Title: Life's a Story
Rating: G/K
Pairing: Implied one-sided Tori/Russell
Word Count: 199
Warning/s: Me sleepy
Summary: Maybe the real world is better.

A/N: I don't know who's the rival for Tori. Rune Factory generally has no real rivals anywho.

DISCLAIMER: It's here, and that is enough.

Tori had read a lot of books in her lifetime. Short stories, full-length novels, fiction, non-fiction, etc. It was only when she reached her teens that she first tried the romance section.

It was amazing. Tori simply could not resist the hardbound covers of the old aged romances. She could not refuse the long-winded titles, and the covers detailing the conquests of the characters inside. She could not stop the dreams.

Before long Tori began to fall deeply into the story world, she began formulating her life as a story, waiting for her prince charming to come sweep her off her feet. Maybe they would ride a dolphin together out to sea…

"Tori?" A gentle voice broke her reverie. "It's time to close for the day. Thank you for your help again."

Looking around, Tori once again remembered where she was, in the library helping Russell out with his work. Blushing, she put the book back on the shelves and bid the man goodnight before running off to the bathhouse.

Melody greeted her in the usual manner when she stepped in. "So are you and Russell married yet?"

Tori has yet not to fall apart when she says that. She's yet to decide if maybe, just maybe, the real world is much better when it comes to romance.