place, but she through the fog she heard Quil say "Me too."

"Claire, I'll come back if you want me to, but right now I have to go. Do you want me to come back?"

"Yes." Claire was so turned on and that was all she could manage. She wanted to be kissing again, not talking. Why was he leaving?

With a quick butterfly kiss to the cheek, Quil got up and tried to hurry out of the room before Claire could see his obvious erection. He was halfway out the door when he heard "Wait."

Without turning around, he listened to what she had to say.

"When will I get to see you as a wolf?"

Quil was a little taken aback by the question, but touched that she wanted to see his other side.

"Maybe you'll see tonight."

"Tonight then."