Chapter Thirty-Three: Hiding

A week has passed since Lois and Clark decided to keep their romantic relationship a secret and everything was going well. Chloe and Kara had no clue what was going on.

They have had three private dates during the week. They made excuses to everyone to get away. Their first date, Lois had told Chloe that she had to go to Daily Planet to finish an article; Clark told Kara that he had to go get some feed from town. For their second date, the didn't need to make any excuses, both Kara and Chloe were busy. Their third date's excuse was work related; Clark said he had to help his neighbor Ben Hubbard and Lois said she was following a lead for her next story.

So, far no one suspected a thing.

Now, Lois and Clark were on their forth date that week. They were alone, on a blanket on the empty beach of Crater Lake. Jimmy and Chloe were at the movies and Kara was at the Kawache Caves studying the images, she was amazed by the humans perspective of a Kryptonian.

Lois and Clark took the golden opportunity to meet at the lake for a couple hours.

"Lois," Clark began. "As much fun as it is not telling Chloe and Kara about our relationship, we really should time them soon."

"Clark, we can't tell them," Lois said.

Clark frowned.

"Why, because it makes it real?" he questioned. "Lois we can't keep hiding this from them. Our arguing is driving them crazy. Sooner or later they're going to figure out that we're together."

Lois groaned and rolled away from them.

"Why do you always have to ruin the mood?" she asked irritated.

Clark nodded. He really didn't want to argue with Lois. He knew he couldn't force her into telling everyone that they were a couple. He knew if he told anyone, Lois would runaway. She was very good and running away.

"Okay," he said.

Lois smiled at him.

"Let's just enjoy our time together," she said. "We don't have that much time left."

Clark reached for her and kissed her deeply. They both forgot about their disagreement as they made love on the shore.

A few days later…

Chloe groaned as she plopped into her desk chair at the Daily Planet. Lois looked up from her work.

"What's wrong?" Lois asked.

Chloe glared at her cousin.

"Nothing," she said firmly.

Lois shivered. Her cousin was mad at her, really mad at her.

"That look says it's more that nothing," she said as she tapped her cheek with the butt of her pen.

At first, Chloe didn't say anything. She was debating whether she wanted to tell her cousin what was going on or not. She really didn't want Lois to know that she was upset that her plan to get her and Clark together had failed, so she decided to lie.

"Jimmy and I are fighting again," she said which wasn't a complete lie. She and Jimmy were having difficulties in their relationship, mostly revolving around her not telling Jimmy anything to do with Clark and his obvious attraction to Kara.

"Again," Lois sighed. "You either need to break up with him for good or see a consular."

Chloe frowned.

"You mean like you and Clark," she grumbled under her breath.

"What was that?" Lois asked not hearing her.

"Nothing," Chloe said. "I need to get to work."

She was looking behind Lois. Their boss was glaring at them.

Lois turned to see Grant's glare. She sighed and turned back to her own work. She took one more glance at her cousin. Chloe was stressed and Lois knew she was one of the causes. She hated herself for that. Maybe it was time to come out with her relationship to Clark. It hadn't even been two weeks, but their cousins needed to know. Lois felt that if they didn't tell them soon, they could ruin friendships and their families.

Miles away, in an abandoned quarry, Kara El was destroying large boulders. She was unbelievably frustrated. She was so certain that her own plan would be successful. She truly believed that when Lois and Clark had saw the symbols she was sure represented them, they would see that they belonged together and everything would be different. That they would no longer plan to go and see Dr. O'Neil.

Kara smashed another boulder.

"You know if you're trying to learn to control your strength, you're failing," Clark joked as he stood few feet away from him.

Kara frowned and ignored him and used her heat vision to annihilate a small fraction of the quarry's wall.

"Is something wrong," Clark asked as he slowly approached his cousin.

Kara sighed and turned to face him.

"My plan," she answered. "Why didn't it work?"

"What plan," Clark asked.

Kara stared at him as if he was stupid.

"The caves," she said like it was obvious.

"So, it was you who sent Lois and I the messages."

"Of course, Kal El. Like Chloe would send you to a place that has so much meaning to our people."

Clark frowned at the insult to his best friend.

"Kara," he said with a sigh. "Lois and I are not meant to be."

Kara frowned at him.

"Kal El, you know that's not true. Deep down, I know you see what I see. You and Lois are so much like Lara and Jor El were when they meet. Their union was also meant to be."

Clark frowned. He hated lying but he and Lois agreed to not tell anyone until they were sure that they wanted their relationship would work out.

"You're just in denial," Kara said before Clark could bring up a viable argument. "You know what I say is correct and you know that you cannot go through with the human separation of divorce. Besides, it will not matter."

"Why," Clark frowned.

"There was no such thing as divorce on Krypton," Kara said firmly. "By our laws, you and Lois are bonded for life. You cannot keep on denying your Kryptonian heritage. You are the last son of our home and Lois is now and forever part of the House of El."

Clark could not argue with her. As time passed, the more he felt connected to his birth family, their origins, their home, and their beliefs. He was indeed the only son of Jor El and Lara Von El.

Months ago, before Kara, Clark would have been able to go through with the divorce. This he was certain, but now, he was no longer sure, in fact he was certain. He knew he and Lois could make it work. All he had to do was convince Lois.

That night, Lois and Clark made their excuses to their cousins and made their ways, separately to the Daily Planet, where they met on the roof for their fifth date. They made love and were now lying on their blanket, Lois in Clark's shirt and Clark in his pants.

"Maybe we should tell them," Lois said.

Clark stared at her in disbelief. He thought he was the one who would have to say it.

"I believe you're right," he said.

"Damn right," Lois said.

Clark chuckled.

"Lois," he said. "There is something we still need to discuss."

"Clark, I already said I agreed. What more do you want?"

"I'm not talking about telling our cousins about us, I'm talking about our next session with Dr. O'Neil."

"Oh that," Lois said sitting up.

"Yeah, that," Clark said sitting up as well. "Lois, what are we going to do?"

"What do you mean what are we going to do," Lois said with a frown. "We're going through with our divorce. I know everything is going great, but we've just started dating. We're not ready for marriage. I would like to date a little more before we marry, if we marry."

Clark sighed.

"I know, you're right," he said.

"I know I am."

Clark sighed again. He didn't want to argue this. He wanted to remained married to Lois. He really loved her and what Kara had said about Kryptonians and divorce stuck with him. He was raised not to believe in divorce and it helped reinforced that upbringing knowing that Kryptonians were against it too.

Lois was having doubts. She knew that deep down, she loved Clark, but she also wasn't one to give up easily. She had to see this divorce through. She had to make sure Clark was really 'the one' before she committed to marriage.

"Clark, let's not talk about this now," she said. "We've finally found a place in our relationship that we're both comfortable with. Let's just enjoy it."

Clark nodded and Lois leaned in to kiss him. Clark smiled into the kiss as he buried his hand into Lois' hair.

Lois sighed. Clark was not relaxing. She pushed him back so that he would lie down and she straddled his hips. She ground herself against his groin making him moan. She needed to get his mind off the topic.

"Relax," she said softly.

"I can't," Clark said. "I can't go through with seeing Dr. O'Neil in a couple of days."

Lois groaned and sat up.

"Clark, we will talk about this later," she said firmly. "This is our alone time. We're not supposed to be worrying about anything."

"I know," Clark said sitting up just enough to put his weight on his arms. "But Lois I can't ethically continue doing this if we get a divorce."

Lois stared into his eyes with determination.

"Clark we have to do this," she said.

Clark sat up fully. He placed his hands on Lois' waist and held her to him.

"No we don't," he said. "We can make if work. I know you, Lois. You're the type of person that has to see things through, why does it have to be the divorce, why can't it be the marriage?"

Lois bit her lip. She was scared.

"Lois, this feels right. This is meant to be."

"How can you be so sure?"

Clark moved a hand to gently cup Lois' cheek and kissed her sweetly before staring softly into her eyes. The gesture was so sweet that Lois' tough shell cracked and a single tear fell. Clark smiled lightly at her and wiped away the tear.

"Because I can feel that you're important, you're special," he said. "You are the one person makes me feel like I belong. You seem to know me better than anyone."

He was saying he loved her without saying the words. He wasn't ready to say them and she wasn't ready to hear them.

Lois swallowed the lump in her throat.

"I feel the same about you," Lois said. "But I'm scared Clark. What if it doesn't work out?"

"We won't know unless we try," Clark answered with a warm smile.

Lois smiled back. She was still uncertain on whether or not she was going to divorce Clark or not, but right know he made her feel like she were the only woman in the world. She could see that in this moment that Clark loved her and even though that frightened her, it was all she needed.

She leaned in and kissed him.

Clark finally relaxed and allowed himself to be carried away. He wrapped his arms around her and lied down, pulling Lois with him. They kissed passionately and was in their own world. So much so that they did not even notice that they were no longer on the blanket. They were inches above it.

They remained that way until Lois decided to go on to the next step and sat up to unbutton his pants. She gasped.

"Clark," she exclaimed.

"What," he said in a daze. "I thought you wanted this."

His eyes opened. He had not noticed that they were off the ground.

"I do, but…"

Clark didn't allow her to finish her sentence. He pulled her down for another kiss.

Lois pulled away.

"No Clark," she said. "It's not that. We're floating."

"What?" Clark asked confused.

Lois grabbed his face between her palms.

"We. Are. Not. On. The. Ground," she said slowly.

Clark furrowed his brow and reached down to touch the ground, only to discover air beneath them. He panicked and the bobbed almost plummeted to the ground but his concern for Lois' legs forced him to relax and concentrate on staying in the air.

"Clark, how are you doing this?" Lois asked.

"I'm not from around here," Clark answered honestly.

"What do you mean you're not from around her?" Lois asked.

"I'm mean I'm from another planet."

Lois swallowed sharply.

"So, you're an alien?"

"Actually I prefer to be called an intergalactic traveler," he said with a nervous chuckle.

Lois was not laughing.

"So, what does that mean?"

"It means that I'm from the planet, Krypton, that I can do strange things."

"Like what?"

"Like I can hear sounds that are very faint or from faraway. I can move really fast. I can jump really high and far. I can see microscopic things. I can hold my breath for a very long time. I can send heat rays through my eyes. I can blow my breath exceedingly hard. I can also freeze things with my breath. My skin is tough, as hard as steel. And I can see through almost anything."

"Almost anything?" Lois asked in shock.

"I can't see through lead," he said.

"Oh," Lois said quietly. "And you can float."

"Not usually," Clark said. "I'm supposed to be able to fly, but I'm not sure how."

"But you're doing it right now."

"I know, but I probably won't be able to do it later."

Lois nodded. She felt numb. It wasn't a bad thing. She was just processing the information.

She gently climbed off Clark, who fell hard onto the ground, cracking the rooftop beneath him. Lois gasped and kneeled beside him.

"Clark, are you okay?"

"Lois, when I said my skin is as tough as steel I meant that it's nearly invulnerable."

"What do you mean nearly?"

"So, far I can only be hurt by someone as strong as me or stronger and by a radioactive piece of my home planet."

"Radioactive? You mean the meteor rock?" Lois asked firmly. She was beginning to getting over her shock.

"Yes," Clark answered. "Silver makes me paranoid, black splits me into parts, green can cause me pain and kill me, and red makes me lose my inhibitions."

"The lipstick, was made from the red meteor rock," Lois deduced. "When I kissed you, you became infected. But how did I become infected."

"The meteor rock was crushed," Clark explained. "So, when you put the lipstick on, it was able to absorb through your skin. I think certain exposure to the meteor rocks, like green can infect people."

"So, you were the Green Arrow?" Lois said remembering how quickly the hero hand disappeared.

"No, I was doing a favor for a friend."

"Oliver," Lois said.

Clark nodded.

"Lois you can't tell anybody about this," he said.

Lois nodded. She wasn't planning to.

"I understand," she said. "Who else knows?"

"Kara, Lana, my mom, Pete, Lionel Luthor, Oliver, and Chloe," Clark answered.

"I'm pretty much the last one."

"Well no, Jimmy doesn't know," Clark half joked.

"And the spaceship I found, was that yours," Lois asked.

"No, mine was much smaller I was a baby when I was sent to Earth. It was Kara's."

"So, there are more of you?"

"No, only us two. Krypton blew up a long time ago," Clark explained.

"Well that sucks," Lois said feeling completely herself. "The only two survivors are related. You are related?"

"Yes," Clark said. "We're really cousins."

"So, what are your real names? I'm pretty sure your birth parents named you Kara and Clark."

"Actually, Kara's name is Kara El," Clark said smiling. "But my name was… is Kal El."

"Kal El," Lois said testing the name. "I like it. It suits you just as much as Clark does."

Clark smiled at her acceptance.

"So, you can see through anything but lead," Lois said with a cocky smirk. "How many times have you used that ability for pleasure."

Clark groaned a flopped down onto the blanket.