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Chapter One

The Morning After

Bella's POV

There are times where you don't want to remember…and there are times where you WANT to remember things...This was one of the times I wanted to remember WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!!

I woke up to find myself in a bedroom that I didn't recognize. I woke up to find myself naked in a bed that wasn't mine. And I awoke to find my temples pounding. I gathered the satin sheets that bunched around my waist and pulled them to cover my breasts. Where the hell was I?

The room, decorated in fancy décor, large and roomy. The clothes that I was dressed in last night were spread all over the floor. I groaned as I slowly exited the bed, pulling the sheet from to wrap around me like a toga.

"Okay Bella…just calm down and think," I whispered, pulling the sheet tighter around me as I slowly walked towards the center of the room.

I remembered arriving at Las Vegas, my girlfriend Alice meeting me at the airport. I remembered checking in at an Inn near Alice's place and then I remember her taking me to the casinos. Oh, I had never gambled before, so I had a rush at all the action going in the room. I decided to play black jack, a few rounds right…nothing wrong with that.

I slowly looked around the room, looking for clues to what the hell happened. Then I noted the bed. There on the white satin sheets was a large, red stain with a lighter, clear wet stain…OH. MY. GOD!

I screamed, turning my back to the bed. Oh my god! What the hell happened?

"Are you alright?"

I screamed again and spun around to face one of the doors that led into the room. There stood a man with a towel around his hips and another towel drying his bronze colored hair. If it weren't for the fact that I just might have had a one night stand, I would have probably would have been a puddle on the floor at the sight of this hot guy.

"Who are you?" I asked, gathering the sheet closer to me.

He smiled. "You were drunk last night when I introduced myself."

"Well then maybe you should reintroduce yourself," I snapped, gathering the red lacy bra from the floor.

"Edward Cullen," he said.

"At least I know who my one night stand was," I muttered, picking up the thong and eyed it with distaste. Lord I need to tell Alice no more thongs.

"Is that what you think I am?" he asked.

"Considering the stain on the bed, yes," I said, looking at him to only close my eyes. "Will you please put some clothes on?"

"You didn't mind me being naked last night," he said.

"Last night, I wasn't in my right mind."

"For the most part of course, drinking does that. But drinking also makes the truth come out of you."

"Excuse me?" I said, turning around. "Truth?"

He smirked. "Yeah I learned a lot about you Isabella."

My eyes went wide. Okay another thing to tell Alice, no more drinks.

"I know that last night was your first time…well first four times." I felt my cheeks flame up. FOUR TIMES? "Oh and you have a little birthmark right here…" he turned and touched an area on his back, just above his ass.

I narrowed my eyes. I went to brush away a stubborn hair when I noticed for the first time ever on my left hand the gold band on my finger. I took in for a moment the sight of the ring before screaming again.

"I take it you noticed your ring, sweetie."

I gaped up at him. Sweetie?

"W-w-we're m-m-married?" I stuttered.

He smiled and opened his arms out wide.

"You are officially Mrs. Edward Cullen, hunny."

I stared at him for a moment, the words processing through my mind. Before I went "ah" and then…fainted. This was one of the moments where I wanted to forget and yet remember. Lord how did I get into this mess?

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