Title: Together Again

Author: Jasmine Shigeru

Pairing: Tommy and Kimberly

Summary: Set some years later. The timeline is during Dino Thunder (maybe between episodes 5 and 6). Kimberly discovers that Tommy is the new Black Ranger.

Author Note: sequel to "Tell Me"

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers nor do I wish I do. This is just for my entertainment and whoever wishes to read it. I am not making any profit from this and do not care to for that matter.

Rating: T

Part One

After a tiring day, Dr. Thomas Oliver entered his home. He carried two shopping bags in his arms. The bags were full of black clothing.

The man sighed.

He walked to his living room dropping his bags onto the floor beside the love seat. He collapsed on the cushions and relaxed his body.

He just couldn't't believe his luck. Yesterday, he was an ordinary high school science teacher prone to run into occasional danger, today he was a Power Ranger, again.

He thought he gave up on doing the saving the world thing when he passed on his Turbo Power to TJ Johnson. Then, he and I know he would have other former red rangers and the new red ranger at the time had to have the mission on the moon to sop the last of the machine empire. He thought his Ranger days were over then, but now, here he was, a Power Ranger. The new Black Dino Thunder Ranger.

Black: he was the only Ranger whose color kept on changing. Every other ranger who had to switch color only had to do it once. Not him, he had had a color change three times and he was the longest running Power Ranger. He was green at first. Rita's evil Green Ranger before his friends broke the spell. Then, because of Rita's Green Candle and later Lord Zedd's crystal, he lost his Green Ranger Power.

Next, he was the White Ranger. Zordon and Alpha had decided to create a new Ranger and he was chosen. They made him the White Tiger and he was the strongest Ranger at that time. He remained White even after he and his team lost their powers and gained ones.

Red came next. At first, he was the Red Zeo Ranger and then the Red Turbo Ranger. He remembered struggling with who he was. He had lost his girlfriend, was shrunk twice and all this happened before he entered college.

Now, he was the Black Ranger and older than his teammates. Heck, he was their teacher. It was going to be awkward and straining. He had to take orders from his student when they were out on the field.

Dr. Oliver groaned. His life had not been easy. He hoped that once Mesogog, the new villain, was defeated he could finally leave his Ranger days completely.

A loud knocking at his door jolted Tommy from his thoughts. He wondered who would visit him out here, in the middle of no where.

He stood and hurried to the door. The person sound impatient.

"I'm coming, he shouted and opened the door to see his very pissed off girlfriend.