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The Worm Story

Eight Year Old
Bella's POV

"Mommy, I want dessert," I said, sitting in my chair looking up at my mom who was taking away my plate from the dinner table.

She smiled. "Since you eat all your veggie-tables (AN: yes she said "veggie-tables" which my mum said to me all the time and drove me up a wall), I guess we can let you have something sweet for dessert."

Daddy came back into the kitchen, ending a phone call.

"Who was that Charlie?" mommy asked, as she brought out the chocolate pudding from the fridge.

I bounced in my seat as I watched her open it.

"Billy Black," daddy said, leaning down to give me a kiss on the forehead, which caused me to giggle. "He's coming over here to watch the Seattle Seahawks game." (AN: HA! I finally got the right football team for Washington! I said the Redskins were in Washington back in 'This is my Destiny'.)

"Ah," mommy said, spooning the chocolate pudding into a small bowl for me.

"Yeah, he's bringing his son, Jacob along. He wants to introduce him to Bella," Daddy said, walking up to mommy to give her a hug. "So what are you making?"

"Mommy's making me dessert," I said.

"Did you eat all your veggies?" dad asked.

I nodded my head fast.

"Good girl."

"Hmm, yes," mommy said, throwing away the pudding container. "I think she deserves a 'cup of dirt'."

I gasped. A cup of dirt had the three greatest foods ever! Chocolate pudding with crushed Oreo cookies on top and my favorite…gummy worms! Mommy was making me a 'cup of dirt' for dessert! Man…I should eat my green stuff more often.

"I don't think she's excited for it," daddy said, shaking his head making me gasp and mommy laugh.

"Don't tease her like that Charlie," mommy said, handing him the Oreo box. "Now crushed these on top, I have to go find gummy worms."

Mommy found the gummy worms and stuck them into the chocolate pudding with the Oreo cookies on top. I was drooling as mommy put the cup and the spoon in front of me just as the doorbell rung.

"I'll get it," Daddy said. "That would be Billy."

"Who's Billy, mommy?" I asked, looking up at her.

"A friend of your daddy," she whispered.

"Who's Jacob, mommy?" I asked, picking up the spoon.

She laughed. "That's Billy's son. He's…five I think."

"Oh," I said, nodding as I dung my spoon into the yummy, yummy dessert.

There was talking in the front of the house which I didn't really pay any attention too except for the fact that I had only chocolate pudding so far so I dung my fingers into the pudding for a gummy worm.

"Bella," daddy said, holding hands with a small boy, smaller than me, "this is Jacob Black. He's coming to play for a while. Okay, pumpkin."

I nodded, one gummy worm hanging out of my mouth so that as I nodded it flecked chocolate pudding onto my nose. Daddy laughed and whipped it off. Daddy and the other man Billy both walked into the living room to watch big men in tights like mommy's all go give each other hugs and doggie piles.

"Bella why don't you and Jacob go outside and play?" mommy said. "You can bring your 'cup of dirt' with you."

"Yes," I said. "Come along Jakey."

"Okay," said Jacob, following me.

I managed to open the door by my self, which made me award myself with another gummy worm.

"Whatcha eating, Belly?" Jacob asked, looking at my bowl as I sat down on the small steps that led to the front door.

"A 'cup of dirt'," I said, licking off the pudding. "It's yummy."

I nodded. "Very yummy."

"Oh, okay," he said, going off somewhere.

I wasn't sure how long I sat there on the steps and Jacob elsewhere till Daddy came outside with Billy Black.

"Hey, Bella…where's Jacob?" daddy asked.

"Jakey went that way," I said, pointing my chocolate covered fingers over in the way he went.

"Come on Billy, he couldn't go very far," daddy said.

I followed daddy, wondering where he was going. We found Jacob all right.

"Jacob!" Billy Black said. "What are you doing!"

"Eating dirt like Bella," he muttered.

I slapped my forehead. There sat Jacob Black in some mud with mud covering his hands and face…and one tiny wiggling worm hanging from his mouth. Let's just say, I haven't had a 'cup of dirt' again.

A Baby's POV
(AN: vision Looks Who's Talking

Mommy slowly walked away from the two babies who were pretending to be asleep. As soon as the door clicked the girl's eyes opened. She wasn't sleepy. Maybe she'll bug her brother.

"Hey Eddie," Lillian said.

"It's E.C., Lillian, E! C!" E.C. hissed.

"Mmhmm," Lillian said, putting her fist into her mouth to hide a smile.

"What do you want Lillian?" E.C. said, turning his head towards his sister.

Lillian stuck her fist out her mouth and looked at her brother. They both had the same green eyes and they only knew that because their mother kept saying that their eyes were their daddy's and when they looked at each other they did see their daddy's eyes so they assumed their eyes were the same.

"I can't talk to my brother?" Lillian asked.

E.C. thought a moment. "I guess…but its bed time."

E.C. closed his eyes.

Lillian sighed and closed her eyes but not before she whispered, "Love you E.C."

E.C. opened his eyes to stare at his sister. "Love you too Lillian," he whispered.

And they both went to sleep.

The End!
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