The Truth Of It All

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the workings of W.I.T.C.H. -- I leave that honor up to Elisabetta Gnone. Nor do I own the movie, "The Truth About Cats & Dogs," which had been written by the very talented Audrey Wells and directed by Michael Lehmann (and then distributed by 20th Century Fox). However, I can and DO claim to own this story and its inspired ideas FROM said series and movie.

Note: So, anyway. Been getting pretty restless with my "The Royal Guardian" story lately. Not because I'm losing momentum or anything like that. Just always constantly have new story ideas running in my head, either fanfic or original story. And I know I promised myself that I wouldn't update an existing story or create a new one (if it wasn't a simple oneshot, anyway) until I'd finished TRG, but this one's been bugging me. LoL So since I've been pretty good with the romance-oriented stories lately (which bore me, but ah well LoL) I thought I'd give this a shot.

So here's the thing to get while reading this story (if you do at all, anyhow): If you haven't ever heard of or seen "The Truth About Cats & Dogs," (or read the story its slightly based off of, Cyrano de Bergerac, which is a fantastic read) you can still read this story since I'm basically using most or all of the elements established within said movie for the W.I.T.C.H. characters -- Namely, Will, Cornelia and Caleb. And if you have seen the movie, then you're still in good company because it'll feel (most of the time, at least) as though you're watching the movie all over again.

Regardless, I promise to make this an interest read!

This chapter was created/written in November 2007.

If someone had kindly informed me, in advance, that my pretty normal, pretty average (yet generally satisfying) life would one day become completely unraveled to the point of minute recognition . . . I'm strongly certain that I would have most likely stared at the postulate, prophetic individual rather skeptically, before immediately breaking out into generous fits of laughter within his or her face.

Of course now, however, I would have given nearly everything I own and more to have been able to receive such a (helpful) foreboding. Maybe then I would have been able to prevent my life from becoming the real life soap opera that it recently has.

Or, more specifically, my love life.

An odd occurrence, these recent developments -- Phenomenon, really, considering that, besides the random dates that never got beyond "Date Number Two" while I was still in college, and then one significant crush I had practically venerated throughout my middle school career (that had remained at an equally significant standstill, primarily due to my unfortunate shyness), said love life virtually does not exist.

Not because I'm unbecoming, or at the bottom of the barrel, so to speak. I personally think I'm rather easy on the eyes. But then again, that goes without saying, since throughout the course of my twenty-three years of my personal existence thus far, the only one to have ever had sex with me is myself. . . .

Yet, despite my brains and friendly personality that I do have going for me, it seems as though I am going to spend my retirement days merely old, alone, and with thoughts of "what could have been."

That is, it had seemed this way, until the fateful day I had met him -- And then, with the help of a new friend, before the truth of it all had come out. . . .

-- End of Prologue Teaser

(A.N. I like teasers. LoL Well, when I'm in "charge" of them, anyway. Hate getting and reading them, so I'm sure most of you who know/like me and my works are rather irked at the moment, yeah? LoL Sorry. I just want to be sure to "test the waters" and see if this new story honestly will be accepted with open arms by you readers before I continue. So please lemme know!)