Sasuke's Favorite Color

"I absolutely hate yellow,

Because the sun's too bright,

But somehow your spiky hair

Makes it look almost right.

"I hate ugly, perky orange,

And I hate dark, cerulean blue…

But those are also

The colors of your jumpsuit, too.

"Red is the color you bleed,

So I hate that too…

And black is out as well,

Because it isn't even close to you."

"…so, what is it?"

Sasuke slowly turned to Naruto.

"Hm…" he pondered, and the other waited patiently.

Finally, he shrugged; "I dunno."

Naruto frowned, confused.

"C'mon, you have to have one or two…"

Suddenly, Sasuke grinned and turned back. "Okay…"

"…my favorite color is you."